How to Fix Certificate Error in Internet Explorer 8

internet explorer certificate error

Why Internet Explorer certificate error occurs?

Certificate errors occur when there is a problem with a certificate or the server's use of the certificate. Internet Explorer can help keep your information more secure by warning you about certificate errors.

How to fix certificate error in Internet Explorer 8?

I just fixed my laptop, and I found that many of the sites that I always visit have certificate errors and the security certificate is expired or not yet valid, etc... Why did this happen? Is there anyway I can fix this problem? Thanks.

The main reasons for Internet Explorer certificate errors are:
• The date of your computer has been set to a wrong value
• The Security Certificate has expired
• The website is actually unreliable

The common explaination could be the computer's wrong date. Because the security certificate is valid for a period of time. So if the time is incorrectly set on your computer, you may receive this security certificate error message when browsing sites. So the first thing you are supposed to do is to check the date on your computer. Usually, after setting the date correctly, you can access the sites normally. If not, the security certificate of the website may really have expired or the website is not trustable. So never put your important password or login ID on such page on which Security certificate error happens.

1 click to remove IE errors

If the solution above can't  help, there may be  IE errors in your system files. You can't find it by simply opening and checking system files. Using a PC system maintenance tool to perform this work will be more convenient and effective. If you still haven't a choice, Wondershare 1-Click PC Care can be nice option, which can do this job within 1 click. Download and install it on your computer, then it will automatically check all errors out and you only need to give one click on the "Fix Now" button. All problems go out of your computer.

ie certificate error

Set the website as trustable one?

If you are sure the website is trustable, you can manually set it as a safe website on your Internet Explorer to view it successfully.

1. Select Tools->Internet Options.
2. Select Security->Trusted sites->Sites.
3. Confirm the URL matches, and click "Add" then "Close".
4. Close the "Internet Options" dialog box with either "OK" or "Cancel".
5. Refresh the current page

Then you can access the website now. If you don't want to set it as a safe website, you also can remove it from the list of trusted sites from your Internet Explorer.

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I am having certificate errors when I try to log on to the WiFi at local library. Changing time or pinging internet time, as other suggested doesn't seem to work. I have been challenged with this issue for weeks or more, but refreshing windows 8 back to basic layout is the only method I have found that works. I have exhausted all possibilities, and most forums or online help are no good.
Check your computer''s date and time. If they are incorrect, you will receive security certificate errors. Click on the time in your taskbar, and set the correct time in the pop-up window. Refresh the website where you received the error message. If you receive a security certificate error message again, the problem lies with the website''s security certificate.
Sss Shrivastava4
which version use Internet Explorer tell me . after than give solution
i did that but still i am not able to open the page
Arnold Fariolan
hello, how can i download my online games?tht always failure?
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