How to Use iMovie Green Screen Effect

If you shoot a video with a single colored background (often green or blue), iMovie allows you to make that color transparent. You can replace the background with any other video clip, graphic or still image as you like. That is the green screen effect in iMovie.

With iMovie green screen effect, it's easy to superimpose anything into any shot. For example, you can transport yourself to anywhere you like, or appear in your favorite movies. That's interesting, right? How to use green screen effect in iMovie? Many people may be bothered by it. Now follow the steps to apply green screen effect in iMovie and you will find adding iMovie green screen effect is just a piece of cake.

Part 1: How to apply green screen effect in iMovie

Step 1. Start a new project

From File > Import > Movies to load videos to iMovie from your Mac. Please make sure your videos are supported by iMovie. If not, iMovie will not allow you to edit the videos in it and you need a Video Converter for Mac to convert the videos to iMovie MP4 so that you can load them to iMovie for editing. Drag videos from the Event browser to the Project Library. Or you can use Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor) for Mac to edit video files directly without any conversion, which supports almost all kinds of input and output video formats. Try the free version below.

Tips: If you want to edit your favorite DVD movies and make yourself appear in the movies by using green screen effect in iMovie, you should use the Video Converter Ultimate for Mac to convert the videos first since iMovie doesn't support DVD.

Step 2. Enable green screen function in iMovie

You may be confused when you want to use the green screen function in iMovie because it never shows up in the menu. Well, you need to turn on the function first. Go to iMovie -> Preferences, and select "Show Advanced Tools" to enable iMovie green screen effect.

Step 3. Apply green screen effect in iMovie

Select a part of video clip you want to overlay on your background clip and drag it to the start place of the green effect.

When you drag the video clip on another in the Project Library, a small window will pop up instantly. Hit Green Screen to apply green screen effect in iMovie.

Step 4. Adjust iMovie green screen effect

In the viewing window, you can drag the four corners to change the frames of the clip. Hit preview button to see the result. When it is all right, click the Done button to finish iMovie green screen effect adjusting.

Part 2: An easier way to apply green screen effect

wondershare video editor for mac

In order do green screen video, Wondershare Video Editor for Mac is born at the right time. It is a easy-to-use video editor with which you complete chroma key process easily. And all your ordinary video clips will shine brightly again under this magic program. Sounds interesting? Don’t be hesitated, follow the below simple tutorial to experience it:

Step 1. Import media files to the program

Click "File" > "Import Media" or direct drag your media files to the program. Then place your green screen video to the PIP track of the timeline, and the background video or image on the Video track. After that, you can adjust the show up time by moving them on the timeline.

add green screen effect

Step 2. Use the green screen tool

Double click the green screen video and the "PIP Inspector" will pop up. Go to the Green Screen tab and use the Chroma Key picker. Here you can click the solid color of the background and then drag the slider to adjust the intensity level to make the background transparent.

green screen effect

Step 3. Save your green screen video

Hit the Play icon to preview the result. If you're satisfied with the result, click "Export" to save your video to different formats, DVD discs or mobile devices. You can also directly upload your creation to YouTube and Facebook.

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Hi Hannah, is the video you dragged as Green screen clip the format supported by iMoive? If not you will need to convert the video beforehand.
i've been trying to do this, but no matter how i drag the video in step 3, the menu does not pop up. Do you know how to fix this?
10th Doctor lovvveee
Amazon.com is good. Also, I just bought a green sheet if that will work for your
I'm afraid green screen feature isn't available to the ipad
Is this green screen feature available to the ipad.
thnx for the tutorials hope i'l do great things
This post is really helpful.Thanks for sharing.
Hi Liza, The advanced feature in the trial does not let me pick the color for the bleed through. It has only black; I need blue. Does the full version allow color picker to work?
Use blue screen
WE making some youtube videos with some graphics but there is a lot of green in our graphics and imovie treats it as a green screen, making a lot of the portions of the graphics basically invisible. How do I keep imovie from recognizing the green as green screen ?
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