How to Edit MKV Video Files in Mac/Win (Windows 10 included)

MKV is a is a flexible file format similar to AVI and MPEG, but wildly used for HD videos. It supports several types of audio and video codecs and gains increased popularity in the Anime fan-subbing community (where users create subtitles). While MKV files can be streamed through certain media players and uploaded to mobile devices, the MKV media can not be edited by popular video editing software like Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro. Fortunately, Wondershare Filmora (originally Wondershare Video Editor) is such a video editing tool that enables you to With edit MKV video to your desired effect. Read on to get more information.

Easy-to-use MKV Editor:

wondershare video editor
  • Visible timeline allows you to edit at any time and anywhere;
  • Edit MKV videos with classic features like trim, crop, cut, split, rotate, etc.;
  • Personalize MKV video with PIP (picture-in-picture), filters, transitions, intro&credits;
  • Provide advanced editing tools like Tilt Shift, Face Off, Mosaic, Jump Cut at Beats, etc.
  • Share edited videos on YouTube, Facebook on this program or burn to DVD.

Why Choose Wondershare MKV Editor

mkv video editor

Easy of use

This MKV video editor features an intuitive interface which which makes the editing environment easily accessible to everyone.
mkv video editor

Powerful Editing Functions

A vast array of video editing tools are provided. You can easily crop, rotate, split, cut, combine your MKV videos in a few clicks.
flv editor

Stunning Video Effects

Add and customize text, filter, PIP(picture in picture), graphic art, intro/credit and transitions to make your MKV videos more beautiful.
flv video editor

Different Sharing Ways

Directly upload to YouTube or Facebook, save to play on PSP, iPod, iPhone or 3GP mobile phone and burn to DVD- all your choice!

How to Easily Edit MKV Video:

1.Do some basic editing

By double clicking MKV files on the Timeline, you can do some basic video editing, such as crop, rotate, and set video contrast, saturation and brightness, fast/slow motion and more.

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mkv video editor

2. Add scene transition and effects

It's a good idea to add some transitions to make it good-looking to change from one clip to another. To do so, click "Transition" tab and drag the transition you prefer to the clips on the track. There are 48 scene transitions for your choice to make the transition between video clips more harmonious.

Besides transitions, you can easily add texts, intro/credits, filters and sound effects in different tabs above the timeline.

mkv video editor

3. Apply advanced editing

You can also add more cool effects to your MKV videos. To do this, right click the video and select "Power Tool" option from the menu, or just hit on the "Power Tool" icon which is above the Timeline. Then the Power Tool window will pop up to you. In this window, you can choose to add cool effects like Tilt-Shift, Mosaic, Face off or Jump Cut at Beats to the video.

mkv video editor

Part 2: Best Video Editing Software for Beginners to Edit MKV File(Video Tutorial)

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This issue exists within the preview window AND after export. It''s really peculiar...
Hi Samantha, does it only occur when you preview it in the preview window or it still exists after you export the video? Videos you saw in the preview window is compressed and thus the quality might seem to be affected. But the actual quality won''t change. Please further export the video and view it on your computer again. Let me know if the problem still exists.
I''ve been having an issue with MKV in Wondershare where I get lag and pixelation at the beginning of videos and at anytime I split the video. Anybody know anything about this?
Leeroy Jenkins
"I''m no professional video editor, but I am not having the issues I see a couple of people commenting about" Yep, if you don''t know what you''re doing, it''s not an issue for you. Just sayin''.
Norman (aka norm-man)
I was here to read the tutorial but read the comments while I was here. I'm no professional video editor, but I am not having the issues I see a couple of people commenting about. Just sayin'.
I rarely need to edit MKV files so when I did need to I checked around and settled on MKV Video Editor. Functionality and quality of the end product was important, but so was price. Anyway, I just wanted to say that although not perfect I am satisfied... and I'm pretty sure as I get more familiar with the program my finished work will improve.
Hi, Trinity, thanks for your comments. Our develop team is making effort on that. If any updates, will let you know. By the way, after you customize the output exactly as your original video, you can choose always choose the same output to export your video because this program will remember your last setting automatically. Best regards,
Lisa, I know this is an old thread, buy Cianoz does a great job of explaining my exact needs. " Customary needs are fixing ripped DVD movies or personally recorded videos and in these cases you always work with *homogeneous* sources.". Lossless support would be great. Thanks!
Hi, Cianoz, thank you very much for your kind suggestion. We really appreciate that. I'll forward your opinion to our develop team, and they'll take it into consideration in later development plan. Thanks. Best regards,
Hello Liza I see your reasons. Anyway, IMHO, the most frequent situation that people come to face with videos is to work with sources with same format and aspect ratio. Customary needs are fixing ripped DVD movies or personally recorded videos and in these cases you always work with *homogeneous* sources. Nevertheless an editing tool becomes important here, because cutting, joining, adding audio tracks, subtitles, etc. are needed anyway. Working with multiple different sources (format, codec, a.r., etc.) obviously occurs, but it's statistically less frequent. All of this IMHO, obviously, and it's only my suggestion. Regards
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