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Top 10 Free Drawing Software for Windows

Windows is one of the most popular operating systems in the world and is one on which several programs, softwares and tools can be downloaded. One type of software which you can download on your Windows ba_x_sed device is drawing software. Drawing softwares are basically those kinds of software which allow you to draw, edit, do graphic designing and technical drawing on your computer. The following is a list of the top 10 free drawing software for Windows.

Part 1

1. SmoothDraw

Features and functions

· This isfree drawing software for Windowswhich is a powerful technical drawing and graphic designing tool.

· It offers a full set of tools for creation of logos, icons and more.

· SmoothDraw offers many user tutorials and guides, help and many other features which make it easy to use.

Pros of SmoothDraw

· One of the first plus point of this platform is that it offers many tools to enable you to draw and paint easily.

· Another positive about thisfree drawing software for Windowsis that it offers many tutorials and manuals for help.

· It lets you draw complex images with ease due to the many la_x_yer controls

Cons of SmoothDraw

· It has a difficult interface and this is one of the negatives of thisfree drawing software for Windows.

· Another negative is the presence of bugs due to which it keeps crashing.

User comments/reviews:

1. SmoothDraw is a straightforward painting program, easy to use but with some surprising features.

2. The interface is basic, but reasonably simple.

3.SmoothDraw's simple interface means even total novices will be painting right away,


Part 2

2. Inkscape

Features and functions:

· Inkscape isfree drawing software for Windowswhich also supports several other advanced features like cloned ob_x_jects and alpha blending.

· This software for Windows supports many different color modes bitmap image tracing feature.

· It is a superb alternative to Illustrator for web and print design.

Pros of Inkscape

· One of the positives of thisfree drawing software for Windowsis that it mainly focuses primarily on SVG format.

· This software also comes with full support for variable width strokes and this too is strength.

· Inkscape is great for both beginners and professionals.

Cons of Inkscape

· One of the negatives of it is that it lags the computer and may hang it at times.

· You may need to do constant upgradation of the version for it to work without any glitches.

· It may not prove to be as effective as Corel or Illustrator.

User comments/reviews:

1. It does a great job as well. It tends to get a bit sluggish when it gets too congested with vectors.

2.Inkscape is definitely easy-to-use, bridging the gap between graphics in the major word processing apps and those high-dollar apps.

3. I would recommend Inkscape to anyone who had even the most basic understanding of graphics creation.


Part 3

3. Serif drawplus starter edition

Features and functions

· This is a wonderfulfree drawing software for Windowswhich also enables graphic designers to do designing

· The software works readily in CMYK and makes it easy for you to quickly output print ready graphic work.

· It is software which has been designed in a very intuitive way and some tools it offers are 3D functionality, brushes, pre-defined templates and others.

Pros of Serif

· The best thing about thisfree drawing software for Windowsis that it lets you build your photo editing skills besides drawing abilities.

· It works well for both beginners and advanced level artists.

· It offers both authentic painting techniques and animations.

Cons of Serif

· Its interface may prove cumbersome at times and this is a big negative.

· Another negative point about this software is that it doesn’t indicate or display the disabled features correctly.

· There are no keyboard shortcuts provided for the tools palette and this too is a drawback.

User comments/reviews:

1. Why pay a fortune for an excellent drawing program when you can get an equally excellent one for a fraction of the price.

2. I'd give it a star rating if it existed of 10 out of 5.

3. With the drop down tutorial, it was easy to begin projects right away.


Part 4

4. SVG Edit

Features and functions:

· SVG Edit is popularfree drawing software for Windowswhich stands for Scalable vector graphics-Edit.

· Thisfree drawing software for Windowsallows you to create and edit your documents and also modify their coding.

· SVG Edit has an intuitive interface, is easy to use with a clean design.

Pros of SVG Edit

· Users do not need server side processing, thanks to the inbuilt ja_x_vasc_x_ript and HTML5.

· It works across multiple platforms and operating systems and this too is a big positive.

· It is both an artistic tool and graphic designing platform.

Cons of SVG edit

· It offers only a limited scope and features and this can be considered as a drawback.

· Everything that it offers is basic and hence doesn’t satisfy professional artists and graphic designers which again is a negative

User comments/reviews:

1. Sketsa SVG Editor has a steeper learning curve than other drawing software applications.

2. Sketsa SVG Editor is basicsketching softwareand has far fewer tools and features than some competing product

3. If you are new to drawing software, you should keep the complexity of this program in mind.


Part 5

5. CorelDraw graphics Suite

Features and functions

· This is lightweight and attractivefree drawing software for Windowswhich also supports graphic designing.

· Some of the tools that it supports include Corel photo paint, Corel power trace and Corel capture.

· This program is very well documented and has an intuitive interface design.

Pros of CorelDraw

· This is extremely cleanfree drawing software for Windowswith a great selection.

· It is a powerful photo editor and offers a click screen capturing tool too.

· It is liked equally by artists, graphics designers and photographers.

Cons of CorelDraw

· This program is a little hard for beginners due to so many confusing features and complex interface.

· It doesn’t offer enough integration between different apps and this is also a drawback.

User comments/reviews:

1. CorelDraw has a slightly more streamlined look, now that the ob_x_ject docker has been cleaned up to group tools together when appropriate

2. it’s absolutely a nice and beautifier application which makes designing accurate

3. Aside from the added support for 64-bit and multi-core machines Corel has added a number of new tools for designers.


Part 6


Features and functions:

· GIMP is beautiful free drawing software for Windows which is loaded with features and has a good interface.

· It is an open source platform which works on several interfaces including Mac, Linux and others.

· This is mainly a powerful image manipulation program that is widely used for photo drawing, image composition retouching, and graphic designing.

Pros of Gimp

· The best thing about it is that it is easy to use for both beginners and professionals.

· The program brings a gamut of la_x_yers and features which enable users to try out many things with it.

· Another impressive thing about it is that that it offers a number of plug-ins and sc_x_ripts.

Cons of Gimp

· Gimp’s feature development is very slow since it is community developed.

· Some of the editions of this free drawing software for Windows can be a little buggy.

· It doesn’t offer any 16 bit per channel color support.

User comments/ reviews:

1. Gimp is a freakish breed of software because it pretty muchmeets Photoshop standards in most areas, and it’s completely free.

2. Gimp is more than capable for mostpeople, includingprofessionals, but if you’re looking for that advantage, Photoshop has it.

3. Gimpis the best option on the market, and if you think Gimp sounds good, you might be interested in itsprofessional counterpart.


Part 7

7. Google SketchUp

Features and functions

· Google SketchUp is another topfree drawing software for Windowswhich provides the easiest way to draw in 3D.

· It lets you to design anything in your imagination and bring it out in 3D.

· Some tools it brings to you include draw, stretch, crop up, rotate and paint

Pros of Google SketchUp

· One of the positive points of thisfree drawing software for Windowsis that it offers many extensions through which it can be customized.

· You can easily view any design you make on it in 3D to test its practicality.

· Some advanced features of this make it better than other paid drawing softwares.

Cons of Google SketchUp

· It exports 3D models for Google Earth and this can prove to be a big limitation.

· It can be tough to fine-tune the modeling when working on it.

· 2D rendered models lack realism and this is a drawback.

User comments/ reviews:

1. Google SketchUp is a great tool for beginners or anyone looking for a simple way to make simple 3D ob_x_ject

2. What SketchUp lacks in sophistication, it more than makes up for with ease of use

3. Do not expect Google SketchUp to compete with professional products likeAutodesk Maya.


Part 8

8. My Paint

Features and functions

· My Paint is afree drawing software for Windowswhich allows you to paint, draw and color.

· This program has many la_x_yering options and is suitable for both beginners and artists.

· It has an unlimited size canvas.

Pros and My Paint

· It offers a gamut of tools and features for sufficient level of customization.

· This program also lets you record and playback your drawing videos.

· It also has an image editing studio

Cons of My Paint

· For beginners or children, it may prove to be a bit complex.

· It can take time for one to get used to it.

User comments/reviews:

1. MyPaint can be a bit overwhelming to begin with as it has a lot of features though the fine tutorials present on the website help in quickly understanding everything.

2. MyPaint is an excellent art program which helps you improve your inner talents at drawing and graphic designing.

3. its wonderful collection of brushes being a real stand-out.


Part 9

9. Artweaver

Features and functions

· This is afree drawing software for Windowsthat provides both painting and drawing tools.

· It is the perfect platform to let your creativity flow, thanks to the many tools it offers.

· This software offers many brushes including chalk, charcoal, pastels, felt pens and other.

Pros of Artweaver:

· It offers a wide selection of brushes and this is its best quality.

· Another positive of thisfree drawing software for Windowsis that it has plug-in support.

· Artweaver has many la_x_yers and transparency as well.

Cons of Artweaver:

· It doesn’t offer many tools for photo editing and this can be a drawback.

· It may not be great for professionals and this too is a negative.

User reviews/comments:

1. If you are an artist, download it

2. It opens easier that the big programs and it comes at a great price.

3. A great Paint and Photo Program, perfect free Paint Program.


Part 10

10. Krita

Features and functions

· This is afree drawing software for Windowswhich also works for painting and illustrations.

· This software has a cool workspace and is loaded with many drawing tools.

· It offers many well drafted tutorials for ease of use.

Pros of Krita

· The best thing about it is that it offers many good tools which are convenient to use.

· Krita works on many operating systems and can be used for drawings and editing pictures.

Cons of Krita

· It has a very steep learning curve and this is one of the negatives.

· It may prove complicated to some.

User comments/reviews:

1.Although at its current state, Krita is a quite powerful editing tool,

2. It seems to be more suitable for manipulating images, rather than for creating them.

3. Krita's development seems to be heading in the right direction so we shouldn't be surprised if most of the Photoshop users will switch to a better, yet free alternative - Krita.


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In the case of CorelDRAW, I think you may have confused "free download" (meaning a trial version of paid commercial software) with free drawing program.
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