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Free audio editing software Mac

Audio editing software is a kind of software which is used to edit sound or audio files and convert their formats. These software’s prove useful not just for music lovers but also professional musicians and artists. Almost all operating systems and platforms support several audio editing software’s which can be found both for free and as paid tools. If you are someone who wants to download one such software for Mac, then the following is a list of the best 5 free audio editing software Mac.

Part 1


Features and functions

· Audacity is one of the most popular free audio editing software for Mac which is also an audio recorder that lets you improve tracks.

· This free audio editing software Mac records live audio, converts tapes and audios, edits many formats of files and provides numerous effects.

· Audacity also cuts and extends audios.

Pros of Audacity

· Audacity is a great tool for fixing audio recordings of music and speeches.

· It is also a superb audio development tool which offers tone generators and spectrum analysis as well.

· Audacity constantly keeps improving since it is open source software.

Cons of Audacity

· One drawback of this free audio editing software Mac is that it is only ideal for sound engineers or experts and not for beginners.

· Another thing which probably doesn’t work about this software is that gives many unwanted 3rd party softwares which can be very irritating.

· Audacity has too many buttons and all of them are too small to use.

User reviews:

1. It can probably do a lot of things IF you are already an expert.

2. Great tool for fixing audio recordings of speeches and music.
ALSO a great audio development tool, with Spectrum analysis and tone generators.

3. A simple DAW that is less complex as many others out there

Part 2


Features and functions:

· WavePad is comprehensive sound editing software which has a nice balance between easy and complicated.

· This software is a fully featured professional audio and music editor which allows you to edit and record music, sounds and voice files.

· This free audio editing software Mac supports a lot of formats and has many additional effects as well.

Pros of WavePad

· WavePad supports all major audio and sound formats and this is its biggest positive point.

· Another great thing about this program is that it is clear, intuitive, well explained and hence easy to use.

· WavePad offers tabbed editing and this is one of its strengths and impressive points.

Cons of WavePad

· One of the biggest negative features of this free audio editing software Mac is that it lacks a wide range of effects as compared to other similar software’s.

· Another drawback is that it misses many features which many professional types of software may have.

· WavePad has another drawback and that is that it lacks fully fledged recording and advanced mastering and some production techniques.

User reviews:

1. This was much quicker to download, easier to use and worked well.

2. Small Download. Works Fastand Edited the voice track I needed too.

3. Very user friendly even for the novice, as I was years ago when I first discovered this program.

Part 3


Features and functions

· OcenAudio is a free and feature packed audio editing software for Mac which works as a cross platform software.

· This free audio editing software Mac supports many formats and file types including MP3, WAV, FLAC and WMA.

· It also supports a few video formats and raw sound files in the form of PCM among others.

Pros of OcenAudio

· OcenAudio offers a unique feature of multi-selection tool which is one of its most impressive points. Through this tool, users can select multiple portions of the waveform at once.

· This platform also supports VST instruments and this is another positive feature related to it.

· Thanks to the fully featured Spectrogram, users have the option of editing very large files easily on this platform.

Cons of OcenAudio

· OcenAudio may prove to be complex for some people especially those who have never done sound editing before.

· This free audio editing software Mac offers many tools and supports various formats but this can confuse users as there are no clear markings on the interface.

· OcenAudio can prove to be buggy and this may prove as a drawback related to it.

User reviews:

1. Put it all together andocenaudiois an impressive audio editor, easy to use for basic operations, yet with plenty of extras on hand if you need them

2. What’s really smart, though, is that each of these offers real-time previewing.

3. Navigation is generally very easy. Spinning the mouse wheel zooms in and out, while a separate pane shows where the current view is located within the file.

Part 4

4.TwistedWave Lite

Features and functions

· This is a free audio editing software Mac which comes packed full of amazing features.

· This software lets you import and export files and also supports many formats.

· This platform also lets you apply many effects.

Pros of TwistedWave Lite

· It supports many formats and this is its best quality.

· Another amazing specification of this software is that it lets you incorporate many effects like fade etc.

· This free audio editing software Mac has a sleek and stylish interface.

Cons of TwistedWave Lite

· It doesn’t have any audio restoration tools and this is one of its drawbacks.

· Another negative associated with it is that it doesn’t give you a lot of control over editing of audio tracks.

· It is bulky.

User reviews:

1. It loads quickly, you can import just about any audio file - See more at:

2. it doesn't give you the control over your audio

Like most audio editors for Mac, you can cut, copy, split, fade in and fade out of your audio, - See more at:

Part 5

5.Adobe Audition

Features and functions

· This free audio editing software Mac is the best in class and is loaded with features.

· This softwre comes with a range of tutorials for easy learnig and use.

· This tool has a wonderful interface and is very user friendly.

Pros of Adobe audition

· The best thing about this free audio editing software Mac is that it offers many useful tutorials.

· Another superb feature of it is that it has a stylish looking interface with easy shortcuts.

· It is easy to install and use, thanks to a simple UI.

Cons of Adobe Audition

· It has some serious flaws in recording and this is a big drawback related to it.

· Another negative point related to it is that Adobe Audition is bulky and can make the system slow.

· This software is prone to random drop outs and this too proves to be a limiting feature.

User reviews:

1. Perfect For Someone Just Starting Out Not For Pros

2. Good for someone just starting out but as far as I'm concern nothing major for someone that been into Music Production for awhile.

3. i love to work with it and was never dissappointed blessed are the manufacturers of this product wich brings the best out of my God given gift music

Free audio editing software Mac

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