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How to Use TunesGo(Win/Mac)

TunesGo Guide: Get Started


Trial Version vs Full Version:

Trial version and full version

User Interface

TunesGo's user interface has 4 active areas you can operate:

1. menu on the left. in this box, you can find your favorite songs,manage your library,and control your connected devices.

2. main window on the centre, in this box, you can manage library(organize,backup and restore library);transfer music from or to devices; download music form websites;and also discover favorite songs.

3. setting toolbar,in this box you can login in or out,switch accounts,check your license status,set default language,defuult download music format,save path,and so on.

4. music player bar,in this box you can play songs in library.

register tunesgo

1.1 Discover

Discover tunesgo

1.2 Download

Download tunesgo

1.3 Record

Record tunesgo

2.1 Manage

Organize your iTunes Library: 1)fix music tags. 2)add missing album art. 3)detect missing tracks. 4) delet duplicated songs. 5)backup and restore iTunes library

TunesGo manage

2.2 Transfer

Transfer your songs between all your devices,systems.

TunesGo Transfer

2.3 Download/Record

Download favorite tracks directly from all most all POP websits. Record favorite music from stream services and Radio. make YouTebe , spotify ect. as your personal music source.

TunesGo Download

2.4 Discover

Create playlist and share, find latest music charts and download playlists now.

TunesGo Discover

3.1 My account

TunesGo setting

3.2 Setting

TunesGo setting TunesGo setting