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How to Get Paid Apps for Free on iOS

Apple app store is one of the largest and most popular app stores in the world and has millions of apps for users to download. One reason why people love Apple devices is because of its amazing app store. This app store has both paid and free apps but everyone loves free apps, isn’t it? Well but more often than not, most of the apps that we love and wish to download are available not for free but for a certain price which might make us reluctant to consider downloading them. But thankfully there are some hacks and ways through which anyone can get the paid apps for free on the iOS app store. Ofcourse one of the ways to do so is by jail breaking the phone. But doing so can void the warranty and who wants that? So well we bring to you some of the best ways to get paid apps for free on iOS and that too without jail breaking the phone. Here they go:

Part 1: Downloading cracked apps

Cracked apps are basically a way to approach free paid apps without jail breaking. Rather than hacking the iOS, cracked apps tend to hack the apps and make them available for users to download for free of cost. One can find cracked apps from many kinds of sources and not just jailbreak oriented Cydia. There are many websites like iPhonecake and which collect such apps and make them available for you. But at the same time, there are some disadvantages to cracked apps such as when you start using them to get free apps; you won’t be able to get them on the app store. Also, this method may not be considered safe and legal in some countries. Also, it may be difficult to find cracked apps if you haven’t got your iPhone jail broken.

Part 2: Using a general third party app store

Another brilliant way to download paid apps for free on iOS is by using third party app stores. What third party app stores do is that they duplicate or collect free apps so that the users can download them in any number they want. They specialize in those kinds of apps which do not require jail breaking. Some popular third party apps that can help you do this task are Tongbu and Kuaiyong.

Again, this method too can have some disadvantages. While it is true that they offer paid apps for free in bulk but the quality can be a little mixed. There is little guarantee that the app that you are downloading will work at all or not. In some cases, they can contain some malware.

Part 3: Finding the deals

Another brilliant way to get paid apps for free of cost on your Apple based devices is by finding deals. Finding the right deals can be a superb and safe way to download some of your favourite iOS apps for absolutely free of cost. It is true that the discounts or deals may be time bound but it can still be a golden way. It can sound tough to find such deals but many online tools can make this task easier. Some of them have been given as follows:

· Free app aggregators-these aggregators are basically those kinds of websites which gather up all the current and latest app discounts and deals which you can utilize to download free apps which are otherwise paid on the app store. One of the most popular choices in this category is AppShopper. These platforms are great for those who are often on a lookout for app deals as they bring in many amazing promotions.

· Company app deal sites-these sites work a little differently than aggregators and rather than collecting app deals and promotions, what they do is that they offer one free app every day. This free app is otherwise available as a paid one on the iOS app store. One of the best examples of such an app deal site is Appoday. So what users can do is that they can check these sites daily and download and collect apps that they would like to use on their Apple phone or tablet. These sites also show a countdown to display the time which is left to download the app for free.

· Customer programs-these days, a lot of customer programs too are available for users to access and download paid iOS apps for absolutely free of cost. What these programs do is that they let you get discounts on apps through customer or consumer points and through other kinds of means like discounts. For example, Starbucks offers a free pick of the week for people who use its app to pay for their coffee.

· Price drop promotions-there are some apps and developers who are constantly trying to find visibility and in this pursuit, they keep going for price drop promotions. There are many apps or websites which offer their apps for reduced prices and even for free for certain durations of time. These promotions can be utilized through apps like AppZapp which is a well designed platform that offers details of all those apps which are on sale or reduced prices. Through such a platform, you can easily filter the lists to show only those kinds of apps which you are interested in. You can also choose to see only those apps which are completely free of cost. Another such platform is App shopper which lets you find apps that have been reduced in price. Here you can also see whats new on iTunes store in a frequently updated list.

Such deals, offers and promotions are much safer to go for as compared to other methods as they are free of any malware. However, these deals may be limited in number and finding them may prove more a little tough.

Part 4: Using Apple’s free app of the day

One of the best, safest and most convenient way to get paid iOS apps for free is by utilizing the amazing functionality which Apple itself brings to you. This functionality is called ‘Apple’s free app of the day’. Every week, Apple chooses an app as its free app of the week. These apps are usually very popular and impressive paid apps which otherwise cost you a few dollars each. So this feature is an amazing way to get such apps without paying the amount for it. You can spot the free app of the week on the iTunes store home page. By utilizing this feature, you can slowly build a collection of good paid apps for which you had to pay nothing at all.

How to get paid apps for free on iOS

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