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How Can You Download Videos from BBC iPlayer with Ease

BBC iPlayer is a free service making you catch up with BBC television programmes on a daily basis. While watching online, you may also want to download the videos for offline playback. BBC iPlayer Downloads is a new service of BBC iPlayer that enables you download videos to watch offline. But with this new service, you can just keep the programmes for 30 days and 7 days once you start to play the programmes. Is there a way to download BBC iPlayer videos without worrying that the videos will expire? The answer is yes. The Wondershare AllMyTube (AllMyTube for Mac) can download the videos to your computer and even allows you to convert the videos to other formats. What’s more, the videos downloaded are extra video files that you can keep forever. Want to have a try now? Let’s see how to use it below.

Download this program to install on your computer. There are two versions and you should choose the right one. Then open it to get ready.

Download Win Version Download Mac Version

1 Find BBC iPlayer videos you like

Go to BBC iPlayer TV to find the videos you like. There are many categories for you to choose from. Open the ones you like most to play.

2 Download BBC iPlayer videos

When the video is playing, you can mouse over to the top right of the video screen to find a Download button. Click the button and the program will start to download the video.

There is another way for you to download videos. Just copy the url of the video and click the Paste URL button on the primary window of the program.

download video from bbc iplayer

Note: You can add as many videos as possible to the download queue and this program can download 5-10 videos at the same time.

3 Convert the videos to other formats (optional)

Find the videos in the Finished library after downloaded. You can play the videos with the integrated player of the program. If you want to transfer the videos to your portable devices, you will need to convert them first. That’s very easy. Just click the Convert button on the right of the video and select a format that will be compatible with your devices. Click Ok to get the converting started.

download bbc iplayer videos

Those downloaded files can be kept forever and you can watch BBC iPlayer videos anytime and anywhere. Stop waiting and download this program to have a try.

Download Win Version  online video downloader

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Had an update and it works perfectly again now :-)
Hi Elton, yes I'm using windows, I'm finding I can only download in resolution 640x360 which is ok to watch on a phone or tablet but not so good for a larger screen, Anyways I'll keep looking to see if there's an update thanks for your reply
Hi Michael, may I confirm are you using windows version or mac? If it's mac, can you check for update to try again? If it's windows version, perhaps you have to wait for another new version. Please keep an eye on it.
BBC Iplayer downloads have been working perfectly since I purchased the software a few months back. However since I've formatted my computer and reinstalled the software I can now only download from BBC in a very poor resolution, tried everything to get it to download better quality video but nothing seems to work, anybody any suggestions?
Sorry for causing the inconvenience. I have opened a technical ticket on your behalf. Someone from our support team will reach out for you in 24hrs.
Only HD videos are downloadable. Older SD videos cannot be downloaded. Why?
Hi, sorry for causing the inconvenience. I have forwarded your problem to our technical team. Someone from there will reach out for you in 24hrs.
Anybody else finding that that lots of the shows on BBC Iplayer are no longer downloading ? It worked fine for about a month but in the last 10 days or so many of them are "failed to download" (ing)


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