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Free WiFi Calling App For iOS

Wi-Fi calling is the cheapest way to connect with your friends and people around the world. Now, it has become a main method of communicating for many of you who are fortunate enough to enjoy the stable Wi-Fi signal or the hearty data plan. If you are interested to dip your toes inside the VoIP pond, you should have a look at these 10 nice Free WiFi calling apps for iOS.

Part 1: 1 –iVox (Comfi):


· The app is formerly known as Comfi and it is aFree WiFi calling app for iOSwhich lets you to make international calls to other iVox users using VoIP or local number for free.

· The user can call to any of the phone numbers in the world with cheap long distance and international calling rates.

· No sign up requirements and you can start instantly calling abroad.


· You can try iVoX and get started with 45 minutes of free talk time.

· The app automatically recognizes all your international contacts.

· The app provides excellent call quality and US based customer service.


· A little bit annoying in the calls.

· The call may get disconnects after every 15 minutes.

Reviews of iVoX:

·Awesome!-I've been using Comfi for several years now. Always great quality and price! Thanks!

· GREAT APP!!- App is so convenient and really great connection, highly recommend!


Part 2: 2 – Talkray:


· Talkray app is a fast, free messaging app andFree WiFi calling app for iOS. Where you can send pictures or message or make calls across the world over 3G or WiFi.

· The app integrates with your existing phonebook plus it supports sharing of emojis, multimedia, voice notes, location, page friends and many more.

· You can even alter and add effects to your photos before sharing.

· Uses data connection only-no voice minutes or SMS used for Talkray chats or calls.


· The user can call one or to a group of friends at once in HD quality.

· You can share your precious memories with friends and family while you talk to them about it.

· You can see who is speaking- where no more confusion about who is talking it may be in conference or group call.


· The Talkray have no hidden paid features like not storing of your chat and call history and no advertisements.

· Free international calls can be made, but both the parties need to install Talkray.

Reviews of Talkray:

· "Good app to use"

·Excellent appi love it .... good facilities


Part 3: 3 –Rebtel:


· Rebtel is a beautiful app which converts international calls to local calls and you can talk for cheap to over 100 countries.

· Keep talking- even without data, if your call breaks due to bad data connection, tap the keep talking button on the call screen and jump from WiFi to local phone call.

· Rebtel makes distance disappear by charging local rates to international calls that traditionally were very expensive.


· The app doesn’t require internet, but it supports WiFi calls too.

· Rebtel app isFree WiFi calling app for iOSand super fast and cheap international calls and SMS over 100 countries.

· No internet is required to access the local numbers.


· The Voice quality of the call is not so good.

· The consumption of data is more when compare to other VoIP apps.

· The biggest inconvenience – the user has to go to the app and dial the numbers.

Reviews of Rebtel:

· Great App its really helpful a lot
But one feed back i have is that along with unlimited India if Us is also included in the same package it would be great

·GreatNo need to buy phone cards anymore to make international calls. And I'm saving a lot of money too...


Part 4: 4 – Skype:


· The user can search for friends,groups, conversations or new contacts on Skype.

· You can make free video and voice calls with the help of Skype.

· Skype was the first service to give you totally free calling in network and then charge you nominal rates to call out.

· The app supports the large conference calls and free group video calls.


· The Skype app is aFree WiFi Calling app for iOS, which enables the user to send photos, record and send video messages to any location.

· The user can make low cost calls to mobiles and landline, if their friend is not on Skype.

· Instantly – you can reach your friends with free instant messaging.


· Sometimes messages are shown in the notification section.

· When you import your contacts from another account like Twitter, Facebook, it will add everyone, including people who are listed already in Skype account.

Reviews of Skype:

· Skypelets you send messages, and make voice and video calls with your friends. The interface is easy to understand so you can get up and running right away.

·SKYPEGreat! And for those of you who often travel, or have family members who do, no matter where in this big world of ours, if they can get online via computer or thru their phones, then with SKYPE it's like having them there while you talk to them! Pictures and sound clear and effective! Same with videos and movies! Love It!!


Part 5: 5 –Magic App by Magic Jack:


· With your iOS device- you can use magicapp to get unlimited calling to the US and Canada.

· You can make calls and send or receive texts over WiFi and 3G/4G/LTE.

· Turn on your WiFi only to talk and text.

· The app works well on your smartphone to give you free local calls and cheap international calls without any hassle or fuss and no subscriptions or accounts.


· The user will get special number when you use MagicApp and the app isFree WiFi calling app for iOS,where you can call to other Magic App users at free of cost.

· If the user has MagicJack device, you can use the number assigned to it for your mobile calls. And even you can get calls from your device at home when routed to your smartphone when the user is away.

· Life becomes easier with MagicApp- one phone, two numbers. And with the help of second line you can manage your business calls.


· It is very difficult to receive calls.

· There is a lag in time for text messages and calls.

Reviews of MagicApp by Magic Jack:

·Best voip calling appBest app ever allows you to make free unlimited calls over your wifi or cellular data unlike other apps where you gotta earn credits by downloading dumb apps but I can't add other people to the call add this feature please!!

· This app is great!
I have had the magic jack dongle for years and I have been very satisfied with it.
Now with this app I can tote my Kindle Fire Hd with me instead of my laptop to use
my internet phone.


Part 6: 6– Vtok:


· Vtok app isa Free WiFi calling app for iOSand it enables the users to make video calls to their Gtalk friends.

· Vtok app includes Google voice integration, which enables the users to make and receive calls to other phone numbers directly within the app.

· The Vtok users are able to send and receive text messages through the app’s Google Voice integration.

· Free unlimited phone calls and SMS messages using Google Voice.


· With the help of this app- you can make calls for your Gmail friends, whether they are on a mobile phone or on a PC.

· The app works perfectly because of its well designed.

· You can chat and still switch on the camera both back and front with the Vtok.


· There is no good way to get the same native of voice and video chat functionality on iOS devices.

· The quality of calls are dependent on the data transfer rate.

· Free phone calls and SMS are for US users and you must have a Google Voice account to use this service.

Reviews of Vtok:

· Great-I've been looking for this type of app for months and it iscompletely free. Love it

· Try it and you will be happy , you will always use it and love it . Thank you


Part 7: 7–Dingtone:


· The Dingtone app is super simple, fast and no annoying registration process, no username or password to remember.

· The app brings together free phone calls, free texting, sharing, Walkie Talkie and voicemail into one.

· Even you can instantly record a live voicemail from the dialing panel if no one answers your call.


· The app is aFree WiFi calling app for iOSusers, where they can make cheap or free international calls to any mobile or landline phone numbers for 200 countries at super low rates.

· The voice calls are transmitted on Dingtone’s high quality dedicated VoIP network.

· Free calls between Dingtone users have superior clarity to existing regular phone service.

· You can call or text your Facebook friends for free.

· Free group conference calls upto 8 people.


· The user can’t send photos to others.

· And you can’t dial #67 incase if you want to block your number of various reasons.

Reviews of Dingtone:

·Extremely Helpful-I've been in a tight spot lately with my cellphone service provider and needed to make a call. This app really made a difference at a time I needed it to the most. I highly recommend it. The sound is great. The connection was perfect. I haven't had a single problem. The method of gaining minutes for it is reasonable.

· “Love It”- I love dingtone alot....I love that you can record a call and email conversations. I also love that I can have a different phone number so I don't have to give out my personal number to people I don't know.


Part 8: 8 – iCall:


· The iCall app is aFree WiFi calling app for iOSand allows WiFi calling even if there is no cell signal.

· Regular calls on your mobile can also be switched to WiFi calls, so roaming charges don’t start adding up.

· You can receive incoming calls even if the app is not open or running.

· You can set up business hours and at any time of the day you can receive incoming calls.


· The user can record calls for your entire account or selected phone numbers.

· The user can store the previous phone calls to review for a later date.

· You can make unlimited calls to other iCall users for free.


· In US and Canada the call rates may vary.

· If you call others, then data rates may apply.

· No SMS ability and call quality is not good as Skype.

Reviews of iCall:

· "Hooray For Publishers Description"

· When I tried to make a call it works- Excellent App.


Part 9: 9–KaKao Talk:


· The app is aFree WiFi calling app for iOSand it doesn’t require the user to register or use a nickname, you can use your mobile number to identify them.

· The app works with both WiFi and 3G networks.

· The KaKao Talk app is fast, speedy and reliable for messaging no matter of what network you are using.

· You can make high quality voice calls and free messages and multimedia.

· You can make group chat with unlimited number of friends.


· The app differently connects itself to a user’s phone number to allow for text chat which looks and feels like SMS but cost nothing.

· The user can filter your voice calls for fun with Talking Tom and Ben voice filters.

· The app is an impressive because it is simple to use and ability to chat with friends and family worldwide in huge plus.


· Only few customization options are available in the app.

· If there is any change in the phone number or device, you have to register once again and it wipes out the previous chat data.

Reviews of KaKao Talk:

· I would rate this 5 stars if GIFS are supported. Please fix!!

· "Great app, I recommend everyone to check it out."


Part 10: 10 – Google Hangouts:


· Hangouts are Google messaging app. It is aFree WiFi calling app for iOSand you can chat to your Google contacts and make voice and video calls to individuals or groups.

· You can make group chats upto 100 people.

· You can turn any conversation into a free group video call with upto 10 friends.

· You can make domestic and international calls using a WiFi or data connection like 3Gor 4G through Hangouts on iOS devices.


· You can connect your Google voice account for phone number, SMS and voice mail integration.

· The user can message friends any time and anywhere, even if they are offline.

· The app is very complete messaging app with text, SMS, video and audio calls and many more.


· The app doesn’t have Google drive integration.

· The app collects data on how you use the app.

Reviews of Google Hangouts:

·Efficient tool-Hangouts has been our official tool that is tightly integrated with our Google business mailing ecosystem. Any and all chats can be looked up at a later point as well so it holds its value as official communication channel.

· Good app but it needs some improvement.


Free WiFi Calling App For iOS

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