How to Fix it: Windows 7 Keeps Restarting

Windows 7 keeps restarting itself!

I just did a clean install of Windows 7. My comp keeps restarting itself randomly.. No show of why, it just happens...
Any ideas? Windows 7 Pro.
I don't think it's from any overheating... It's kinda cool in my house, and I haven't had any problems before like this...

First of all, try to access your computer in safe mode, which offers you options to restore or repair your Windows 7. If you're not allowed to get into the safe mode, you can choose to reinstall the system with your Windows 7 Install Disc, which can return you a fresh system.

If you don't want to reinstall it and want to keep original data on it, you still have an option: get a Win 7 bootable CD or USB that can help you access and repair your Windows 7. Here is my recommendation: Wondershare LiveBoot Boot CD/USB. You can use it to make a bootable CD or usb drive by yourself.

How to fix the Windows 7 rebooting problem

After purchasing this software, you'll get a download link and a license from Wondershare. Download and install it on a good-working computer, and then follow steps below to get your problem done.

Step1. Burn a bootable CD/usb drive for your Vista

Prepare a blank CD or usb drive (if not blank, make sure the data has been backed up), and insert it into the computer and run LiveBoot. In the wizard window, you'll get the guide of how to create bootable CD or usb drive. Follow it and burn your own bootable disk with one click.

windows 7 reboot

Step2. Get into your Windows 7 with the bootable CD/USB

Now, switch to your rebooting Windows 7 and boot it with the burnt bootable CD or USB drive. Insert the CD or usb drive into the computer and restart it. When you hear the beep of start, press F12 immediately to go to the Boot Device Menu. Next, select "Onboard or USB CD-ROM Drive", and you'll get a boot menu as follow. Click "Boot from LiveBoot" to get into your rebooting Windows 7.

windows 7 keeps restarting

Step3. Fix your "Windows 7 keeps rebooting" problem

After accessing your computer, the Wondershare LiveBoot will be launched automatically. Go to the "Windows Recovery" menu and choose "Loading Crash Solution" under the menu. You'll get the window as follow. Read the solution and follow it to fix your Win 7 rebooting problem. You only need to use the utility it offers you and do what it tells you.

windows 7 keeps rebooting

When the problem fixed, take out of the LiveBoot CD/ usb drive, and restart your computer as normal. Then you'll find that you can boot your computer successfully as normal.

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If your laptop keep restarting, you can try this program. It won't do any bad to your system. You can also re-install your system too.
mine came with 7 installed and just started doing this. the laptop is like 2 months old, should i do this or is there another fix ?
Semper Verax
He said it reboots randomly, not that it won't start. It is a common problem with upgrades to Windows 7 if the Video drives are not designed for Windows 7 , e.i. drivers that were not supported past XP or Vista.
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