Best Father's Say Songs List in 2012

Happy Father's Day to all fathers and those who are like fathers. To honor that special man in your life, here is the best father's day songs about Fathers and in honor of Dads. I love all kinds of music , so I put together a little list of best fathers day songs.

Best Father's Day Songs List in 2012

Here are some Top Recommended Songs for Fathers Day. They are about Dads singing for their children, or fathers becoming fathers, or sons and daughters missing their Dads, or things like a son wished he had said to his father before it was too late. I hope these songs can be helpful when you select songs for your fathers day activities.

Top Father's Day Songs :

1.Father and Son - Cat Stevens

The song, whose music is soft with a lilting dynamicism, talks about an exchange between a father who doesn't understand a son's desire to break away and then shape a new life, and the son who can't really express himself but knows it's time for him to seek his own destiny. In order to echo this, Stevens sings in a deeper register for the father's lines, while in a higher and more emotive one for those of the son.

2.Father and Daughter - Paul Simon

3.Dance With My Father - Luther Vandross

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4.Can You Feel the Love Tonight- written by Elton John

5.Papa Can You Hear Me - Barbra Streisand

6.Just The Two Of Us - Will Smith

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7.Seein' My Father In Me - Paul Overstreet

8.Fathers' Day - Lady Clown

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List of Fathers Day Songs

Happy Happy Father's Day


Thank You Dad

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Hugs for Daddy

My Daddy Helps Me

My Special Friend

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I Love Father

Fathers Day

Oh My Daddy

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He loves me and I love him too

Wanna surprise Dad in an unexpected way?

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