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Are you into script writing and the media world? As a simple word processor is unable to fulfill your requirements and so the screen writing software is of great help. This software allows an error free script writing and also helps you to concentrate only on writing rather than on formatting. The market is full of such paid software, but it is really difficult for the struggling writers to invest in such expensive ones. To take away your woes, below given is a list of few free screenwriting software Mac along with some low cost software.

Part 1

1 –Montage

Features and Functions:

· Thisfreescreenwriting software Macorganize all components of your story and helps you to frame out your movie ideas.

· It is an exclusive software that helps to manage, create and edit screenplays on Mac.

· It is an amalgamation of simple user interface and powerful intuitive features.


·It is a great guide to both the first time screenwriter as well as the seasoned one.

·It is user friendly and you hardly need any previous experience to use it.

·The Free service makes it a great option for the struggling and aspiring writers.

·Assists in importing and exporting final draft document.

·Has a powerful interface.

· There is no option for timeline view.

· Tracking the changes in your script is not possible.

· Do not offer an option of full screen or split screen.

The User Review/Comment:

1.“The main advantage I see of using Montage over other software packages I’ve looked at is its simplicity and ease of use, focused on the writer. It opens quickly, has an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn interface, and at the same time has nearly all the features you’d actually need or use from more complicated and expensive programs.”

2. “Puts Final Draft to shame. “Sure Final Draft is the _industry standard_ but why spend hundreds when Montage does the trick? I can export my work to Final Draft in the end anyway.”


Part 2

2 – Adobe Story

Features and Functions:

·Thisfree screenwriting software Maccan be easily accessed if you havei-tunes account.

·It assists you to write screenplays quickly.

·As it is a part of Abode Creative Cloud, it helps to run the production completely from planning to post-production.


· It is free for i-tunes account holder.

· You can access your scripts on your i-phone.

· You can get the notification for the changes that are made in your shared script.


· Only free and beneficial for the i-tune account holder.

· The features offered are not so advanced.

· Importing is not perfect.

User Review/Comment:

1.“Keep your eye on Adobe Story as it matures into a polished application and is integrated with the Adobe Production bundle.”


Part 3

3 – Storyist

Features and Functions:

This screenwriting software Mac manages all the pieces of your story.

It also allows to format the manuscript and screenplays.

It allows you to connect in between sections so that the plot is well tied up and also helps to add specific elements.


· Offers you a storyboard that can be used to get a complete different perspective of your script.

· It handles every piece of the story.

· Even customization of your manuscript is allowed.


It is a developing software.

It does not have enough templates.

The trial version is only free.

User Review/Comment:

1. “I've written three novels for Putnam's, each using the Mac version of Storyist. I'm currently traveling in Europe and am just now putting the finishing touches on the book that will be published in September. I'm using the Storyist app for my iPad Mini and it's sensational... a real godsend.”

2. “Storyist, for me, was more fun to use than any of the other novel/screenplay creation tools. ... Because of that intangible feeling of using a thoughtful, finely crafted tool, the scope of the features, and the (available) printed manual, I'm rating Storyist one notch above all the rest.”

3. "Storyist is a combination powerful word processor and outlining program that features the kind of intuitive, easy-to-use interface that has made Apple a favorite among creative people. But more important, it's remarkable in its functionality for real-world writing."


Part 4

4 – Slugline

Features and Functions:

·Slugline software works with the motto of “simply screenwriting”

·It automatically formats your words based on the Hollywood standards.

·The actual words that are typed are saved in plain text through Fountain markdown language.


· It is focused on the written word and so helps you to concentrate on writing and present a submission quality screenplay.

· It has the things that every writer needs: integrated outlining, full-screen mode and pervasive sense of calm.

· You hardly need to navigate through menus but still the software does everything from changing the format to adding new section in your outline.


· The trial version is only free.

· Lacks various production features.

· The interface is just a blank page with a cursor blinking.

User Review/Comment:

1. “Slugline is exactly what I want in a screenwriting app: simple enough to let me focus on the words, smart enough to know where those words should go.”

2. “..the ideal writing app for screenwriters. You'd be crazy not to get it.”

3. “I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Slugline! I have never had such an easy time writing (and on-the-fly rewriting) a script.”

4. “Slugline wins the battle of affordable Mac-based screenwriting software vs. these two titans of the industry.”

Part 5

5 – Contour

Features and Functions:

·Thisscreenwriting software Macis a story development system which streamlines the system of developing initial movie ideas to a full outline.

·It assists you to write a script and never leaves you in a doubt as it guide you through the steps.

·It uses fill-in-the –blanks and intuitive approach and shows what exactly is needed to write a script.


· It has an acute understanding of the story structure.

· It is lightweight but has all the features to handle the writing of the screenplay.

· It helps you to know the technique of using same character-based structure used in blockbuster movies.


· The trial version is only free for 30 days.

· The boxed and downloaded edition for Mac comes at $39.95.

User Review/Comment:

1. “an acute understanding of the kind of story structure that makes for successful movies. By analyzing blockbusters he extrapolates a story construction model that is surprisingly simple and universally applicable. And, best of all, it works.”

2. “Contour is a good aid in developing the stories for my scripts. Love it!…”

3. “Contour helps remove the clutter and makes what is important come into sharp focus. It is an invaluable tool in making you make your characters and their journey live in the film and take the audience with them on their journey.”

4. “Fantastic app for story ideas. I started off by using Contour on my iPhone. It was a good test to see if I wanted to expand it to my laptop. Contour really helps you break down your story ideas and organize them into a solid executive summary. I am writing a novel and the structure Contour provides helps me push new ideas to paper quickly.”


Part 6

6 –Movie Outline

Features and Functions:

·It is tailored only for screenwriting as it helps you to concentrate on writing.

·It easily handles the formatting through handy keyboard shortcuts and auto complete.

·It automatically paginates your writeup to industry standard.


· It guesses the name of the characters as you go typing dialogues and also suggest a scene transition and heading.

· It helps to plan your story and rewrite it.

· It is user friendly and suits the novice as well as professional ones.


· Thescreenwriting software Macis free, but many features are disabled in the free version.

· The upgraded version is on the expensive side.

User Review/Comment:

1."As a previous dyed-in-the-wool lover of Final Draft, you need to know, I LOVE Movie Outline and will never go back! I have tried every software application imaginable in quest of "the perfect way to write a movie" and when I put Movie Outline on my Mac I came to the end of the rainbow. I have never written so fast, so intuitively or felt in such complete control of the dynamic flow of ideas."

2. "The name doesn't do this program justice! This is the most complete package I've seen for the screenwriter in one application from outline to final draft, including character development tools, color- coded step cards, and my favorite, the FeelFactor tool. I recommend this program to all scribes from novice to professional."


Part 7

7. Celtx

Features and Functions:

·This free screenwriting software Mac is the most tailored and lightweight screen app to give you the maximum writing pleasure.

·It is full of scriptwriting feature and also has media rich production support.

·.The editing tools are very strong.


· It helps to create all kinds of media.

· It is a free alternative to FinalDraft.

· It breaks down your script according to the need.


· The online collaboration features that the software promises are not very clear.

· It is supported by too much ads.

· Sometimes gets slow.

User Review/Comment:

1.“This program I find is mostly free with a lot of freedom in that area to do a lot that one might feel that the add-ons or expansions feel more like donations than actually paying. This program is easy to get into and start using right away.”

2.“A friend and I are using this program for writing the script and stuff for the movie that we are making. I also know at least one other friend that has been using it for quite some time to make movie scripts. It works very well.”

3. Celtx could easily be a very popular software with just a few things:Increase the novel functionality to be on par with that in Scrivener. Celtx's character templates are WAY better than Scrivener's and there are other things I liked more in Celtx (can't remember them now).”


Part 8

8. scriptBuddy

Features and Functions:

·script Buddy is web based screen writing software.

·You need not install any software, but just need internet.

·It uses all the industry standard formatting rules for screenplay.


· Provides proper page break placement along with margins and indentations.

· Helps to publish your script online to have a review.

· In this software, you get a script coverage for free.


· You need internet to use it.

· Though it is notfreescreenwriting software Macbut comes at a minimal charge.

· Password facility creates problem at times.

User Review/Comment:

1 "And once I started writing this script in scriptBuddy and saw the difference between writing a novel and a script, I was just like wow, this is what I was meant to do. There's not a doubt in my mind. I've never felt so contented doing something in my life than when I'm in front of that computer writing a script."


Part 9

9. Storytouch

Features and Functions:

·Thisfreescreenwriting software Mactakes away the chaos of a screen writer’s mind and organizes the ideas.

·It is a complete software for dramatic creation.

·It balances the occurrences of characters with ease.


·Outstanding software at zero cost.

·You can easily track the evolution of your characters.

·You can view all the items together on the same screen which helps to understand the structural connections.


·It is almost a perfect software but sometimes is not 100 % perfect in formatting.

·It is unstable at times when in use.

User Review/Comment:

1. “Story Touch gives screenwriters a clear notion of the excess fat, or level of sugar, salt or hormones in their story.

Being able to graphically visualize the complete script on one page will certainly reveal many aspects up to then hidden to the author.”


Part 10

10. Highland

Features and Functions:

·Highland is perfect screenwriting software for everyone.

·Highland makes the formatting very easy and painless.

·IT comes with a courier print font which makes your screenplay beautiful.


· It creates perfectly formatted PDFs from FDX files and Fountain.

· It melt screenplay PDF making it editable again.

· It offers a distraction free screenwriting.


· It cannot process certain kinds of font.

· It cannot import starred revisions and A/B pages.

· Many advanced options are missing in this software.

User Review/Comment:

1. “Certainly for those in the film industry, this app is more than worth its price.”

2. “Highland is a minimalist, wonderful screenplay tool.”


Free Screenwriting Software Mac

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