Three Ways to Get Samsung Unlock Codes for FREE

This tutorial introduces 3 free solutions to get Samsung unlock codes, and a smart recovery tool if data loss happens during unlocking.

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Getting the right and free Samsung unlock codes to unlock Samsung Galaxy phone should be each and every Samsung user priority. This can be attributed to the fact that, a high number of code generating programs are not as friendly as you may think or expect. With the urgency to unlock Samsung Galaxy phones hitting an all-time high, a majority of online unlock platforms have sprouted with each and every platform claiming to generate and issue free Samsung unlock codes to its users and followers.

A point to note and always remember is the fact that not all of these platforms are genuine. Some may issue free Samsung unlock codes at a price while others may issue them for free. Whether you bought them at a price or for free, some of them don't work. Some have even gone to an extent of damaging your phone and deleting your data. Before you get involved with any of these code generating methods, always make sure that you have done an extensive research and gained right-hand information concerning these programs. I believe you don’t want to be in a position where you have unlocked your phone, but you have paid the ultimate price of losing your valuable data in the process.

This article is going to look at some of the most simplified methods on how you can get a valid free unlock codes for Samsung as well as how you can retrieve data that may end up lost after unlocking your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Method 1: Get Samsung Unlock Codes for FREE by Using Your Network Provider

Regardless of how you want to unlock Samsung Galaxy phone, a variety of ways on how you can get these important codes are available. The following are some of the most used methods of acquiring free Samsung unlock codes.

This is one of the simplest and guaranteed ways of getting a genuine Samsung unlock codes. However, this process comes with a catch. In most cases, before your network provider issues you with an unlocking code, you must have used the phone and SIM card in question for a particular period. Some network providers require up to 2 years of service while others require as little as six months. Depending on your network provider, getting free unlock codes for Samsung should be your one and only priority. Don’t go out dishing your hard earned money for something you could have gotten it for free. The following is a simplified process on how to get these codes from your network provider.

Step 1. Dial *#06# on your phone to get the unique IMEI number.

 get the unique imei number

Step 2. Write down the model of your phone on a piece of paper. You require this number when calling your network provider.

Step 3. Have with you a signed and expired contract.

Tip: If you still have an active contract, make sure that you have contacted your provider beforehand as some may decline to give you the code with an active contract.

Step 4. Contact your network provider by phone, email or go to them physically.

Tip: The time required to generate the code will depend on the network provider terms and conditions. Some providers may take hours while others may take days. Always make sure that you have the right time frame so as to avoid disappointments.

Method 2: Get Samsung Unlock Codes for FREE by Using Unlock Code Generators

Using unlock code generators happens to be the most commonly used method by many Samsung Galaxy users. Most of these code generators can be downloaded online for free while others require no downloads at all. Regardless of which unlocking method you choose to use, always make sure that you understand what the unlocking process entails. The following is a simplified process of getting the codes using the WorldUnlock Code Calculator.

N.B.: You can choose from a wide variety of code generating programs. The method explained below is just an example.

Step 1. Dial *#06# to get your IMEI number.

dial *#06#

Step 2. Log into WorldUnlock Codes Calculator and input the model of your phone, your IMEI number and location. Press “calculate” and wait for the unique codes to be generated by the program. This generating process will take some few minutes.

log into worldunlock codes calculator

Step 3. Take note of the generated code and use it to unlock your Samsung Galaxy phone.

Method 3: Searching for the Codes Online

Though not common, this code generating method only applies to a certain number of phones that have been on the market for quite some time. A good number of social network platforms usually have a list of codes for some Samsung Galaxy models. Though cheap and easy to use, this method can have severe and adverse effects on your phone. Some users have complained about the fact that the codes they used were laced up with Trojan viruses which corrupted their phones and deleted their data and private information. When using this method, always ensure that you are dealing with a trusted online platform. You can also decide to consult a few friends of yours who may have used some online platforms to unlock their Samsung Galaxy phones.

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