Wedding Memory Book: Getting Wedding Photos Made into Memory Book

Your wedding ceremony is something you won't forget for a life time. But many details of your wedding progress would not be so lucky if you don't record the entire wedding into video or DVD. With time goes by, memories start to fade. In such case, photos are what you can rely on. Wedding photos could record every detail and help you recall memories happened on your big day.

A wedding memory book puts together all your wedding photos, from engagement to shower, from wedding reception to honeymoon. It preserves your wedding memories to cherish for a lifetime. This article shares wedding memory book ideas to help you make a treasured wedding book.

What Is Wedding Memory Book and What to Include?
Wedding memory book is a good way to record your wedding memories. It usually contains all the important moments such as the proposal, engagement, bridal shower, dress selection, the wedding day, etc. However, if you don't like this document-style wedding memory book, you could add more other details, including all memorable events and funny stories throughout your relationship to engagement.

A typical wedding memory book usually includes:
• Title (bride and grooms name & wedding date, optional wedding location)
• About the Bride and Groom
• Bride and Groom's Family Tree
• Our Courtship
• Our Engagement
• Save the Date Announcement
• The Wedding Plans
• The Dress
• My Bridal Showers
• Bridal Shower Photo Pages
• Wedding Invitation
• Wedding Rehearsal
• The Wedding Day
• Wedding Day Photo page
• The Wedding Party
• The Reception
• The Honeymoon
• 10 Things I Love About You
• Our First Home
• Our First Anniversary

Wedding Memory Book Ideas

Now see our wedding memory book ideas to get inspired. These ideas would make it easier to make your own wedding memory album suited your style.

  1. 1. Wedding Memory Book Length. Generally, each stage contains 2 pages, except Save the Date Announcement and Wedding Invitation. However, many couples would find it hard to choose photos. Limited to the memory book length, you have to select the top wedding photo choice. Otherwise, split those events up, for example, engagement and wedding preparation in one book, wedding day and honeymoon in another book.
  2. 2. Prepare the Ground. Although you won't make you own wedding memory book until come back home from honeymoon, refer to the list above to get things ready. You will be too busy or nervous on the wedding day, you would probably miss something. So ask someone for help. If you miss something special, you can't get it on your wedding memory album, forever. E.g., the menu from the restaurant where you got engaged, engagement announcement clips in newspapers, and written copy of toasts given by your attendants or family members.
  3. 3. Combine Photo and Text. Add descriptive text to some photos. No long paragraph needed, but keywords to help you recall the memories at that moment.
  4. 4. Includes Guest Book. It's also a good idea to include one or two pages used as guest book because it's the sweet memory what your friends and family said on your most special day in your life. Or make a separate guest book.
  5. 5. The Theme of the Book. Choose a book style you want and don't forget to ask your spouse for advices. It's the book of you two will cherish for years to come, together.
  6. 6. Consult Professionals. You have prepared everything up to this point. It's the time to consult professionals to make your wedding memory book come true. They will be good with binding straight, putting photo correctly and finally make a perfect wedding memory book for you.

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