How to Split/Trim/Cut VOB Files

So maybe you have a large VOB file, which probably contains many different music videos, and you want to split each song or chapter up into smaller parts. In this case, there is a very easy way to help you do this quickly: Video Converter (Video Converter for Mac). This professional VOB splitter enables you to split video into clips and save each clip into a new file. Another unique and powerful function is that, this VOB file splitter allows you to export all new files at a time. This means you can get all the video clips quickly and easily. Read on to get more information about this VOB splitter and learn how to split/cut/trim VOB files

Best VOB Splitter: Wondershare Video Converter

wondershare video converter
  • Easily split your VOB videos into pieces without any quality loss.
  • Save all the splitted videos at a time.
  • Convert videos to other formats or make them compatible with mobile devices.
  • Supported OS: Windows 10/8/7/XP/Vista, Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan), 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6

1.Add VOB files to this VOB splitter

Click the  Splitting vob files menu or hit the "Add Files" button in this app's pane to import VOB files from the hard disk to this VOB file splitter. After that, you'll see the corresponding VOB file bars have been showed in the pane of this program.

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split vob

2.Split VOB into clips

Highlight the VOB file bar you want to split by a simple clicking, and then click the "Edit" button on it, and then select "Trim" from sub menu. In the popping-up window, do you see two sliders at both ends of the video progress bar? OK, just drag and drop the two sliders to respectively set the beginning and ending time, and then click the "Scissor" icon to extract the selected video clip.

After you've split the VOB into several clips as you wish, just click "OK" to save these settings. Immediately, the selected video clips will be listed in the pane of this app.

split vob

3.Export VOB clips

Click the Format icon at the right side of the main interface, and then go to "Format">"Video">"DVD-Video" (VOB). Hit the "Convert" to export it. With the help of Video Converter, you can get any segment of your VOB file quickly and easily. Amazing, isn't it?

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split vob

Video Tutorial: How to Split/Trim/Cut Video Files

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This is false advertising. The instructions above are for Wondershare Video Converter but the YouTube instructional video are for Wondershare Video Editor. They are two separate products, sold separately. I tried the Video Converter tool and it was very difficult to really trim a large VOB file into pieces. Video Editor is much easier to split the VOB up but it looks like I would still need the Converter to get the VOB file exported out to MP4.
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