How to Watch YouTube in Slow Motion

One way to enjoy yourself after a very exhausting day or you just have nothing to do at home is through watching movies and videos. If you don’t have DVD’s, there is another best alternative, it is through YouTube.

If you are the one who aspire to access the YouTube in the countries where it has been blocked, you must be scouring for ways to unblock it prior to accessing any content. With our definitive ways to unblock Youtube mentioned below, you search will certainly come alive.

In this website you will see a lot of video streams that you will surely enjoy. But sometimes, there are videos that you find difficulty of understanding if what it is saying, you tend to reduce the video’s playback speed. The problem is you don’t have any knowledge regarding this, so here are some of the ways that you can do on how to watch YouTube in slow motion.

Solution 1: Through YouTube web player


The YouTube web player on Chrome will let you change the playback speed of the video easily. You can watch the video in a slow motion manner and will give you the chance of seeing the frames of the video in a more detailed feature. If you don’t want to watch the YouTube video in slow motion then there is also an option for you to see it in fast motion by doubling the speed of the playback mode. Just click the Setting icon on the bottom right of the YouTube web player and set your videos to play in slow motion.

youtube slowmotion 

Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari

The Setting icon on the YouTube web player is not available when you are using browsers other than Chrome. Then how can you make it appear like it on Chrome. That's very easy. Just go to YouTube Html5 to Request the Html5 player. The next time when you visit YouTube, you will get the Setting icon to change the playing speed of the YouTube videos.

youtube slowmotion 

Solution 2: Through online services

Another way of watching YouTube videos is through online service. The first way you can do is add “slow” after word YouTube after the link of and after this hit “enter”. Here is an example of a YouTube video’s standard URL,

By using this standard URL, you just need to add the word “slow” to the URL after the word YouTube. Here’s how it would look like, once this is already on the address bar, you will now be able to watch the video in slow motion.

If you don’t want to do the first way in online service, you can instead go directly to the website of and follow the directions below:

  • 1. Hover the arrow in the top right corner of your computer’s screen that has “Enter your YouTube URL here”, you will be entering here the YouTube video‘s URL that you want to watch.
  • 2. After this, click the button that says “Slow It”, once you click this, it will not make the videos play in slow motion.

youtube slowmotion 

Solution 3: Through VLC player

Another way of watching videos on YouTube in slow motion is through the VLC player. This will offer you finer control of the video and you can choose the speed that you want between .25x to 4x of the video’s original speed.

youtube slowmotion 

Here’s how you can do it:

  • 1. Launch the VLC player and choose “File” then “Open Stream”.
  • 2. Pastes the full URL of the YouTube video in the box meant for the URL and then click the “Open” button.
  • 3. After this, the video will now begin to stream inside the VLC player.
  • 4. Hover the arrow to the VLC Menu bar and choose Playback. Here you will see the option of adjusting the playback’s speed of the video.
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