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5 Things You Can Do When Your Computer Won't Boot Up

It's really dreadful to start a day like this: You arrive at your office early in the morning, sit down and get down to the urgent work. Crap! The computer won't boot up at all. Reboot it, and still failure. Most of computer users might have experienced this. Stay calm!

For Computer Won't Boot with Hardware Issue:

If there's no signal light on your computer when you try to boot it, it might be PC power problem or hardware problems, you need to check it yourself or find some professionals to fix it.

Note: There is another reason for this issue: Graphic card failure. When Graphic card is failed, you computer can be running but it won't boot at all.

Fix Computer Won't Boot with A Windows bootable disk/CD

If the computer is running and you just can't boot it, you can fix this computer won't boot issue easily with a Windows bootable disk/cd. To solve this problem is quite easy. There are 5 things you can do to save your Windows back.

#1. Do a boot file recovery

When you start the computer, it always crashes with a black screen. There may be one of the following boot file lost. You can do a boot file recovery to get them back to normal.
* NTLDR is missing or corrupted
* is missing
* Ntoskrnl.exe is missing
* NTFS.SYS is missing
* BOOTMGR is missing or corrupted
* Hal.dll is missing

#2. Do a MBR recovery

MBR, the short name of Master Boot Recorder, locates the first sector of hard disk. The MBR is not placed in a partition, but located at a main boot record area in front of (with a lower LBA sector number than) the first partition. MBR issues can bring you the hard disk boot failure. When it happena, you will see "invalid partition table", "hard disk boot failure", etc. on your computer.

#3. Do a boot sector recovery

The partition boot sector is a small section of the hard disk partition that contains information about the operating system's file system (NTFS or FAT32), as well as a very small machine language program that is crucial in assisting the operating system as it loads. If you suspect that Windows XP won't boot because the partition boot sector has been corrupted, you can try to fix it.

#4. Do a registry recovery

Registry is a small database that stores configuration settings and options in Windows. It contains settings for low-level operating system component as well as the applications running on the platform: device drivers, kernel, services, user interface, SAM, and third party application all make use of the registry. If Registry is corrupted, it may cause Windows not booting up. You may encounter blue screen, blank screen, application booting error, registry configure error, etc. All these problems may be caused by Registry abnormity.

#5. Do a Windows restore

The problem of Windows booting failure can be caused by different reasons, like corrupted or missing Windows system file; corrupted DPT (Disk Partition Table); damaged MBR, and corrupted registry. If you backed up your Windows/MBR/DPT/Registry before, you can restore it easily by clicking the button below when they crashed.

No matter why your computer can't boot up, the first thing you should do is to get a Windows bootable disk or CD to get your computer starting. Only the computer is started, you can troubleshoot other errors or problems on the system. Get a bootable LiveBoot CD/USB, which contains the startup files that can be used to boot your Windows.

Keep this in mind when you encounter a "Windows won't start" problem. It can help you fix it rapidly and accurately. All solutions to Windows booting issues are contained in this bootable LiveBoot CD, as well as data recovery, disk manager and password finder.

Now, follow the steps below to boot your computer.

Install and run the program on a computer working normally. Insert a blank CD or usb drive, and you can burn a bootable CD or usb drive with one click.

computer won't boot

Inset it to your computer CD-ROM and restart your computer. Then choose to boot your computer from LiveBoot. And now you can check to repair Windows 7 boot, or do a Windows XP startup repair. Whatever, this bootable CD is compatible with all Windows.

computer will not boot

And more, after loading your system, you can do all of the following work with this LiveBoot, which offers you a series of Windows repair utilities.

computer wont boot

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Do you mean that you can not boot your computer with Liveboot CD? Or can you pleasen tell us more details about your issue?
kapil sahu
my pc doesnot take automatic boot from cd what can i do plz help me..........
Could you please tell me more details about your issue? And you can also come to Wondershare support center for help.
Your hard drive isn't working.
Alpha Wolf Lover
I have no idea how to fix this but the same thing is happning to me. I cant get onto my computer, I am using my moms to type this also.
Alpha Wolf Lover
Ummm my computer is broken and it says enter boot disk. WHAT DO I DO????? P.S I am using my mom's computer to type this. PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I DO!!!!!!!
If it's possible, you can contact Wondershare support center for help.
won't get past the loading screen just sits there diong nothing
dont have disc to reboot my laptop have done all the restore points but freezes when it starts up windows im on windows 7 and have an acer aspire
had the same problem with a friends laptop, windows 7 not booting after the logo appears, pressing f8 and startup recovery windows itself displays cannot find root cause, whereas manually restoring it,it says restore successful but still doesnt restart. did everything I could ,tried even few commands via command prompt. and even changed settings in bios boot menu and asked it to restore to default just in case something got changed there.. NOTHING SEEMS TO BE WORKING!!!! acer erecovery screen doesnt appear at all..... ANY IDEA ANYONE OUT THERE??
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