How to Join AVI Video Files with VirtualDub

You may have recorded lots of videos in AVI videos or have various camcorder videos in AVI format. Sometimes you may want to merge some of the AVI videos into a big AVI so that they can be played smoothly and continuously.

VirtualDub is a free video editing software which can help you join multiple AVI files into one easily and fast. Besides, it can also compress videos to smaller sizes. Please note that you can only join AVI videos in VirtualDub. If the videos are not in AVI, you can turn to other video editing tools like Wondershare video editor.

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Before you start, download the latest version of VirtualDub on its official website and install it after downloading. Then run it and follow the below tips and guides to join AVI with VirtualDub.

VirtualDub join AVI guide

1. You can add AVI videos by clicking File > Open Video File and select videos from your computer. Then go to File > Append Avi Segment to add another AVI video you want to have in your big video. You can only add one movie at a time, so if you have many small video parts, you may spend some time on adding videos. To add more videos, just continue to return to File–> Append AVI segment and add AVI videos as you like. Just make sure the video size is not too big.

virtualdub join avi

2. Then you can go to Video menu and make sure Full Processing Mode is selected there.

join avi virtualdub

3. Click on Compression under Video and choose the video codecs for your output videos.

join avi virtualdub

Tips: Under the Video menu, as you can see, there are some video editing functions such as filters, color adjustment, etc. For filter effects, you can preview the videos by hitting File > Preview Filtered.

3. After you finishing the video editing and video codecs choosing, you can go to File > Save Segmented AVI to save your work to your computer. Type in a new name for your combined video and set the destination folder, then let VirtualDub do the merging for you.

And that's all. It is really very easy to use VirtualDub to join AVI videos. After the merging, you'd better play the videos to make sure the combined videos work fine without errors like out of sync audio, etc.

Since VirtualDub only supports AVI joining, if you have got video in other formats and want to join them, you can user Wondershare Video Editor With it, you can combine all popular videos into one.

By the way, it will be good to burn AVI videos to DVD for better video preservation and enjoy them on you home DVD player or TV with family and friends.

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Hi, Bob-tart, this maybe YouTube can't recognize the output AVI files due to resolution, bit rate, etc. not compatible with their standard. You can use this video converter to convert to YouTube configured videos easily. Plus, it also helps to merge AVI, MOV, MKV, WMV, and more seamlessly. Best regards,
youtube keeps rejecting my videos that i make through this
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