3 Ways to Upload Video to YouTube

Whatever you have lots of video files on computer, or just want to make your own videos to share, YouTube is a good place you should go. While uploading video to YouTube is a simple process for many users, it's not an easy thing for beginners. Besides, there are also other ways to upload video to YouTube. This article will introduce 3 ways to put videos on YouTube, covering beginners and amateurs.

Upload Video to YouTube from Computer

The most regular way to upload video to YouTube is from web browser. On YouTube, you could either upload video file on your local folder, or record fresh video if your computer features a webcam. Below is the specifics:

1. Visit YouTube.com and register an account for free if you have not yet. Once you logged in, you will see your YouTube account name in the top side.

2. Click Upload button to open a new page.

3. You will have two options: "Upload multiple files" from computer or "Record from webcam" to share your thoughts. To your convenience, you could drag and drop videos to the page to start uploading. Otherwise, you will choose files in computer from a pop-up file browser.

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4. When you selected a video, you'll see its progress as well as other options such as title, description, tags, privacy, license, etc. While the uploading is going, you could add extra videos by clicking "Add more videos" button. You could upload multiple videos to YouTube at the same time.

5. Click to save the changed options and don't close the upload page until the video has finished uploading.

6. When the upload process is finished, it costs some time for YouTube to prepare the video before publishing to the public.

7. You could always go to "My Videos" page to edit the video info, view the traffic statistics, add annotation or captions, and so on.

8. Go to the video page to share your videos and view comments from others.

Make a Video and Directly Upload to YouTube

Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder allows you to easily make videos from photo, video clip, music and subtitles. Then directly upload to your YouTube account in the program. Besides making YouTube videos, you can also weave photos and videos to DVD slideshow for playing gorgeous movies on TV.

Download Win Version

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Upload Video to YouTube from Mobile Phones

Nowadays, the mobile phones, especially iPhones, are powerful enough to record good quality of video for sharing. YouTube is the ideal site to share your catch-and-shoot video with mobile phone. On the upload page of YouTube, there is a Direct Mobile Upload link to give an email address to upload videos to YouTube. You can upload phone videos to YouTube by sending a message to the given email address. Here are tips to upload videos to YouTube from mobile phones.

1. Visit Direct Mobile Uploads to get the target email address.

upload mobile video youtube

2. When composing the message, attach your video (only one video file allowed) and write the Subject (used as YouTube video title) and Body (used as YouTube video description) before you hit the send button.

3. You need a 3G or WiFi network, and make sure the video size and length don't exceed the limits of YouTube video.

4. If you have a big size of video to upload to YouTube, you are recommended to transfer the video to computer and send email there. Large video file size will cost your lots of time to upload to YouTube via email from mobile phone. Plus, it will use lots of you data quota and maybe cost you a lot of money.

5. Go to "My Videos" to change more option such as tags, license, privacy, etc. using your YouTube account name and password.

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Download video from Youtube and also another 1000+ video sharing sites like Dailymotion, Vimeo on Windows for offline access or playback on your mobile devices.

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Have the same problem as R Weigel below. Bought Wondershare photoshow a few weeks ago. completed my first show which I am trying to upload to You Tube. Keeps telling me my user name (gmail email address) and password are incorrect. Am sure of both! What''s next? I am on time constraints as I am replacing this show with one of Roxio which has been on a travel site for many years. Roxio expires 3/16
Would you please tell me the ticket number so that we could check the details. Also if possible, would you please send us a screenshot for our checking. After receiving the ticket number, we will look into it carefully. Thanks in advanced!
Robin C. Weigel
I am stuck. I cannot upload my Wondershare video to youtube. It is a little over 11 minutes (under youtube''s 15 minute limit) and it does not accept my youtube username and password and I have changed it twice now and tried again each time to get a fail notice. I have a support ticket with wondershare but they are not responding to me. I am technologically challenged so if you respond be EXTREMELY SPECIFIC and don''t say things like "after you download to interface" which I have seen on the wondershare site. I have no idea what interface is. PLEASE help.
If you''re using the free trial version, you will get the watermark in the end video.That''s the only limit to free trial version. If you want to remove it, please purchase the code on product page: http://www.wondershare.com/video-editor/
i dont understand what the account is
Well i tried to upload from wondershare. But wondershare edited my video right before i posted to YouTube. So now there is VIdeo Editer wondershare in front of my video.
Hi Hanna, you can try use this software: Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate which is really easy to use and powerful. Or instead you can try some online solutions like Zamzar.
it wont let me upload the video because its a .wve file type. How do i convert it to a .wmv ????
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