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Top 10 Top Free Music Software for Mac

Music software makes your journey of handling various issues regarding music a cake walk. It helps you to create, edit, learn, broadcast and even research on music. It is an internal program of the computer that supports any musical production. These musical software’s are good option for those who are not very well versed with the musical instruments but are creative in other ways and helps to bloom your creativity. You can find various types of music software for various purposes like composing, performing, learning and so on and these are supported by various operating system platforms. Below given is a list of top 10 free music software for Mac that can assist you to show your creativity through music.

Part 1

1) Mix Pad

Features and Functions

1. This free music software for Mac offers you all the studio features that to without the clutter.

2. It helps to mix multiple audio tracks within a jiffy.

3. If you are interested to record the audio tracks of your own, the MixPad also offers you a good quality audio recorder.

4. It is the digital replacement to a physical studio mixing and gives you the opportunity to create original music, soundtracks, mashups and much more.

5. It supports many formats like mp3, gsm, vox, real audio and much more.


1. With the help of Mix pad software, you can mix unlimited audio, voice track and music.

2. The software has the ability to save the mixes at studio quality wav files and even compressed formats for you to share.

3. You can add audio effects which include reverb, EQ and others.

4. It has intuitive and simple graphical interface.

5. It has very low latency.


1. It takes time to download the software.

2. The simply drag and drop the audio mix option poses difficulty for the users.

3. The sharing option has its own limitation as it does not work at times.


Review 1: “awesome easy to use!!!!Ican quickly play some riffs save them and come back and add more at a later date.”

Review 2: “I was very pleased with all of the features of the Mixpad Audio Mixer. It's an easy way to orchestrate multiple tracks.”

Review 3: “I highly recommend this to anyone starting out in music production looking for an alternative to some of the high end (with high prices) products available. The only thing that can stop you from creating a top notch project with mixpad is your own musical ability!”


Part 2

2) WavePad

Features and functions

1. Thisfree music software for Macis a balance between simple and complicated audio auditor.

2. With all the features of editing and recording, it also allows you to add various effects like echo, noise reduction and amplification.

3. It has the option of editing a wide range of formats that includes Wav, VOX, WMA, FLAC, etc.

4. It has an integrated CD ripper in order to save your creations.


1. This software allows you to give robotic effect to your voice.

2. The interface is clearly laid and is really easy to use.

3. You have the facility to use tabs to flip from edit to edit along with handy magnification tools for fade-in and fade –out.

Many of the features you'd want from the program are locked away in other programs that the app suggests you download.


1. It lacks a wide variety and range of effects.

2. Many features that you might require to use are locked in other programs and it suggest you to download them.

3. Some hang-ups and issues make it annoying at times.


Review 1. "Very quick and easy to use"

Review 2: “lots of potential if you get a chance to use it"

Review 3: “If this program were truly free as advertized I would use it consistently and probably upgrade to a paid version. however since the program stopped functoning as a free program in the middle of my project.”


Part 3

3) TuxGuitar

Features and functions:

1. Thisfree music software for Macis a complete featured composition tool for all .

2. You can compose on the tablature along with virtual guitar fretboard and piano keyboard.

3. You can compose songs using various instruments included in the software.

4. It can easily open GuitarPro and TablEdit files.


1. It is a native package with Excelsior JET.

2. It has a very attractive interface with wide range of features.

3. You get everything without paying a dine.

4. Many instruments are included for your use.


1. For the people who are just a novice in the area may find it overwhelming.

2. Some simpler way of loading the instrument may improve the sound quality.

3. It is confusing in the first impression.

User reviews:

Review 1. “Great program for Guitar. There should be some simpler way to load instruments via soundfonds, since this improves the sound a lot.”

Review2: “Get it NOW if you are a guitarist & VITAL for a teacher of the guitar."


Part 4

4) TunePrompter

Features and functions

1.TunePrompter is a free music software for Macthat makes Karaoke videos easy and absolute cinch.

2.It is designed for use with Griffin technologies.

3. TunePrompter, assists you to export your created music as well as videos to ipod, iphone and others and the burn the results to disc.


1. It automatically searches for lyrics.

2. It supports Mp3 and can easily export to QuickTime.

3. It is user friendly.


1. You need your karaoke tracks to load into TunePrompter

2. The installation of this software can sometimes bring virus to your device.

3. Creating videos is not that easy.

User reviews:

Review1: “a very simple way to make a CD & G and burn it. however, program crashing a lot and wrote to the creator and he said it was out of date software is the reason for crashes. I like it for it's simplicity though. I have to test the discs on a karaoke pla_x_yer, might have to get kjams.”

Review 2: “I initially had problems but my Quicktime version wasn't up to date, after updating that it had no problems. Wasn't able to figure out how to remove the vocals as the notes say but I wasn't really expecting it to.”

Review 3: “"Works Great!"


Part 5

5) NanoStudio

Features and functions:

1. Thisfree music software for Mac,helps to convert your Mac into a music studio by helping you to make electronic music that includes samples, effects and sequencer.

2. It helps you to create unique melodies of your own and then add effects like delay, feedback and reverb.

3. It also helps you to learn how to compose the melody tracks and also the structure.


1. This software can easily create impressive compositions.

2. It has aslick designed interface.

3. It can import compositions from iphone.


1. This software is not a fully fledged professional music studio.

2. It does not provide a full screen mode.

3. Not useful for the highly professional ones.

User comments/reviews:

Review 1: “"really good studio workstation"

Review 2: “Awesome mini music studio!"

Review 3: “Haven't used for sampling as yet. Doesn't look very difficult though.

Makes great drum tracks as demoed.”


Part 6

6) MacMetronome

Features and functions

1. MacMetronome is afree music software for Macwhichuses only one key to facilitate the various operations.

2. It allows you to select variety of sounds like hi-hat, rim-shot, etc .

3. It goes upto 240 beats per minute.


1. It allows you to select a variety of instrument.

2. It is user friendly.

3. It saves your favourite settings for reloading.

4. A unique accelerator allows you to reach any tempo from the lowest to the highest.


1. The interface is very poor.

2. It does not allow you to choose preferences.

3. It does not respond to any quit request during restart or from the Dock.

User comments

Review 1: “"Works for simple needs"

Review 2: “Works fine, except for the Quit bug.”

Review 3: “ I am trying to set the tempo for existing audio works, like mp3 or midi files, so that when I import them for transc_x_ription, I have an accurate ba_x_seline for tempo (which makes note recognition more accurate. It is VERY difficult to try and match the tempo by moving the beats per minute up and down manually via a mouse click while listening to a recording... also not accurate enough.”


Part 7

7) Garage Band

Features and functions:

1. Thisfree music software for Macmakes home recording possible for everyone.

2. The presets to create podcasts helps you to create a virtual professional radio broadcast and that too with many filters and fade effects.

3. It allows the user to use it instantly and also without any prior knowledge of audio recording.


1. You really do not need prior experience to use this software as it as music and virtual tutor lessons.

2. It balances between usability and power.

3. It offers two important tools in the sequencer: Flex Time and Groove Matching.


1. This software does not replace a full- blown editing suite and audio recording.

2. The overdrive emulators need to be improved.

3. You need to go to the app store to download the software.

User comments:

Review 1: "My sons love it." The ease of use is stunning. I'm no musician, but with the help of my kids I managed to create a song!

Review 2: “it won't let me download all it said visit site and takes you to it said free when it takes me to apple its 4.99$ 5 bucks and apple won't let me download i have microsoft i went to the microsoft appstore they had it but you had to pay i frogot how much it was.”


Part 8

8) i-Drum

Features and functions

1. iDrum is afree music software for Macthat surely converts your Mac into a virtual powerful drum machine.

2. You can build patterns with this software using the kit that is included or with your own samples.

3. It comes with dope drum samples that are arranged in iDrum files.


1. It is incorporated with a lightning fast step sequencer.

2. It is good for both the newcomer and the professionals.

3. The several preset patterns are programmed by the best professionals.


1. This software has some problems while downloading.

2. The interface is not so attractive.

3. The trial version is only free.

User comments:

Review 1: “I loved the iTrial because iDrummed (SORRY! couldn't resist). Seriously though it is really user friendly, polished and intuitive and I got a real buzz from using it.
However! despite my good rating for each individual aspect of the program I won't be buying it because I can't download it.

Review 2: iDrum is a great addition to any Mac OS X ba_x_sed music studio. It is simple and fun to use and the price can't be beat for what you get. Glaresoft makes it easy to try out iDrum by providing a full functional 30 day demo version which you can download.


Part 9

9) Finale

Features and functions

1. Thisfree music software for Macis a tool for the professionals.

2. It has hundred of features that allow you to compose music at a very less time.

3. It helps in the extensive documentation.

4. It helps to create, audition, edit and print.


1. This software gives you highly professional result for your composition.

2. The latest version is very much user friendly compared to the previous ones.

3. It helps the band to teach, a choir to sing and much more.


1. This software is quite overwhelming for the beginners.

2. IT has a steep learning curve.

3. It has a crowded interface that makes it intimidating at first impression.

User comments/reviews:

Review 1: “MakeMusic’s Finale is the one constant in a rapidly changing notation software market, and the 2014 version is better than ever.”

Review 2: “Finale 2014 [is] a major overhaul of the popular package that not only adds a host of impressive features, but also contains a complete reworking of the product’s underlying architecture, ensuring that Finale will continue to be a viable and productive tool for many years to come.”


Part 10

10) MuseScore

Features and functions:

1.Freemusic software for Macis MuseScore that allows you to compose from scratch or any of the score templates.

2. It showcases many musical elements like clefs, notes, keys, time and more.

3. You just need to drag and drop the musical elements on the interface and it automatically gets added to your composition.


1. It is able to work with different formats like PDF and MID.

2. You also have the plugs-ins that adds on to the functionality of MuseScore.

3. It is ideal for the amateur composer as it is a free app.

4. It offers built-in pla_x_yer.


1. The software lacks the advanced options as well as tools for the professionals.

2. It promises to translate in many languages, but fails to do so at times.

User comments:

Reviews 1: “MuseScore is powerful free music notation editor that provides most of what the paid programs offer.”

Reviews 2: “As far as the MuseScore software is concerned ... I compose and arrange music ... and it does everything I need! Highly recommended.


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