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Top 10 Free Photo Editing Software for Windows

Photo editing softwares are those kinds of softwares which enable you to edit and enhance your photos or pictures on your computer system or other devices. These softwares come with many features and tools through which you can remove issues and add enhancements to existing photos. They are available both for free and can be bought as well. For windows, there is no dearth of such softwares. The following is a list of the top 10 free photo editing softwares for windows:

Part 1

1. Fotor

Features and functions

· Fotor is a free photo editing software for Windows which comes with a nice set of tools for editing photos.

· It is an easy to use platform which provides 60 effects/fr_x_ames, RAW support, built in photo sharing and other options.

· It also lets you choose from 16 backgrounds.

Pros of Fotor:

· This free photo editing software for Windows offers amazing color rendition.

· It also makes way for easy navigation and allows you to add many filters as well.

· The fact that it processes batches of photos quickly is also a positive.

Cons of Fotor:

· It offers no undo/redo options except and this is a big drawback.

· It is rather difficult and irritating to work with batches instead of individual photos.

· Fotor can prove to be overwhelming for beginners.

User reviews:

1. There are plenty of ways to add various filters to your image that produce beautiful photos.

2. I was blown away by the color rendition

3. The look or UI is absolutely beautiful - the charcoal grey really makes your images stand out.

Part 2

2. PhotoPad

Features and functions:

· This program enables you to to preview the effects before applying and removing them without deleting images.

· This is another free photo editing software for Windows and one which allows you to retouch photos and edit them using several tools.

· This software supports many photo formats including gif, psd, jpg, png and bmp etc.


Pros of PhotoPad:

· PhotoPad is really intuitive, fast and rather simple to use.

· It supports so many tools and formats that working on it becomes easy.

· This software also lets you undo, redo and remove effects and this too is a positive.

Cons of PhotoPad:

· Sometimes it gets a little unstable and this is a negative point.

· Another drawback is that some of the tools are not very perfect and efficient.

· PhotoPad has a limited organizing system and this is a limiting point.

User reviews:

1. For home use I STRONGLY RECOMMEND the NCH product suite, especially for its ease of learning and use.

2. If you need a ready to use, no learning curve tool to do some basic editing, this is the one

3. Well integrated with other NCH suite products such as VideoPad Video Editor.

Part 3


Features and functions

· Photoscape is a yet another free photo editing software for Windows for retouching and editing all your photos.

· It makes RAW conversions to JPEG possible and also has a tool for creating animated GIFs.

· Photoscape is a works like a batch editor in which you can edit multiple photos quickly one after the other.

Pros of Photoscape

· PhotoScape is a really easy to use and fun photo editing tool with many advanced photo editing tools.

· It offers some of the most brilliant filters and effects for easy customization.

· It is very stable and this too is a positive.

Cons of Photoscape

· This free photo editing software for Windows is very slow and reduces your inefficiency.

· The installer forces the installation of Google Chrome and this too is a drawback.

User reviews:

1. 5 stars for Photoscape. -5 stars for whoever created this setup file! This kind of tactic is repulsive!

2. This freeware is simply incredibly superb, it's top notch. How I wish the author will faster release the next version

3. One of the best freeware applications.

4. This program is great! It has a lot of features and is very easy to use.

Part 4


Features and functions:

· GIMP is a brilliant and very useful free photo editing software for Windows which offers many tools

· Some of these tools include correct colors, enhancing contrast, brightness and others.

· GIMP also has many painting and drawing tools.

Pros of GIMP

· The best thing about it is that it offers many tools and features for easy editing.

· It is an easy to use program which has a sleek and precise interface.

· It is perfect for those who are new to photo editing.

Cons of GIMP

· It doesn’t offer any 16 bit per channel color support.

· Another negative of it is that its feature development is very low.

User comments/reviews:

  1. It’s kept up well and regularly updated with fixes and the latest features.
  2. It’s highly flexible and customizable thanks to plugins and sc_x_ripts.
  3. It’s actually much more versatile than Photoshop and other photo editors if you take advantage of all of the customization options


Part 5


Features and functions

· Photofiltre is a smart and efficient free photo editing software for Windows with plenty of editing features.

· It is simple to use, and gives many impressive effects.

· This program offers paint tools, image correction and several filters.

Pros of Photofiltre

· The presence of so many filters is definitely strength of this program.

· Another positive associated with it is that it is amazingly simple to use.

· It may not be very popular but very efficient and smooth.

Cons of Photofiltre

· One of the negatives is that its magic wand selection is very weak.

· Another negative point about it is that it may be hard to load for some people.

User comments/reviews:

1. I downloaded this and all I got was a bunch of HTML documents. No program ever loaded

2. Interface is simple and with good basic tools.

3. Loads in a second even on old hardware, supports la_x_yers smooth and faster than other software,

Part 6

6. Pixbuilder studio

Features and functions:

· This is a mid range free photo editing software for Windows with many sensible features.

· It offers crop, color correction, sharpness and blur features.

· This software is a fun to use tool for those who wish to make their photos better.

Pros of Pixbuilder Studio

· This free photo editing software for Windows is extremely simple, basic and apt for beginners.

· It provides many tools for basic editing like crop and sharpness etc.

· This program has an intuitive interface which makes working on it smooth.

Cons of Pixbuilder Studio

· User settings and actions can be difficult to undo and this is one of the negatives.

· Another drawback is that using la_x_yers can prove to be tough.

User comments/reviews:

1. Works OK, but beware of associating image file types

2. Free Fast does most of what my old Photoshop did.

3. A great photo editing program to use for free.

Part 7

7. Photos Pos Pro

Features and functions:

· Photos Pos Pro is a free photo editing software for Windows which looks promising and full of features.

· This program offers all simple and basic image editing tools and wide range of paint tools

· It comes with color corrections and supports for la_x_yers and masks.

Pros of Photos Pos Pro

· Photos Pos Pro free photo editing software for Windows offers a set of magical effects which is its biggest USP.

· It comes with many configurable effects and this too works as a positive.

· Photos Pos Pro is apt for beginners and professionals alike.

Cons of Photos Pos Pro

· It lacks depth of advanced features and this is a negative.

· Another drawback of this software is that its layout and drop down menus look outdated.

· Photos Pos Pro is not necessarily the fastest photo editing software out there.

User comments/reviews:

1. Free. la_x_yers. Pretty much a scaled down version of Paint shop Pro

2. Installs malwareprotectionlive.exe without notification or permission.

3. The best free graphics editor I've found

Part 8

8. Funny Photo Maker

Features and functions

· Funny Photo Maker is one of those free photo editing softwares for Windows which let you apply many effects in seconds.

· This helps you to create fun and funny photos.

· This program lets you incorporate movie posters, bills and magazine covers into your photos.

Pros of Funny Photo maker

· This is extremely fun software which is ideal for students, kids and others.

· It is easy to use and a good way to entertain yourself.

· This program comes with many tools and features like adding movie posters etc.

Cons of Funny Photo Maker

· It lacks la_x_yers, smart selection tools and painting or drawing options.

· This software is limited in many ways and is only useful for students or kids.

· This program can prove to be a little buggy and slow.

User comments/reviews:

1. Lightweight not a resource hogger. Easy to us

2. Good photo editor but I think they should make it for all systems including ISO and Android.

3. Large collection of templates; seamless integration of user's photos/images with templates.

Part 9

9. PhoXo

Features and functions:

· PhoXo is a brilliant and trusted free photo editing software for Windows which offers a great deal of features.

· It lets kids play with clipart and adults edit and customize their pictures.

· This software includes paint and draw tools, watermark feature and several other advanced editing options.

Pros of PhoXo

· PhoXo is ideal for both kids and adults and this is its best quality

· This software can also be used to do general graphics work by designers.

· It is stable, lightweight and very efficient and this too is its positive quality.

Cons of PhoXo

· One of the negatives of this program is that it may be suitable for hobbyists but not for serious designers.

· This program tends to be buggy and this is a major drawback related to it.

· It comes with many tools but some of them are not properly developed.

User comments/reviews:

1. I have used PhoXo for many years, and it has everything I need in a graphics processor

2. For general, everyday use, PhoXo is more than adequate

3. It's free and has what you need for general graphics work

Part 10

10. Paint.Net

Features and functions

· This is yet another free photo editing software for Windows users and offer editing tools besides many paint tools.

· This program is very strong on photo editing basics and comes with options like resizing photos, rotating photos and many others.

· Paint.Net comes with a gamut of special effects and filters which can help users do a lot of creativity.

Pros of Paint.Net

· Paint. Net’s most special point is that it comes with a plethora of tools, effects and la_x_yering options which are ideal for home users and even professionals.

· This is a very lightweight and stable program which is smooth to use.

· This free photo editing software for Windows has a straightforward and clear interface.

Cons of Paint.Net

· One of the negatives associated with this program is that it may sometimes prove to be complicated for beginners even on having a simple interface.

· This program is more focused on painting and drawing and not photo editing, as it claims and thus may not be an ideal tool for those looking only to edit pictures.

User comments/reviews:

1. It does everything I need it to do and the user interface is very easy to figure out.

2. I've had no problems with this program at all. Been using it many years now

3. Easy to use and has lots of features

Free photo editing software for Windows

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