Courtship Story: Make a Photo Slideshow to Tell Your Courtship Story

So you are engaged and have announced to the world. Would you share your love story with others? It relives your memories, and is also a good opportunity for your family and friends to know more about you. I know there is a romantic love story before the couples decided to take the plunge to a new life. Whatever it's a whirlwind romance or a long-distance love, the courtship story is the most previous memories and deserves to be treasured for a life time.

Now gather up your love story photos and videos, engagement pictures are also available. Combine photos and videos with a romantic song to create a perfect slideshow video, which could be played either on your wedding website, YouTube channel, and even on the wedding reception big screen. Existed about sharing your courtship love story? See the sample below to get some inspirations and follow steps to make your own to use as engagement slideshow and reception slideshow.

Tell Courtship Love Story with DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe

  • Easy to use yet powerful Wizard-style interface & unlimited photos/videos input
  • Easy to customize Using 130+ 2D/3D transitions or ready to use styles
  • Easy to edit Tune up photos/videos with crop, rotate and special effects, and add titles/voiceover.
  • Share anywhere Upload to wedding website, YouTube or burn to DVD.

Download Win Version

Easy steps to make a courtship slideshow

Step 1: Add photos and videos

Download DVD Slideshow Builder Deluxe and run it when installation complete. In the start screen, select Standard Mode or Advance Mode. The former lets you make courtship movie with premade theme automatically, while the latter enables you to customize courtship slideshow with transitions/motions. Here we select the Advanced Mode to create a courtship love story with on-screen titles.

courtship love slideshow

Simply click on the "Add Files" button to bring up the browse window, and select courtship photos/videos. Drag to select multiple files per time, or holding Shift key to click desired files. Transition effects will be inserted between every two photos/videos automatically and randomly.

Step 2: Personalize your courtship slideshow

Go to Personalize tab to make your courtship slideshow different from others. Here you can change the default transition, spice up your photos/videos, add music, add titles and make it animated, decorate your slideshow with cliparts and advanced effects. All makes your love story outstanding.

make courtship slideshow

The timeline helps you easily sync music to photos, videos, and titles. If you have added a lot of titles, you can also copy and paste title to edit efficiently. 

Step 3: Preview and Create

In Create tab, you can preview your entire love story, create video or DVD, and author a beautiful DVD menu if necessary. To output courtship slideshow as video, simple select the output format, change settings if it is needed, and let it go. Below are the instructions to burn courtship slideshow DVD for TV.

1. Click the Edit button to customize your DVD menu. If you don't need a menu, go to DVD Menu tab at the bottom and check "Disable DVD Menu" option.
2. In Output Settings tab, make sure you have checked Burn to DVD option. It's only enabled when you have a working DVD burner. You can also specify the number of DVD copies.
3. Make sure the PAL or NTSC TV Standard settings is right. If you don't know which standard is used in your country, you can get help from the "Help" button. The wrong TV standard would cause playback incompatibility problem.
4. Press "Start" to burn DVD slideshow. When burning complete, insert the created DVD disc into your DVD player to watch courtship slideshow on TV.

Courtship slideshow creation tips

  1. 1. It's available to directly upload video to YouTube to share your courtship slideshow with others, private or public depending on your settings while uploading.
  2. 2. DVD menu is necessary only if you want to burn courtship love story to DVD for saving or playing on TV. You could of course disable it by checking the “Disable DVD Menu” option if you want to burn a courtship slideshow DVD without menu.
  3. 3. Before you burn lots of DVD copies, you are recommended to burn one to have a test on your TV. If something is wrong, make sure the TV standard and the aspect ratio(16:9 or 4:3) are correct, and then try again.

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