The ACROK Video Converter Alternative

Part 1: About The ACROK Video Converter Alternative

Technologies keep on becoming better and better each day. Every day there seems to be an emerging application that overthrows an application who used to be the best of its kind just the other day. Even in the topic of conversion of videos there seems to be plenty of software to do it. The ACROK video converter is one of the software that is on the top list of the best video converter. So what is this video converter?

It is a video converter with so much power that it can convert easily all video formats as well as the audio ones. It has formats that are optimized for smartphones, editing software, tablets, media player and more. It is said to be the best software for conversion for it support many formats like the MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV,MPG,VOB, M2TS, MOD, FLV and a lot more. Aside from these, it also supports batch conversion and it can allow you to convert videos to a 3d format. Extracting audio tracks from your video files to convert into MP3, MP2 and more formats are also supported by ACROK video converter.

Features and the Pros:

  • Instantaneous Edit of Videos: You can edit your videos easily with the use of the built-in video editor of this software.
  • Compatibility with Portable Devices:You can now play and watch all the videos in any of your gadgets with ACROK.
  • Preview, Play, Snapshot:You can preview your video before converting and when you click the full screen it is like a video player plus you can also take snapshots of it.
  • 10X Speed:With the NVIDIA CODA, AMD Technology, Intel Core and optimized acceleration, ACROK video converter is 10 times faster than common converters.
  • Support video conversion to H.265/HEVC:You can now convert all types of video to H.265/HEVC with this converter

This software can make you video file sync with any video player but the problem with this converter is that when you try to customize the selection it usually crashes. If this is the case and you are not satisfied then there is the ACROK video converter alternative. Now what would be the best alternative for ACROK?

Part 2:The ACROK Video Converter Alternative

The best alternative for it would be the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. Now what is this alternative video converter and why is it better than ACROK?

Here are the features of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.

  • Video Conversion is 30x faster: With the speed of this converter of 30 times faster, it has left the other converters behind.
  • Compatibility Range to Full: Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is the most user-friendly converter ever. With 159 formats and still counting, it really has the widest range of compatibility with any devices.
  • Easier media to TV Streaming: You can now connect your video files from your smartphones to your TV screens for a larger screen for movie viewing.
  • Built-in DLNA Support: You can now access your video files from your computers via a different devices with the built-in DLNA Support in this media server.
  • High Fidelity H.265/HEVC Video
  • You can now enjoy a video on high fidelity in only half of its normal size.
  • Video Transfer: With just an existing Wi-Fi network, you can now transfer your video files to your devices without using any USB cable.
  • Edit, Personalized and Enhance Media: With this powerful converter software you can do a lot of changes to your video and make it a much better one.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate with all its key features is definitely better then ACROK video converter in speed, compatibility range, effects, number of features and a lot more. Everything that you will need in making, editing and watching videos are here. It is more than just a converter for it is a complete toolbox for all your videos.

If you find that Wondershare is the best for you then you should start converting videos in it. Here are the steps to follow on doing your conversion.

  • 1. Download the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate software and then install it to your computer.
  • 2. Open and run the software and then load the video file that you are going to edit.
  • 3. You can customize the video but it is optional. It means that you can just skip this part.
  • 4. Select the output format and then the output folder and you can now click the convert button.

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is as easy to use as all other video converters out there. The catch is that it has too many features that others do not have plus the fact that it is quite a complete set of tools for video editing. All you need is here and yet there is an ease of use in this software. Truly it is not only the ACROK video converter alternative but it is the alternative for all video converters.

ACROK Video Converter Alternative

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