Wedding Announcement Ideas – Announce Your Marriage in Your Way

Wedding announcements are not always a must, but there are few reasons why not. Once you are married, many things changed, including your social name, your family and your home address, maybe. Especially when your parents host the wedding but you have many extended families, colleagues and friends not be invited; or you have an intimate wedding, it's very necessary to announce your wedding officially. If guests sent you wedding gifts, also send a thank you note to express your gratitude.

Here are wedding announcement ideas to tell your marriage to the world.

Wedding Announcements on Newspaper

Getting wedding announcements on newspaper is a traditional and formal thing. It has nothing to do with wealth or fame. It’s especially important for those who live in different cities than their parents – make sure send wedding announcements to hometown as well as their local newspaper. Some newspapers even provide free space for wedding announcements, Call their office for information and what details to submit. The couples who want to post wedding announcements on these newspaper (no fee required). For paid newspaper wedding announcements, please contact your local newspaper announcement desk.

1. Dallas Morning News, (214) 977-8408.
2. Chicago Tribune, (312) 222-4049; only for those who live or work in the Chicago area.
3. LA Times, (213) 237-5000

Wedding Photo Announcements

There is no more direct way than sending a wedding photo announcement card to specific people, who you have not invited to the wedding but you want them to know you have tied the knot. With wedding photos, they will know the details of the ceremony, in addition to the parents’ names, the wedding date and location, the new home address and so on. Most important is that they can share the joy of your wedding.

Wedding Announcements on Website

A wedding website is also a good place to announce your marriage. Make sure your wedding website address has been put on your save the date card or wedding invitation card, so that people will visit it to get the wedding news online. This green wedding announcement way is suitable for the internet savvy people. If so, Facebook is also a perfect website you could announce your marriage to your friends. You may be interested in making an attractive online wedding photo announcement.

When and how to send wedding announcements

Some wedding experts suggest not sending wedding announcements before wedding. But it depends. If you are just announcing your wedding, it’s OK. In a formal wedding, you could send it just before the wedding reception. When the recipient received it, you were just married. This way, people get the news when it's still the news, especially for those live faraway. To send the wedding announcement card, you could enlist your mom, maid of honor, or best man to drop them in the mailbox.

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