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Top 10 Free 3d modeling software for Mac

3d modeling is a term used in computer graphics for modeling of 3 dimensional ob_x_jects whether living or non living. In 3d modeling, mathematical proportions are generated for a 3 dimensional ob_x_ject. This can be done using computer software generally known as 3d modeling software. These softwares are available nowadays in abundance because 3D modeling is much in use in today’s world. There are 3d modeling softwares for all the operating systems paid or free, but here we will be discussing some features of the best free 3d modeling software for Mac.

Part 1

1) Cinema 4D

Features and functions

· This is one of thefree 3d modeling software for Macwhich is extensively used to generate 3D animations and pictures which are high-end.

· With the help of various modules present in this software, you can use create various animations according to your needs and requirements of the design.

· Very high-end software which gives you professional results and is helpful in creating architecture designs, making films, advertising and scientific purposes.


· The modules used for designing are customizable according to the animation needs.

· Best suited for professionals for generating expertise work.

· The processing of thisfree 3d modeling software for Macis very fast and also very powerful.


· It is not at all meant for beginners in 3d modeling.

· Some modules are paid and need to be purchased in order to be used.

· Thefree 3d modeling software for Machas complex processing and therefore requires many resources and hence is resource heavy.

User reviews:

1. Great render speed on this one. You can replace the demo's render engine files with previous version's render engine files to get the new speed in the old version, I just did the hack and tested successfully. -

2. Good, solid product. -

3. Turning into a great 3D app. -

Part 2

2) Autodesk Maya:

Features and functions:

· This is yet anotherfree 3d modeling software for Macwhich is known for its powerful packaging and provides a bundle full of effects and various ob_x_jects to make your projects just out of this world.

· Autodesk Maya follows the open architecture wherein you can sc_x_ript your work using two sc_x_ripting languages provided to you namely: Python and Maya em_x_bedded language (MEL)

· Contains extensive and professional tools for animations, rendering, modeling, simulation, compositing and matchmoving using which one can design professional animations and designs.


· Includes python as an open sc_x_ripting language which is an added benefit.

· Thisfree 3d modeling software for Macis a package which meets the industry standards.

· Many video tutorials are available to learn the software.


· The installation process is very lengthy and tiring.

· Not very easy for beginners to start up their design. They need to practice a lot to be fluent with it.

· The startup of the software is very slow.

User reviews:

1. I am a full-time college student with a major in Game Design and Development, and I have taken six credits worth of classes on this program alone. -

2. It's great. -

  1. Really boring and time consuming. -


Part 3

3) Google Sketchup:

Features and functions

· An all time favorite for 3d modeling lovers, here comes another one of thefree 3d modeling software for Mac, Google Sketchup. It is a simple to use program which contains every tool for 3d modeling for beginners to experts.

· It uses the modeling tool to let’s suppose model an architecture of a building for living purpose. It contains many different tools with which your 3d conception easier than before.

· Other very effective features of thisfree 3d modeling software for Macare that of realism and updating using which you can view your designs like they will appear in real and then upload them or Google earth, geo tag with Google maps or send them to someone through the email.


· It keeps on guiding the user by giving tips and different hints every time you use a tool.

· Google sketchup can be downloaded by anyone absolutely free of cost with no hidden charges.

· Thisfree 3d modeling software for Machas a very realistic interface.


· Although very easy to learn, it can turn out to be a little tricky while adjusting any model.

· There is no 64 bit version available for the software.

· Does not contain many rendering tools.

User reviews:

1. Nice app - amazing it is free.

2. A product that engages creativity and productivity .

3. A simple intuitive CAD system mastered in a few hours.


Part 4

4) Live Interior 3D Pro:

Features and functions:

· Thisfree 3d modeling software for Macoffers you tools to design your interiors using the graphic elements of CAD.

· It consists of various design templates and ob_x_jects which are ready made which makes working on the software easy.

· Allows you to do interior designing for multi-storey projects with the liberty to set the thickness and ceiling height of every storey


· Toggling between 2D and 3D views is completely hassle free and the rendering time is completely negligible.

· Easy to learn and work with especially for the beginners.

· Availability of many presets makes the work easier for users as they do not have to spend time creating ob_x_jects.


· The interface is very much cluttered and it is difficult to find menu options in one go.

· Thisfree 3d modeling software for Macdoes not contain the slide bars i.e. horizontal and vertical and hence makes it difficult for the user to move across the design.

· The software does not appeal to professionals as it is very basic.

User comments/reviews:

  1. Quick and mostly intuitive good quality well featured.
  2. Best home design software I've used
  3. I have been waiting for this type of application for the Mac for years!


Part 5

5) Sweet Home 3D:

Features and functions

· This is another usefulfree 3d modeling software for Macwhich is mainly used for interior designing purposes.

· Apart from making 3d interior designs you can also take a virtual walk through your creation as if you are really inside the house.

· Availability of all kinds of furniture required in home is present in the software using which you can mix and match and change the design according to your taste.


· The main reason why thisfree 3d modeling software for Macis used is because it is very easy to use and operate. This proves a very good platform for the beginners.

· If by any chance the software crashes, the auto recovery option saves you from losing your work.

· It also allows you to work on rooms having round walls.


· Although it has many features but thisfree 3d modeling software for Macstill lacks in the quality of graphics it provides.

· The help menu does not contain much option for help and hence is limited

· The furniture presets need to be modified with trending items.

User comments/reviews:

1. cool tool for mac.

2. Could use a speed boost, but great.

3. Some Great Features, Easy to Learn... No wood floors?


Part 6

6) Sculptris:

Features and functions:

· Sculptris is afree 3d modeling software for Macwhich aims at being as much accessible as possible to all types of 3D artist.

· Features like dynamic tessellation help a user to design his model without worrying about the division of model surface into triangles and polygons so that the details are properly visible. This division is automatically done by the dynamic tessellation feature of this software.

· The GoZ feature of thisfree 3d modeling software for Machelps you to transfer your entire mesh to Zbrush.


· Sculptris is very light and hence does not slow down your computer.

· Easy to use even for beginners.

· Installation process is not required for thisfree 3d modeling software for Mac.


· The help menu is not enough for clearing the doubts.

· There is no proper standard of the interface of Sculptris.

· Did not meet the standards of Zbrush.

User comments/reviews:

1. Excellent free sculpting.

2. Create beautiful (or ugly, if you prefer) 3D sculptures.

3. Great and easy to use.


Part 7

7. Art of Illusion:

Features and functions

· Art of Illusion is a free 3d modeling software for Mac which contains modeling, rendering and animation tools for creating 3D ob_x_jects.

· Procedure ba_x_sed textures and designs can be designed with the help of graphical language available in this software.

· Provides animation tools ba_x_sed on skeleton and modeling tools ba_x_sed on subdivision surface.


· Tutorials are provided in a very good and understandable manner.

· The interface of the icon bar of this free 3d modeling software for Mac seems quite familiar to the user.

· Although it needs a little practice but still it is easy to learn.


· The timeline of this free 3d modeling software for Mac is not up to the mark.

· Editing fr_x_ame by fr_x_ame is not possible.

User comments/reviews:

1. Another disappointment. -

2. Three windows to view. -

3. Very good for a free 3D rendering studio... -

Part 8

8. Free CAD:

Features and functions

· Yet another basicfree 3d modeling software for Macwhich can be effectively used for motion simulation is Free CAD.

· It is ba_x_sed on a modular architecture which helps you add functionalities by adding plug-ins to the core application.

· Transformation of 3D models into 2D view is possible using the drawing sheets module.


· Is light weight and takes up less memory.

· Thefree 3d modeling software for Macis quite easy to use as well as install.

· Being light weighted, it does not crash or hangs the computer.


· Confusing and mixed up interface.

· Less plug-ins available for thisfree 3d modeling software for Mac.

· The software consists of drawing limitations and hence dxf files need to be imported from other drawing programs.

User comments/reviews:

1. Could not construct cube in seconds as with other CADs

2. OK for kinematics(4-bar mechanisms, etc), NG for dynamics

3. Was hard to use, advertisements in the program were annoying.


Part 9

9. Blender:

Features and functions:

· Blender is a very creative and high endfree 3D modeling software for Macand is used to create professional 3D designs, render and animate them.

· It comes with an extensive documentation and a support office in case you are stuck up somewhere in the middle.

· A feature called ray-trace rendering in Blender helps the user to create models which appear to be real with life like lighting and textures.


· Allows advanced 3D modeling.

· Completely free of cost.

· Best software for professionals in 3d modeling.


· Sound support for Intel Mac is missing.

· As this free 3d modeling software for Mac is highly complex, it cannot be used by the beginners.

· Pre requisite knowledge required to use this software.

User comments/reviews:

1. Probably the best 3D modeler and animator, free or non-free :) Highly recommended. -

2. Blender is great! I've only taken one high school course on animation and modeling before a few years ago so I had to reteach myself everything. -

3. In case someone is looking to get into 3D-Modelling, Animation, Assett Creation, Rigging or generally anything to do with 3D this is probably the BEST FREE piece of software one can get. -


Part 10

10. Truespace:

Features and functions:

· Truespacefree 3d modeling software forMacis mainly designed to serve the needs of designers, animators, game creator and other such professionals.

· Manipulation is done real time using the 3D controls.

· For making 2D drawings it contains the draw panel and the Tri Panel.


· Apart from being afree 3d modeling software for Mac, truespace is also very powerful.

· Rendering in this software is very decent.

· The interface is very neat.


· There is no user manual present using which one can learn the usage of tools.

· Updation required as it has long been not updated.

· Takes time in performing some action or processing a model.

User comments/reviews:

1. Not as good as previous versions

2. It could be a great way to create animation however i just cannot figure it out. I guess its not for a new user.

3. Great 3D Design package


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