3 Must-Know Facts to Restore WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive

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From dusk till dawn, WhatsApp has certainly risen as an inseparable means of our life. This communication pathway levels up in our professional life too. Each message, attachment, and media shared becomes of crucial importance. Which is why, smart users always keep an updated version of their backup as in times of uncertainties; backup becomes useful in extracting out information in unfortunate times.

But, but, but, don’t just cling on to the mundane way of restoring WhatsApp backup from Google Drive. To save your precious time and efforts, you must get acquainted with some incredible facts, helpful in the long run.

Hence, we will enlighten you on how to restore WhatsApp messages from Google Drive in a clever manner. Simply, discover them right below.

Part 1: Necessary preparations to restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive

Android users worldwide, places their utmost trust to Google for its ability of up keeping record of activities. Being the popular cloud base service backed by Google, there are some pre-preparations one must follow. If taken consideration to, they can prove to help you out in doing wonders. Here are some-

  • In order to restore WhatsApp from Google Drive, it is advisable to use same contact number and same Google account in both the devices. Any mismatch in the information can hinder down the process of restoring files from Google drive.
  • When we are restoring WhatsApp files on our phone, we must ensure to upkeep a good amount of space free. A chunk of files has to be loaded that can dig a deep hole in the space.
  • Google Play Services must be installed.
  • The restoring process is not a second or two tasks it takes a good chunk of time. Thus, one must charge their Android phones to full so as to yield better performance.
  • When one is restoring WhatsApp messages from Google Drive, the need of strong internet connection arises. Higher the speed, lesser time restoring takes. In case, you are running cellular network, additional costs might be borne to you.

Part 2: How to restore WhatsApp backup from Google Drive

The Android users rely on Google Drive to stash to their files, documents and other important files. And in case you need to fetch the components back, Google Drive remains one of the organic means of doing so. And if you constantly sync your WhatsApp backup to Google Drive, then you can reap the benefit of reviving it too!

Here is the step by step manual on how to restore WhatsApp data from Google Drive.

Note: Before commencing any further, it is recommended to uninstall WhatsApp from one’s respective device.

  1. To initiate the process, reinstall WhatsApp featuring in the Google Play Store.
  2. After successful download of software, launch the Application surfacing in home screen or app drawer.
  3. Ensure to give consent o the ‘Agree and continue’ option.
  4. If directed, you will be asked to verify the country you live in followed by giving your phone number.
  5. verify whatsapp phone number
  6. Wait for some time to process the verification code automatically or else you can manually enter the six-digit OTP code.
  7. Right after that, select ‘Continue’ to allow WhatsApp gain control over the Google Drive backup.
  8. Click on ‘Give Permission’ so as to give WhatsApp the leverage of checking Google Drive (is there is any backup available or not).
  9. In case of multiple accounts, select the suitable account consisting of the backup file.
  10. Now, to restore WhatsApp from Google Drive, you just have to click on ‘Restore’.
  11. After restoring processes, you can opt to set up your profile, the way you wish to.
  12. restore whatsapp from google drive using whatsapp app

Part 3: Restore WhatsApp Backup from Google Drive? Any Alternative?

3.1 Restrictions of WhatsApp backup in Google Drive

Alright, we know you take the chill pill of maintaining backup to Google Drive. But, the Google-giant- Google Drive has its own share of loopholes, one can possibly not overlook at all. Hence, one must have a good option of alternate beforehand. But first, let us understand the possible restrictions for restoring WhatsApp data from Google Drive.

  • Backup deleted after one year
  • By default, it’s the tendency of Google Drive to brush away the WhatsApp backup that are not revised for more than a year. So, they are trashed and taken down from your existing Google Drive account.

  • The backup is overwritten
  • The number of times, you delve to create a new backup in Google drive the former one is automatically gets overwritten. Even when you don’t wish to, it gets. Silly, no?

  • Not protected end to end encryption
  • Lastly, it’s very unfortunate but Google Drive does not take the charge of securing files by adding the layer of end to end encryption to your backup file.

3.2 Alternative to Google Drive to backup and restore WhatsApp chats with a PC

We know restoring WhatsApp data from Google Drive is not an easy-peasy task. So, if you are looking for the best software, your search ends with dr.fone – Restore Social App. Build with the latest specs, it can swiftly perform restoring WhatsApp chat by bypassing  a couple of restrictions that barricades the working of Google. It is powerful in backing up Viber, LINE, WeChat, KiK messages in just a click. In addition to this, dr.fone – Restore Social App renders users to backup and export WhatsApp messages to your Mac/PC.

dr.fone - Restore Social App

Best tool to restore WhatsApp backup without Google Drive

  • Hassle-free transfer of WhatsApp data from Android/iOS to iOS/Android or vice versa is assured and with optimal security.
  • Works smoothly with all iOS devices and over 8000+ Android devices are supported.
  • Users can export any desired file featuring from the WhatsApp backup and print it.
  • Gives user the liberty of previewing WhatsApp backup content and restore the data you are looking for.
  • Users can swiftly backup Viber, WeChat, LINE, WhatsApp and Kik.
Available on: Windows Mac
3,357,175 people have downloaded it

Before you proceed with restoring WhatsApp file from Google Drive, we will understand how to backup WhatsApp messages of Android to your PC respectively.

Backup WhatsApp to PC without Google Drive

Step 1 – To begin with, load dr.fone toolkit on your system. Draw connection of your Android phone with PC via USB cable. Then run the program, hit on Restore Social App option from the main screen.

backup whatsapp without google drive using dr.fone

Step 2 – Now, opt for WhatsApp from the left panel and kick-start with performing backup of WhatsApp by selecting ‘Backup WhatsApp Messages’ option.

confirm to backup whatsapp without google drive

Step 3 – The program will detect your device automatically and the process to backup WhatsApp data will be commenced. Patiently wait for the backup to finish off.

Note: While the backup process is running, ensure to keep your Android phone connected to PC.

backup whatsapp to pc

Step 4 – Once all the processes are marked with “100%” over your screen, it will be indicative of the completion of backup process.  Just tap on ‘View it’ and you’ll be able to preview the backed up WhatsApp data on the software interface.

check whatsapp backup from pc

Restore WhatsApp backup from PC without Google Drive

After backing up your device by dr. fone – Restore Social App, here is the complete guide on how to restore WhatsApp backup for Android to Android Devices.

Step 1 – The very first step is to launch dr.fone toolkit again. Now, link your target Android device to PC by making use of an authentic USB cable. Launch the program now and push the ‘Restore Social App’ tab.

restore whatsapp without google drive from pc

Note: For swift restoration of the backed up WhatsApp data, please ensure that you use the same WhatsApp account.

Step 2 – Next, ensure to select ‘WhatsApp’ from the left menu panel. Then, select ‘Restore WhatsApp messages to Android device’.

restore whatsapp without google drive by selecting the tab

Step 3 – As soon as you do it, the program will showcase all the WhatsApp backup files in a list. Just, pick up the required one and tap on ‘Next’ option.

confirm to restore whatsapp without google drive

Step 4 – To complete the process, simply press on ‘Restore’ option. If asked, then key in the credentials of your Google Play account. And there you go! Within a short while, WhatsApp backup is restored on your Android device!

complete restoring whatsapp without google drive

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