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Evolutions have made life extremely busy while the contemporary scenario has left people with a packed up routine from the very morning till the end of the day. The advancement in technology on one day has made life jam-packed while on the other hand it has opened the doors for entertainment that has become quite necessary nowadays. Watching TV has always been one of the best and favorite for people that acts as a time consumer, gives you a break from busy life. Well, the technological advancement has made some drastic and appreciable invention of transferring the big box into your pocket, thus marked the invention of TV apps that ensures you to watch television function in your smartphone. The mobile factor is extremely useful for people as they can enjoy to watch their favorite show even while they are on road. Some of the best free TV apps for iOS are being listed below:

Part 1: Bravo Now

Functions and Features:

· Thefree TV app for iOSenables to watch full episode limited up to 3 full episode per month.

· The app ensures special clips, interviews and other video content.

· Having Bravo TV program guide the app is been made with Cross-device watch list syncing via iCloud that permits you to pick up where so ever you left off in any device.

· Enables facbook, twitter and email sharing.


· Access to all exclusive video clips even without the login information of personal TV provider.

· The app supports portrait mode video.

· New episodes are automatically sync to watch list with Season Pass.


· The app is only compatible with iOS 7.1 and later versions.

· In the trial facility on 3 episodes are given provision to watch.

· All the shows are sometimes not available.

User Review:

· Users are greatly satisfied with the app.

· There has been issues where the app finds it difficult to work in iPhone and MacBook, the bug of the app needs to be mended.

· All the shows are not available.


Part 2: Vodio

Functions and Features:

· Thefree TV app for ioshas been made with the ability to combine videos form your favorite video sources implanting it into an easy simple, fun to use system.

· This app tracks video that has been shared by millions of people all over the world followed by organizing them into different categories.

· Enables social sharing to friends via Facebook, twitter and other networking sites.


· The app has been gifted with the ability to track preference from viewing choices and social sites, thus it displays suggested videos.

· Acts like your personal video manager in iPhone and iPad.

· It is the best TV application covering YouTube, CNN, Pulse and more along with provision for creating personalized video stream suiting your preference.


· The app is only compatible with iOS 7.0 version and later.

· There is no more such disadvantage in this app.

User Review:

· Extremely User Friendly app that combines videos from various stream followed by categorizing them.

· The ability of detection of preference has been greatly liked by the users.

· The automatic way of discovering numerous video has been appreciated.


Part 3: TBN Mobile

Functions and Features:

· Thefree TV app for iOSis available 24 hours in a day featuring award-winning programs, TV shows, children shows and more.

· Videos are available on demand, the video including Christian TV shows, upliftment of teaching and much more.

· It has been tagged as the world’s largest religious network, includes inspirational program appealing wide variety of Protestant, Catholic and Jewish denominations.


· The app presents videos of wide varieties starting from faith shows, children’s TV shows movies and much more.

· The app is available in languages like English, Spanish, Arabic, Farsi and Russian.


· There has been bug problem related to this app.

· There is no more cons to be recognized.

User Review:

· The users are extremely pleased with the app tagging it as the best app for spreading god’s word.

· Children’s show available in the app is liked by kids a lot.

· There has been a review of excess bug problem.


Part 4: HULU

Functions and Features

· Thefree TV app for iOSis the best source to watch various shows that you love without commercials.

· Shows related to investigation, classic, children shows a wide variety of shows are available in the app.

· Apple watch is used as a remote to control playback experience and captions.


· The app enables to stream and control your viewing experience form your iPhone to your TV with Apple TV, Play Station 3 and Play Station 4, Chrome cast by using the in-app remote control.

· The app enables the resume watching system where you left on or off your TV or other supported device.

· The app works over Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G.


· The app is compatible with iOS 8.0 or later and runs in iPhone, iPad.

· The app is harder to navigate through sometimes.

User Review:

· The app has been said to have some navigation issues.

· The chrome cast compatibility is a problem for the users.

· The users of this app preferred the pre-updated version.


Part 5: 4OD

Functions and Features

· Thefree TV app for iOSbrings the best of channel 4 along with the favorite gadgets.

· The app keeps wide range of program from Channel 4, E4 and More4 with an availability of shows of 30 days back.

· The app restrict content to specific age group followed by pin access parental control options is provided.


· The app allows you to catch programs that has been released 30 days ago.

· The app allows multitasking, going through the content and browsing the app simultaneously.

· The app quickly identifies your favorite shows browsing by date, category or alphabetically


· The app keeps a storage of only 30 days and at the interval of 30 days the storage is updated. So it is not possible to view program that have passed 30 days of its release

User Review:

· The users are well satisfies with the app.

· It is helpful to the parents as it restricts content to specific age group and parental control options.

· It has been reviewed that the shows suddenly starts from the beginning while in between the program.


Part 6: Netflix

Functions and Features

· Thefree TV app for iOSis a source of entertainment for every age group starting from documentaries, movies, and series of award winning programs.

· With frequent use of this app, the app itself recommends TV shows and movies of your choice.

· There are provision for creating up to five individual profiles within a single Netflix account that allows your family members to experience of their own personalized Netflix.


· The app suggests you different movies and shows as it has quick catch on your preference and style of movies you like.

· There is no commercials in this app while no hidden fees are charged.

· Allows to have five profiles through one single Netflix account thus helping each one in the family to enjoy the experience.


· The app is compatible with iOS 7.0 or later.

· It often stops in the middle and needs to be reloaded again

User review:

· It has been said to face abject failure by its users.

· The shows in the apps keeps on buffering and freezing in iPhones.

· The show often stops in the middle and complete reloading is needed whereas updating the app shows it cannot be updated.


Part 7: Demand 5

Functions and Features:

· Thefree TV app for iOSenables the user to watch the entire episode of Channel 5 shows allows the user to watch shows that has been released before 7 days.

· The app works fine over 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.

· Channel 5 contains cookies, the user needs to agree to the use of cookies.


· This app stores shows up to 7 days and that can be watched by the users.

· The app is extremely easy to use and user-friendly.

· The app stores some exclusive collection in its archive content available for the users.


· The app contains cookies that often tracks location.

· The app is strictly restrictive within the UK only.

· The app is not permitted to enable AirPlay.

User Review:

· The app works fine to the user while sometimes it is said to stop working in the middle.

· The app bores the user with monotonous buffering.

· Few users have appreciated the app having fewer advertisements.


Part 8: Sky Go

Functions and Features:

· Thefree TV app for iOSprovides you the ultimate entertainment to watch the shows you love wherever you are or wherever you go.

· Huge range of shows, programs, it more than 800 movies, sports highlights are stocked in the app enabling users to watch them at their leisure time.

· It enables to watch live on up to two device at a time.


· It is very much easy and convenient for the users to handle the app.

· The app is compatible in your Laptop, mobile and even in Tablet.

· No extra cost is charged for all Sky TV customers.


· The Sky Go app is compatible only with 1st, 2ndand 3rdgeneration iPod touch, iPhone 2 and 3.

· It needs Sky TV subscription for watching the shows and programs.

· Minimum 2MB per second bandwidth is required to obtain high quality stream.

User review:

· The users have reviewed the app to be useful but often it gets crashed in the middle that leads to some disappointment among the users.

· The app often does not works everywhere and suitable for all connections.

· Some programs from live Sky go channel are not available in the app.


Part 9: BBC iPlayer

Functions and Features:

· Thefree TV app for iosenables to download TV programs easily within minimum time.

· The app stores programs that are 30 days old thus enabling the users to get the previous shows.

· Enables stream programs on your TV device using Apple AirPlay.


· The app add shows to your Favourites list making provision for new episodes automatically stacking for you so that you can enjoy them later.

· The app is extremely user-friendly and easy to handle.

· Sharing you Favourites by signing up to BBC iD and helps in resuming programs across your other device.


· The app is only compatible with iOS 7.0 or further versions.

· Program beyond 30 days cannot be catchup.

User Review:

· The app has been hugely appreciated by all its users.

· The app sometime loads some other channel and needs to get reloaded again that makes it quite irritating for the users.

· The user enjoys the app a lot while for some users the app sometimes gets unavailable and stuck the downloading process. The users have asked for an updated version that would dissolve the problem.


Part 10: NBC

Functions and Features:

· Thisfree TV app for iosworks in stable manner while it is manageable from wherever you are or where so ever you go.

· The advertisements are showed in amount while the entire episode could be watched in a convenient manner by the users.

· It ensures easy navigation thus helping the user to access through the site quickly.


· The app is well friendly to the user without many complication in searching for your desired show.

· This app is an easy access to shows of daytime, prime time shows and also night shows along with special and classic series.

· This app is the most suitable app for watching whatever you want exactly in the way how you want.


· This app is only compatible with iOS 7.0 and later.

· Provision for notification in order to alert the viewer is not available in this app.

· Full episodes of some shows are not available.

User Review:

· The app is liked by its users at it gives excellent service anywhere you go

· The app does not seem to complain about crashing now and then.

· The user advices to lower the amount of advertisements.


Free TV apps for iOS

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