Employment is a major concern for persons with disabilities. Most people with disabilities are either unemployed or under-employed in the country. There are approximately 15-20,000 youths with disability in rural Karnataka, who are unemployed.

Snehadeep Trust for the disabled is a non profit organisation whose goals are to empower India's disabled community, by training them in using Computers, English speaking and communication skills, Career guidance, and then finding them suitable jobs in both Government and private sectors.


Over 600 youth in Mpigi have no access to technology and, as a result, they fall behind their peers. Most companies advertise jobs online and ask applications be submitted online, over 50 youth have missed these opportunities.

This project will purchase 05 desktop computers and fast internet data package to facilitate 150 youth learn to use internet. As technology becomes more ingrained in our society, it is increasingly necessary for youth to develop the 21st-century skills that will set them up for future career success.

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