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With the staggering amounts of mobile data being generated by the insatiable demand for the mobile phones, smart phones, tablets and other gadgets, most of the people look forward to have WiFi apps. The world can be said to stay connected through Wi-Fi and most people now-a-days consider home is where the device is. Such a socio-cultural conditioning created by the urge for mobility has resulted into massive amount of downloads executed everyday for free Wi-Fi apps for iOS. Automating the tedious process of signing in at hotspots, these apps enable you to search with safety and security. Whereas the best apps comes with just switching on the app, the rest of the hurdles for searching the best possible network available followed by connecting to it is handled by the app itself. Below given is the list of top 10 free WiFi app for iOS.

Part 1: Free Wi-Fi hotspot:

Functions and features:

· This best quality free Wi-Fi app for iOS enables one to share your laptop or Personal Computer’s internet connection and turn your wireless card into a virtual Wi-Fi router.

· This app is efficient enough to manage hotspot name, password fields, and start and stop buttons, network connections and many more.

· It allows you to share any available connection with your phone, tablet, and other Wi-Fi gadgets etc.

Pros of Free Wi-Fi Hotspot:

· The basic layout of this app isn’t much bigger or attractive yet is well efficient enough to share the internet connection of the PC or laptop.

· It guarantees you enhanced security with the mandatory passwords.

· This app allows you to choose from multiple networks when you’re PC or laptop has more than one network.

Cons of Free Wi-Fi Hotspot:

· Updating the application often triggers a seemingly endless succession of “special offers” and other downloads as well.

· It is not a true router when it comes to range, power and security.

User Reviews:

1. This app is really worth the time spent as it facilitates you to have the internet connection at every place wherever you go and you need not to pay separate bills for your mobile, PC, laptop etc.

2. This app is very easy to handle and indeed is a great piece of software.

3. Even though the updating of the application brings some issues, this app works the best with the SSID customization.

Part 2: Network Analyzer Lite:

Functions and Features:

· Thisfree Wi-Fi app for iosis designed to perform the discovery of Wi-Fi devices.

· This app is enabled to execute the fast and reliable detection of all network devices.

· It allows fast, safe and secure connection.


· Cell network information such as IP address, network provider, MCC, MNC – all are available with this app.

· One can also get to know Wi-Fi network information such as SSID, BSSID, IP address, and subnet mask.


· There is no as such cons of this app which can be mentioned here.

User Reviews:

· Users have recommended this app with 5 stars which says it all.

· This app is easy to use and useful hence is one of the bests available in the market.


Part 3: Fing:

Functions and Features:

· Thefree Wi-Fi app for iOSis uniquely designed to check out all devices that are connected to your respective Wi-Fi network within a fraction of seconds.

· This professional app efficient for network analysis that comes with a simple and an intuitive interface that helps in evaluating security level, in detecting intruders and resolving the network issues.

· The free Wi-Fi app specializes in displaying MAC address and device manufacturer.


· The app provides the user withentire history of all the networks discovered and provision for share in social networking site Twitter, Facebook, Message and Email.

· The app have provision for service scan, enables to discover hundreds of open ports within few seconds.

· The app comes with the authenticity of working with hosts that are outside the local network.


· The app goes for identification of IP address.

User Review:

· The app is very friendly to the users and executes its work properly.

· Very much useful for pinging IPs and gateways.

· Highly recommended as its saves time along with working with extreme accuracy.


Part 4: Free Wi-Fi Finder

Functions and Features

· The freeWi-Fi app for ioscomes with ability to find free Wi-Fi hotspots in many countries, say more than 50 countries.

· The uniqueness about the app is that it does not requires internet connection to get the nearest hotspot.

· All the hotspots are stored locally in the device.


· Allows the user to find free Wi-Fi hotspots in more than 50 countries all over the world covering Germany, Denmark, Argentina, Thailand, Switzerland and many more.

· One of the biggest advantage of this app it does not need Internet connection in order to find nearest hotspot.

· All the hotspot are kept automatically stored in the device.


· The download bar was fixed previously that takes a long time for download but now it is made updated.

· It is only compatible with ios 6.0 or later.

· Does not generate the IP address.

User Review:

· User are satisfied with the updated version of the app specially the update of the download bar which was previously kept fixed.

· The hotspot are generated quickly while it is more liked as it works even without Internet connection.

· There has been some virus issue with some users.

Part 5: Auto Wi-Fi Lite

Functions and features:

· Thefree Wi-Fi app for iosstores the entire information that includes username password.

· Easy detection of Wi-Fi hotspots keeping you connected as long as you use.

· Provision for automatic log on to the web authenticated hotspots.


· Ability to store WLAN as many as you want.

· Not required to wait for update a database in case of hotspot changing its connection profile.

· Zero-Touch reconnecting, does not require to click any more once the app knows your network.


· The app does not work where the network needs a sms for connection.

· It dissolves the settings and network for every 4 application launched.

· The app will not work on hotspots where it is required to enter the username and password.

User Review:

· The app is extremely user-friendly, stores WLAN as much required.

· No browser needs to get open to get connected to Wi-Fi networks thus being more time saving for the user.


Part 6: WiFiTrak

Functions and Features

· It is free app that helps you in finding free Wi-Fi hotspot easily and quickly.

· It helps in tracking each and every hotspots near you and even test them for usability

· The app can automatically notify as well launch the mail, apps and browser once there is a network.

· The list of network in the app is sorted from the best one to the worst one.


· It offers you a list of Wi-Fi network from most usable to least usable

· It notifies you automatically when it finds WiFi hotspots and launch the mail or browser


· Though the app is free, there are lot of ads

Users Reviews

· Not everyone needs WifiTrak’s features. But if you’re constantly on the lookout for good, strong open Wi-Fi in areas with lots of wireless networks, WifiTrak will certainly help you get online a bit quicker.

· WifiTrak is here to try and make sure you’re never without a connection for too long. It’s essentially an expansion of the built-inWi-Fiscanner.

Part 7: Pocket Wi-Fi Radar

Features and Functions

· This lets you connect with free Wi-Fi hotspot with a single click

· It starts searching for networks as soon as you start walking


· This is a great app for travelers and it notifies about a free Wi-Fi hotspot by vibrating

· It notified you about a connection itself and you do not have to check your phone for the same.


· Compatible with iOs 4.3 and later

· Have issues with compass data

Users Reviews

·No clue where the Wi-Fi source really isIt's clearly just guessing what direction the source is. Not worth wasting time to install/uninstall.

· Lolz. You simply don't know how to get the correct compass data. Try again man.

·Works?Now works on Android 6.0, but my testing seems to be inconsistent. It probably works better at a longer range. I'll keep trying different situations.



Part 8: WiFiGet

Functions and Features

· This is a simple LAN scanner and WiFi hotspot Finder app for iOS

· It lets you search for WiFi hotspots near you or near a given address


· It is easy to use and helps you to find a Wi-Fi hotspot quickly

· It has two widget modes viz. simple mode and normal mode to let you understand when the app is in use.


· Do not has much features

· Many people complain about the complexities of using this app

Users Reviews

· This could have been the makings if a great application, but instead does not perform what one would expect. Sure, it points out the obvious global hotspots like McDonalds and Starbucks, but when you want to check for others, it is terribly incomplete and the add a wifi site crashes the app.

· I tried the free version, but I couldn't seem to save more than one address search offline - not good if I'm going to multiple places, so....I bought the upgraded version and it doesn't do it either....oh and by the way after I enter search it sends the map somewhere in the Atlantic off the Ivory Coast

This could have been the makings if a great application, but instead does not perform what one would expect. Sure, it points out the obvious global hotspots like McDonalds and Starbucks, but when you want to check for others, it is terribly incomplete crashes the

Part 9: Wi-Fi Maps

Functions and Features

· This app lets you find free Wi-Fi hotspots near your device worldwide

· Get passwords and comments from real people using this app


· This is perfect for travelers and it features in 95 countries

· You can get access to passwords from real users of this app


· Compatible for iOs 7.0 and later

Users Reviews

· This app is the only reason I can be connected to closed networks and etc. also this pretty cool to say from the people who just leak the passwords from absolutely anywhere. If I don't get any reception from my internet, I just find someone's wifi, which may be closed and hook it up to it. It's useful for people who don't have access to Internet much, but would be a big deal for them, unlike I have connect practically anywhere with my phone internet and Wi-Fi from my home modern. Still thanks for the cool app! Looking forward to get the full version if I get my wi-fi disconnected. Thanks guys for this amazing app once again. :D

· Edit: I take it back. The offline features (the only reason to get this) are only available in the pro version, and that costs $5. I like the idea of a crowd-sourced, user-submitted community to keep data current, but it's too expensive for what it is. At that price, you're not going to get enough users to stick with using the app, much less submitting passwords, which is the only reason to download it in the first place.
This is just what I was looking for!!! User submitted hotspots with dated, current COMMENTS, passwords, and offline GPS, even distance to each hotspot! This has totally replaced my previous wifi finder! <3



Part 10: Osmino Wi-Fi

Functions and Features

· This free and lightweight app helps locate nearest open networks

· It consists of more than 3 million Wi-Fi hotspots


· Enjoy automatic access to free Wi-Fi without having to know network settings and other parameters

· Use this app worldwide and avoid paying for roaming


· Compatible for iOs 7.0 and above

User Reviews

· It lived up to my expectations (which weren't very high). The map wasn't very accurate. It didn't even pick up my own wifi. The whole arrangement of the app is weird, and when it did tell me that it found a connection it didn't tell me where. At first I figured it was my own wifi, but when I tried out the speed test I realize it had connected to a wifi in a town an hour away (I have no idea how, but that was the town that was listed).
I only downloaded it for points on another website, so not that disappointed. Deleted it immediately. It's a pointless app, especially since iphones already automatically connect

· Fullscreen ads pop up every 20 seconds, then you have to wait five seconds before you can remove the ad, Then the same thing happens over and over and over again wow you're trying to get it to find a Wi-Fi/hotspots, Which never happens this app is worthless.



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