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How to Unlock Android Phone Password Without Factory Reset?

Aug 30,2018 • Filed to: Unlock • Proven solutions

You always set up some sort of lock to secure your smartphone to stop others checking your phone data, messages or pictures. More importantly, it is needed to deny admission to your valuable phone data in case it gets stolen. However many a times you come across this situation where your Android phones are stuck as you cannot unlock the password. Either your children have been playing with the lock patterns and the screen gets locked due to entering wrong password for many times or you have unexpectedly forgotten your password. Or somebody else has reset your password or you have broken your mobile screen and you cannot enter your password. Many such similar situations may arise. You are in the middle of some things and you want to make some urgent calls. How to unlock Android phone password without factory reset? What do you do then? There are very easy solutions to this which would help unlock your Android phone in no time without going for the factory reset and losing your valuable data.

Part 1: How to unlock Android password without factory reset using dr.fone - Unlock?

Whether you have a pattern or PIN or fingerprint as password, by using the dr.fone - Unlock, you can remove any type of password and that also without losing your data. It helps in removing the lock screen on the Android phones. Now if you are thinking how safe it is, let me assure you that the process is very safe and simple with no risk of data leakage. This process is supported by most of the Samsung and LG smartphones and you just need to connect your handset to let the dr.fone - Unlock to start the procedure.

dr.fone - Unlock (Android)

Remove 4 Types of Android Screen Lock without Data Loss

  • It can remove 4 screen lock types - pattern, PIN, password & fingerprints.
  • Only remove the lock screen, no data loss at all.
  • No tech knowledge asked, everybody can handle it.
  • Work for Samsung Galaxy S/Note/Tab series, and LG G2, G3, G4, etc.
Available on: Windows
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Follow the following steps to unlock your Android password without factory reset using dr.fone.

Step 1: Firstly, install and run this program on your computer. Launch dr.fone, click Unlock and connect your Android phone to your computer with a USB cable > download .


Step 2: After that, click the "Start" button and the password removing process will begin.

start to unlock android password

Step 3: Now there will be three steps mentioned which you must follow to get your phone into the Download mode. The first is power off the phone. The second is to press and hold the Volume button along with Home button and Power button. The third step is to press the volume up option to get into the download mode.

boot phone in download mode

Step 4: Once your phone is in download mode, the program will then start downloading the recovery package and then start to unlock your Android password without factory reset or data loss.

download recovery package

Step 5: You will see that the icon showing “Remove Password Completed” will pop up. This whole process takes only a few minutes to get your work done without any loss of any data.

unlock android password without factory reset

Part 2: How to unlock Android password without factory reset using Android Device Manager?

With very simple steps and within few minutes at hand, you can get rid of your password by using Android Device Manager (ADM). This tool will unlock your password without going for the factory reset and losing data. The main feature of Android device manager will run through the Google account. The installation of Google account is very important to run out the Android device manager. The Android device will respond immediately once if the phone is switched on. Connectivity of internet is must to find the map on the device. How to unlock Android phone password without factory reset? May it be quite interesting to use device manager visuals? The steps are mentioned below:

Step 1. Your Android phone is always linked to your Google account. So first and foremost on your computer or on another mobile phone open the site www.google.com/Android/devicemanager

log in android device manager

• Now sign in with your Google credentials. Google will start searching for your device. Here you need to choose the Android phone you want to unlock, in case it is already not selected.

Step 2. Here you will see three options: “Ring”, “Lock” and “Erase”. Select the “Lock” option

Step 3. A window will appear where you need to type any temporary password. Do not enter your Google password and need not to enter the recovery message. Click on “Lock ” again

enter temporary password

Ones successful you will get a confirmation message below the three buttons: that is Ring, Lock and the Erase option.

Step 4. On your locked phone, you will see a field asking for your password. Here you can enter your temporary password. Doing so will unlock your device.

Steo 5. Now in your unlocked phone go Settings and then to Security. Now click on disable to remove the temporary password and later you change it with a new one.

You have successfully unlocked your device.

Part 3: Unlock Android password using custom recovery and Pattern Password Disable (SD card needed)?

The third way to unlock Android phone password without factory reset is using the “custom recovery” technique. In order to work out this process, you would have to install the custom recovery process. Also, your phone needs to have the SD card. It will be is required to send the zip file to the phone and since your device is locked. This technique requires access to the Android System folder and rooting your device if not already rooted.

The custom recovery is a usual mechanism in all smartphones. It predicts the troubleshooting technology how to process the main configuration with all sequence. Quite interesting isn’t it?

Follow the following steps to complete unlock Android password without factory reset.

Step 1. First of all download zip file by the name “Pattern Password Disable” to the computer system and then transfer it to your SD card.

Pattern Password Disabled download url: https://forum.xda-developers.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=2532214&d=1390399283

Step 2. Then you would need to insert the SD card into your locked phone and then restart the device in recovery mode.

Step 3. Next move on to flash on the zip files to the card then again need to restart. After that, your phone will boot and open up without the locked screen

Note: Sometimes the device may ask for a pattern or password. You just need to put in any random pattern/password then it will get unlocked.

Through this easy method, you can now access your Android phone without using factory reset and losing your valuable data.

The problem of getting your mobile locked and not being able to open it is a common problem in Android phones these days. Many of us tend to panic when such problem arises. However now that we have given some easy solutions and methods to know how to unlock Android phone password without factory reset and losing any data, things would be much easier for you thus you will solve your problems in no time.

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