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How to Insert YouTube Video into PowerPoint

Are you looking for ways to insert YouTube videos to your PowerPoint?This is the right place to learn how to add YouTube video into PowerPoint,no matter which version, Microsoft Office 2003, 2007 or 2010 you're using. Ok, let's get straight to the topic: Embedding YouTube video to PPT. Of course, PowerPoint allows you to directly insert online videos. But it's very slow and the videos are probably incompatible with PPT. So my suggestion is to download YouTube to PPT compatible formats first. Now, I'll show you how to do it in two parts.

Part 1: How to download YouTube to PPT supported format

Most YouTube videos are FLV files. However, FLV can't be accepted by PPT. So you have to dowload and convert YouTube videos you want to a PPT friendly format like AVI.For the purpose, you can use the all-in-one YouTube to AVI downloader and converter. That's AllMyTube (AllMyTube for Mac ). In fact, this app can help you download and convert YouTube to AVI just in two simple steps. Also, converting local YouTube to AVI is supported here. Below is how.

Download win version Download mac version

Step 1: Enable the "Download and Convert" function

After you run it, you need to do the setting if you wish to download and convert YouTube to AVI spontaneously.In the Downloading interface, switch on the "Download and Convert" option. Immediately, there is an output format window popping up. Just go to Format>Video>AVI.

Step 2: Download YouTube to PPT compatible format like AVI

Go to YouTube to open your wanted online YouTube videos. And then click the "Download" icon on the top right corner of the video, shown as follows.

 insert youtube to ppt

This app will automatically help you finish the YouTube to AVI conversion. After that, just go to Downloaded interface to find the converted files. Go to Preference panel to check out its output folder.

Check the step-by-step tutorial below:

Part 2: How to insert YouTube videos into PPT

Now, you can start to insert the YouTube videos stored on your computer into PPT. Next, I'll explain the operation on basis of different situations.

For Microsoft PowerPoint 2010

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 was developed to be powerful enough to handle all kinds of videos. It allows you freely to insert videos to PowerPoint from your local hard drive as well as  video sharing sites, including YouTube. Inserting YouTube video into PowerPoint is pretty simple. Here's the method.

Find the slide you want to insert YouTube. Then go to Insert>Video from Online Video Site…

youtube video to ppt

At that moment, a pop-up  dialogue box called Video from Online Video Site will ask you to add YouTube embed code. So you need to go to the YouTube video, copy YouTube embed code and paste it here. Then click Insert. When you've successfully added YouTube Video to the slide, a black frame will appear on the slide.

youtube video to ppt

That's exactly where the YouTube video is. It doesn't look great. However, when you play the PowerPoint slides, it will play automatically.

For Microsoft PowerPoint 2007&2003

Microsoft PowerPoint 2007&2003 do not have the functionality in dealing with online video as Microsoft PowerPoint 2010.But it doesn't affect you to inserting YouTube Videos to the PowerPoint. The best and most efficient way could be using YouTube plug-in. Like plug-ins for web browser, you have them installed there and whenever you need them, just click on. Here you need YouTube Video Wizard.

Download YouTube Wizard from http://skp.mvps.org/youtube.htm. Take care! YouTube Wizard has versions for PowerPoint 2003 or PowerPoint 2007 respectively. After you download it, extract the zip to a folder and install the plug-in to your PowerPoint. After the installation, you could surprisingly find that there is an additional option under the Insert Menu. Then you need to add the URL of the YouTube video to the PowerPoint by using the additional option.

Download win version Download mac version

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Wondershare worked beautifully for powerpoint movie. I copied the youtube url and converted to wmv. I had trouble figuring out how to make it play automatically in powerpoint 2010, but finally did it. I had to go to Video and select auto playback. Then go the Animation and all the following steps are under animation. Under Effect select 'from beginning', then under Stop Playing, select 'after the current slide. Then under Timing, I selected 'with previous' and then I clicked the triggers icon and selected 'as part of the sequence. When I tested the slide from the previous slide of pics I had done, FINALLY IT WORKED - after trying so many different endings, like mpg, avi et al.
Dear Sgramham, I am sorry to hear that. The only suggestion I could give is installing the YouTube Wizard again. Good luck!
I have Powerpoint 2007 and did all the steps to load the YouTube wizard. The icon now appears, but when I click it on and it asks for the URL of the video, it won't allow me to paste. I even tried manually entering the entire URL but it didn't work. Any suggestions?