All Tips that You Need for YouTube Channel

If you want to change the background for your YouTube channel or download and convert YouTube channel to other formats, you are in the right place to find great tips and tricks to help.

Part 1: Change YouTube Channel Background

Here are a few simple steps to change the background image of your channel on YouTube easily and dynamically:

Step 1. First sign in to your YouTube account.

Step 2. Click on your username on the upper right hand corner, and then click on "My Channel".

Step 3. Now simply click on "Add Channel Art" in the big rectangle header box.

Step 4. Now click on "Select a photo from your computer" and choose the photo you want.

Step 5. You image will be uploaded. Recommended channel art size is 2560 x 1440.

Step 6. Click on the link "View as public" to see how your image will look to your visitors.  

Top 5 YouTube background sites

If you want more YouTube backgrounds, you can turn to the following websites for help. There are many options of YouTube backgrounds there and you are going to find what excites you the most.

how to make a youtube background
People are generally good with creating videos, but face difficulty designing the background graphic of their YouTube channel. And, if you are one of them, don’t worry, head on to a site called “” which is both free and paid. They have the most professional and highest quality background image for any YouTube channels and their images ranges from Abstract, Gamer, Scenic, Movies, Holiday, Sports, Business, etc.
cool youtube backgrounds makes it easy to pimp-up your YouTube channel with readymade free layouts available on their site. Simply select one of the cool background layout form their site and download it on your computer. Then, you can head on to your YouTube channel to upload the image. With this site, you also get the option to customize the background image as each layout comes with it the original color codes and other image properties for easy customization.
new youtube layout
If you are looking for a comprehensive list of professional and cool background layout for your YouTube channel then get on to the site “”. They have layouts ranging from Abstract, Animals, Bands, Babe, Cars, Cartoons, Celebrity, Drinks, Game, Battlefield, 3D, etc.
new youtube layout is a perfect destination for someone looking for a cool and professional background images and layouts. They have a wide variety of YouTube Channel Art Layouts, Covers, Theme and Background in many different categories.
youtube background template is one of the most active site on social network platforms. It is a hub of wallpapers and professional background designs for YouTube and other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. They boast to have individually customizable images, which are perfect for YouTube channel art, covers and backgrounds.

Part 2: Download and Convert YouTube Channel to Any Formats on Mac

wondershare allmytube
  • 1. Download YouTube channels, playlists with just one click
  • 2. Convert your downloaded videos to 150+ formats
  • 3. Download videos with a 3X faster speed.
  • 4. Download videos from other 100+ video site like Vimeo, Dailymotion and much more

How to use Wondershare AllMyTube for Mac to download YouTube channels

Step 1.Install this YouTube channel downloader

Download the program by clicking the image icon above and install it. Run the program immediately after finishing the installation. The installation process is very fast and causes no trouble with the wizard.

download YouTube channel

Step 2. Download YouTube channels

Launch the browser, and enter If you have subscribed the channels, you can directly find them in the main page when you log in. And of course you can also search the channels in the search box to find the channels you like. Open the channels, you can find many videos displayed. Don’t miss the grey Download All buttons on the top of each category.

Click the Download All button, you will get the following popped-up window of the program. Scan the videos quickly to make a choice to download the exact videos you want. Then click Download, all work is done.

download YouTube channels

Step 3. Convert YouTube Videos

Find the videos in the Downloaded library of the program. Sometimes, you may want to play the videos in your portable devices such as iPhone or iPad, you may need to convert the videos first. Click the Convert button on the right of the videos and select a format. Then hit OK to start the process.

mac Version

download YouTube channel videos

Three other YouTube channel downloaders

#1. Video Grabber

video grabber

Video Grabber is an online YouTube video downloader. It works with both Mac OS and Windows. It is a free downloader and is safe. It can download any YouTube videos and have functions of searching, converting, recording and audio ripping.

Download this program here>>

#2. free youtube download

free youtube download

DVDVideoSoft’s have freeware products. This downloader is free and is safe to use. Downloaded videos are in good high quality and will give you a lot of options. It is applicable for Windows 7, 8 Vista, XP and SP3 computers.

Download this program here>>

#3. Direct YouTube Downloader

Direct YouTube Downloader

Direct video downloader is a popular free software. It allows you to download whole YouTube Channel, user’s videos or Playlist. It also includes videos that are HD4K, 720p and 1080p. It is a user-friendly downloader and can convert videos online.

Download this program here>>

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