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How to Free up More Space on Your iOS 9 Device

Struggling with low storage space on your iOS9 device? Well, this is the case with most of the users, given that there is no option of expanding the memory on any of the Apple devices. Why does it happen though that the space becomes an issue for most of the iOS users? iOS devices are one of the best out there to store and listen to music, play videos and click pictures. All these activities are quite space consuming and with the fixed memory in iOS devices, storage sooner or later reduces for everyone. Another reason could be a lot of unwanted apps on your device, eating into the available storage.

Now, that we know what leads to reduced space on iOS devices, let us introduce you to the best solution for freeing up this lost space; meet Wondershare SafeEraser, an application that can quickly free up memory on your iOS device through removing unwanted cache, invalid files and more.

Here is a detailed list of what all this application can do for you.

  • • Erase your personal details completely and not just delete them
  • • Ensure that your data (web browsing, messages, apps that you use etc) remains private and unrecoverable
  • • Helps in completely and permanently erasing your device in case you are thinking of selling, recycling or trading it
  • • Remove all the junk (unwanted files and apps)
  • • Supports a long list of file types
  • • Save on storage space for your device by compressing photos

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1. Clear junk files

  • • Download and install Wondershare SafeEraser and launch it. Click on ‘Express Cleanup’ option.
  • • Hit the button Start Scan to begin scanning for junk files on your iOS device. Once the scan is complete, SafeEraser will display a list containing all the junk files with the respective quantity of such files.
  • • Select the unwanted file types and click on Erase Now. This will clean all the junk files from your iOS device and display the results of the clean up in the next window. If needed, you can even click on each file type to see more details on the individual junk files and only select what you need removed and erased.

2. Remove unused apps

  • • Launch SafeEraser and click on ‘Unused App Eliminator’. On the right hand side of the window, click on the button Start Scan to begin looking for all the unused apps on your iOS device.
  • • The next window should show the scan progress now and that should finish in a few seconds only.
  • • In the next window that shows the scan results, all apps that have not been used for the last 30 days should be shown.
  • • By default, all the apps should be checked / selected already, you can select the ones that you want removed and then click on the button Uninstall to begin removing these apps.
  • • Once done the next page will show you results with the amount of space that you were able to save in the process.

3. Clear deleted data completely

  • • From the left side bar, choose Erase Deleted Files and then press Start Scan as with all the previous steps.
  • • Once the scan is complete, you will see the list of all deleted data types with the number of files in each one of them. Select the ones you would want to erase completely and hit on the button Erase Now.
  • • The next page / window should confirm the successful removal of all the data as needed.

4. Compress photos to save space up to 75%

  • • Select ‘Photo Compressor’ from the left sidebar menu and hit on Start Scan to begin scanning for large photos on your iOS device.
  • • The next page, once the scan is complete, will show you all the photos that are very large and also give you an estimate on how much space you could save by compressing them.
  • • Remember that if you click on Backup Path (next to the button ‘Compress now’) it will show you the default location / backup path for all original photos and let you select a destination of your own choice if need be. Once done, click on OK and then ‘Compress now’ to begin compressing the photos.
  • • Now, the process of compressing should only take a few seconds and then display the results page for you.

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