9 Easy After Effects Tutorials on YouTube

When people talk about creating great looking visual effects, they can't skip Adobe After Effects. This is the industry leading digital motion graphics software, especially for movie post-production. If you have mastered After Effects, you are also the professionals when making slideshows or website intros.

There is even steep learning curve for After Effects than Photoshop, the same software from Adobe. But with the help of After Effects video tutorials on YouTube, you can learn it on your own, and it's totally free. Will you still want to spend money to learn After Effects?

AE Tutorial Tips:

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2. Only download After Effects tutorial for personal use it. You are not allowed to distribute it in any way, or use it as part of your video. Take your own risk to use the downloaded After Effects video from YouTube.

3. Visit YouTube.com for more After Effects tutorials.

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1 After Effects Basics - Introduction

Views: 670K+

After Effects version: CS4, CS3

This After Effects tutorial goes through all the basic techniques you need to know to get started with the program. Firstly all work done in After Effects is saved with an “.aep” extension. (After Effects Project). Also discussed is the process of importing and exporting files in After Effects. An introduction to the toolbar panel which will be often used when working on various projects. A brief overview of some of the functions of a few of the tools located on the bar. Discussed is how footage is organized on the project panel. Rearranging and resizing different panels in the after effects window for easier usage which also includes the hiding and reappearing of different panels when not in use for efficiency.

2 After Effects Tutorial - Create a Composition

Views: 290K+

After Effects version: CS4, CS3

This After Effects tutorial goes over creating a simple composition. Mentioned is how to add footage to a composition. Describing two ways in which the time can be adjusted. One by dragging the current time indicator along the timeline and the other by clicking the ‘go to time’ button and imputing the exact time. A brief overview of source files and where they are located when added to the composition. Using features such as zoom to make the composition panel more effective. This tutorial also shows a few keyboard shortcuts which can be used to for zooming and also using the mouse. And finally, using the keyboard to adjust the time frame by frame.

3 After Effects Tutorial - Composition Panel

Views: 210K+

After Effects version: CS4, CS3

This After Effects tutorial focuses on advanced features on the composition panel. It starts off with safe zones, explaining the difference between action safe and title safe zones and how to toggle those safe zones with the use of the keyboard shortcuts. It also demonstrates the use of the grid on the composition and how it helps to make an animation more accurate. Also explained is the basic uses of the ruler. This tutorial also state instances in which the background color is needed to be changed from black and how to go about doing so. Introduced is the toggle transparency grid, a feature that is also present in Adobe Photoshop which toggles the background colour from its particular colour to a transparent background.

4 After Effects Tutorial - Basic Animation

Views: 410K+

After Effects version: CS4, CS3

This After Effects tutorial covers the basic animation of objects. The tutorial introduces various keyboard shortcuts which can be used to revert the time indicator to the beginning. It introduces the keyframe feature in After Effects, what they are used for & how they are used. It goes through how to transform the position of objects in a composition by using keyframes and further on, adding multiple keyframes to change the animation. Also shown are ways to toggle between straight lines and curvy lines in an animation. Finally, demonstrated is how to change the path of the animation by shifting the already positioned keyframes.

5 After Effects Intermediate Tutorial by Zolaboy

After Effects version: CS5, CS4, CS3, CS2, CS

This intermediate After Effects tutorial quickly teaches intermediate skills which will aid in creating better animations. It introduces masks and demonstrates the masking of objects which means separating the object from its background. Also demonstrated are how to apply different settings to a mask which includes feathering and transparency along with explaining instances in which these features will be useful. The uses and features of varies panels are explained which includes the info, audio and preview panels. Finally highlighted is how to make your way around your work area which will help to make the work flow much easier and smoother.

6 5 Cool Intermediate Tips for After Effects

After Effects version: CS3, CS2

This After Effects tutorial goes through five intermediate tips in after effects. These tips will aid in more efficient work flow and also improve the quality of the animations. The first tip is the feature ‘easy ease’ which slows down the animation at a certain point making the animation seem more organic. The other tip is the use of the graph editor to make the animation more organic as the easy ease but as a lot more settings build in. Using the motion tracker to speed up to creation of the path of an animation which also allows for the animation to have more of an organic flow. Finally, using the plugin brainstorm to create awesome animations and create abstract backgrounds.

7 How to Create a 3D Scene with Lights and Shadows

After Effects version: CS3

This After Effects tutorial demonstrates how to create a 3D scene with light and shadows. Explained are places in which you can get various textures for your background. Also explained in this tutorial is how to download fonts and install them in After Effects which is also the same process for other Adobe software. Demonstrated is how to use various light and shadow techniques to get the perfect 3D look. How to apply these light and shadow to text and also to the overall composition. It also takes you through using a camera layer and shows how to use various features of the camera such as the orbit tool to create an animation of the 3D scene.

8 Create 3D Video for YouTube with After Effects

After Effects version: CS3

This After Effects tutorial demonstrates how to create a fairly simple 3D text animation. It begins with importing a background and text then making both three dimensional. A camera is then added then the settings are changed and keyframes are placed in order to animate the position. Compositions are duplicated and changes are made respectively for both the left eye and to right eye to create a 3D experience. These are merely the basics needed to create a 3D video. Also highlighted is the method in which the rendered 3D animation can be uploaded unto YouTube to create the 3D experience.

9 Create Particle Orbusing Trapcode Particular and Optical Flares

After Effects version: 7, CS3, CS4, CS5

This detailed After Effects tutorial demonstrates how to create an Orb Particle Animation with the use of two plugins Optical Flares and Trapcode Particular along with using a few expressions. Two lights are created then controlled by a null object. An expression is then given to that null object which allows random movement and rotation of the light. The Trapcode Particular effect is then added to the light to create a light trail. A space world environment is then created using the same plugin Trapcode Particular. Flares are then added from the Optical Flares plugin using one of its presets. The environment is then added to the light trails. Lens fares are then added to the light to create an amazing animation.

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This is a basic tutorial about After Effects, professional video editing software. However, if video editing is new to you, consider Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor), which is a powerful but easy-to-use tool for users just starting out. Download the free trial version below.

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