How to Make a YouTube Playlist for Christmas

YouTube is full of Christmas carols, music videos and funny movies. Want to collect up all Christmas video so that you and your friends on YouTube could have a festival Christmas? YouTube playlist is a great tool to group related videos which can be played one after another without interruption. And it's easy to create YouTube Christmas playlist. This is exactly what this page will cover. You can download the whole video playlist with Wondershare AllMyTube, check this tool below.

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How to Make a Christmas Playlist on YouTube

When you have found a YouTube Christmas video or uploaded a Christmas video to YouTube, and want to include it in your playlist, you have 2 ways to do this when you have logged in your YouTube account:

1. From the video page: Click the arrow next to the + Add to button under the video you're watching, and then you could select existing YouTube playlist or add a new one. There is also a "plus" button above YouTube video thumbnail on sidebar to add your favorite videos to playlist.

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2. From My Videos: On My Videos in the expanded menu, click on the + New button next to the word, Playlist on the left side of the screen. Next time, when you find a Christmas video, you could use the above method to add a new video to the empty Christmas playlist.

Tips: How to Quickly Find Christmas Videos?

1. Directly search YouTube with the keyword "Christmas". You are recommended to sort the resort by View Count, Relevance, Upload date or rating.

2. Search Christmas related channel or playlist to explore more Christmas music videos.

3. If you know an expert of Christmas video, using "@christmas" in the search box to narrow the result.

4. Search YouTube with the Christmas song title or artists.

Here is 4 YouTube playlists for Christmas, take a look!

1. Christmas Family Videos created by Holderness Family

2. Christmas Jazz YouTube Playlist

3. Christmas YouTube Playlist: Rock and Others

4. Christmas HipHop YouTube Playlist

How to Make a YouTube Playlist outside YouTube

Additionally, there is another way to organize your favorite Christmas videos on YouTube if you use Firefox or Chrome browser. YouTube Music Player and MultiPartTube extensions are used respectively for Firefox or Chrome. While the latter is mainly for multiple parts of videos on YouTube, YouTube Music Player allows you to create custom Christmas or other YouTube playlists.

There are both pros and cons to make a YouTube playlist outside YouTube:

Pros: instantly play video; right click to add video to playlist; control the music play conveniently.

Cons: cannot open in other browser; loss when computer crashes.

youtube christmas playlist

Anyway, you have more ways to make a Christmas YouTube playlist.

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