Engagement Announcement Ideas: Traditional and Green Announcements

Traditionally, the bride’s parents will take care of engagement announcement. But nowadays, the couples would like to announce their marriage themselves. Especially when they have a wedding theme, the engagement announcement would inherit the styles of the wedding theme. In fact, there is not the "right" way to announce engagement.  Many good engagement announcement ideas are shared in this article. Whatever it's a common announcement, green announcement or online engagement announcement. It’s up to you to decide how to announce your engagement to reflect your personalities and unique style.

Common Engagement Announcement Ideas

The most common and traditional engagement announcement would be a newspaper announcement. If the bride and groom are not in the same town, make sure to announce the engagement in the both local newspaper. Take care of these things when you put notices on the newspaper.

• Send the engagement announcement at least one week before it is to appear, giving a date when you want it to appear. It would be earlier if the newspaper is hot.
• Double check all names are correctly spelt, clearly written or typed.
• Leave your contact message in case they have any queries.

Below are newspaper engagement announcement examples, one of which is announcement by the bride’s parent, one by the couple themselves.

#1: Mr. and Mrs. George Bush are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter Jennifer to Mr. Jason Finn, elder son of Mr. and Mrs. David Finn South Houston.

#2: Bush-Finn,
Jennifer and Jason, together with their families, are pleased to announce their engagement.

Green and Modern Engagement Announcement

Putting engagement notices on newspaper is not enough. Next, there are usually the save the date card, formal invitations and also thank you card after wedding. See? Getting married makes a small forest of trees to disappear from the earth. If you are an environmentalist, it’s completely unacceptable. Fortunately, you have the choice of holding a green wedding – paperless engagement announcement first.

Only an email address is required to send your engagement announcement, either the notice only or a save the date card. For those that don’t have an email, paper announcement is also avoidable if they can connect to the Internet – build your own wedding website – there you can announce your wedding engagement, publish the latest news, share photos, tell love story, and even shop your matching wedding items. The online engagement announcement is especially suitable for the greenism and internet savvy couples.

Online Engagement Announcement Example

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Top 5 websites for wedding announcement, planning and more

You need to upload your flash announcement online (Dropbox recommended) and publish to a wedding website. Frankly, it’s a little bit of difficult to build your own wedding website from scratch. It required much knowledge such as domain, space, design, editing, and so on. However, there are many service providers build pre-designed wedding website templates for you to easily get started. When wedding sites are created, you usually need to add a widget (HTML or custom HTML) to announce your engagement online and in green style.

online wedding announcments example

Online Engagement Announcement on WeddingWindows.com

These are the top 5 wedding websites recommended from us.

#1: Wedding Window
#2: Wed Quarters
#3: Moment Ville
#4: Wix.com
#5: Shutterfly.com

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