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Texting turned out to be a blessing for many to save calls and send message whenever and wherever required without cost. At times, standard messaging application comes inbuilt with the device is not much efficient or cost effective. It also restricts the users to send messages upto a certain character. Therefore texting apps offers users to send text messages along with other features. Below given is the list of top 10 free texting app for iOS.

Part 1: Whatsapp

Features and Functions:

  • One of the most instantfree texting app for iosthat is all set to replace the in-built standard app from all devices across different os.
  • This free texting app for ios requires mobile number to sign in and uses web connectivity of the network.
  • It supports on ios 6.0 and above version.

Pros of Whatsapp:

  • This app supports notification hence it is quite helpful that the recipient would never miss any message. Once, viewed the notification gets cleared.
  • Users can take back-up of the entire chat with every individual on its contact list by emailing it to personal id.
  • One can also attach multimedia files like picture, videos and audio file from the system.
  • Additionally, it allows sending group messages.

Cons of Whatsapp:

  • Messages can only be sent to those who are saved in the contact list or also have this app installed.
  • There is no ‘Official’ support for helping the users. Moreover, in absence of phone number this would not work.
  • This is available on trial period for one year after which to continue its service one needs to pay.

User Reviews:

  • This app has a lot of great features beyond the main options to sendwritten messages (texts), photos, videos, or audio clips without limits

·WhatsApp Messengerwasn’t created with educational intent, and we don’t recommend it for learning.


Part 2: Skype

Features and Functions:

  • Skype not only serve for making video or telephonic calls but it can also be used asfree texting app for iosnow-a-days with its new updates.
  • This application requires sign up either through Facebook account, skype account or any other email ids.
  • This is supported on ios 7.0 and on its above version.

Pros of Skype:

  • Skype has a separate privacy policy to support instant messaging and SMS.
  • It has varied range of emoticons and also supports group messaging.
  • All your conversations can be easily seen at your fingertips.

Cons of Skype:

· User interface is sometimes complaining for many who are using it for first time.

· Setting up this application is a pain for Mac users as it is complicated unlike other texting app of its kind.

· Regular phone network is required even for texting and notification appears on the home screen once any new messages arrived.

User Reviews:

  • Lag or Delay in message notification, call quality has seen a marginal improvement, some new feature give the app additional value but still a lot of room for improvement.
  • When I get a message, it shows up on the notification centre. This is good. But when I open the app it doesn't show me the latest message that I could see in the notification. I kept the app open for some long time. But that also didn't solve the problem. Got frustrated and removed the app.


Part 3: Telegram:

Features and Functions:

  • Thisfree texting app for ioscan be used easily along with an impressive yet simple interface and also it is skewed toward transparency and privacy.
  • Phone number is required for signing up on this app. Also, it can handle plain and normal text both.
  • Its installation consumes around 34.6 MB of the device which is quite less in comparison to similar apps of its range.
  • It is supported on ios 6.0 and above version.

Pros of Telegram:

· This app is exclusively for texting and takes care of the privacy essentially. It also does not allow access to third party on any of its data.

· It provides real-time support to its users and it is quite effective.

· 100% free from ads unlike many other free apps of its range.

Cons of Telegram:

  • This messaging tool crashed often when used for a long time.
  • Voice messages are not supported by this app. Hence, this disappoints many of the users as it is available on many of the app of its range.

User Reviews:

  • Overall this is an extremely light weight app with good security features.
  • I have been a regular user of telegram for the past 6 months or so.


Part 4: Sicher:

Features and Functions:

  • Thisfree texting app for iosthat helps to send unlimited free messages through a complete secure way.
  • It has facility of sending encrypted emails and requires sign up through phone number for sending sms.
  • It is supported on ios 7.0 and above version.

Pros of Sicher:

  • Security is quite tight for this app and requires PGP key pair to enter as passcode every-time you login freshly.
  • Group messaging can also be done by the help of this app.

Cons of Sicher:

  • This app crashes often once used with several other applications.
  • Once PGP key pair get lost by the user, he cannot logged in which at-times set as a major drawback.

User Reviews:

  • I'm updating my review since the new update fixed everything this amazing, secure app is working smoothly again!
  • This app requires that you give it your phone number and a verification text is ostensibly sent.


Part 5: Line

Features and Functions:

  • Thisfree texting app for iosis not exclusively for messaging but it is more like a social networking app that is compartmentalized into various apps.
  • This app is absolutely free for sending messages and earns money by selling stickers.
  • Sign up is required by phone number.

Pros of Line:

  • This messaging being a multi-tasking one helps to serve many purposes of users.
  • Multimedia files can be easily shared through messages. Even with one tap one can launch line camera to take picture instantly with the application itself.
  • Messages are encrypted and this app provides tight security to store and dispose of data.

Cons of Line:

  • Signing up on this app is an intense process and one cannot sign up with the same credential on multiple devices.
  • Group messaging is highly complicated for the beginners. This is a major drawback for line users as there are different applications of its range which provide smooth group messaging service.

User Reviews:

  • Great app! Keeps me in touch with family in Thailand.
  • i love line, because it works cool!


Part 6: 6. Twitter:

Features and Functions:

  • Twitter being one of the popular social networking site also serving as messaging application.
  • Messages can only be sent to those who are following the users.
  • Login requires twitter credentials and it is supported on ios 4.0 and its above version.

Pros of Twitter:

  • One can share photos through messages that are available on its album section of the social networking site.
  • Group messaging can be sent with an ease. Also, any number of people can be added to a particular group and no restriction is there.
  • It is compatible on lower version of ios as well unlike many application of its kind

Cons of Twitter:

  • Tweets are public hence security of this app is not tight like other messaging tool of its range. Also, it does not provide message encryption.
  • Plan text only supports 140 characters and not beyond that which at times turned out to be a major setback of thisfree texting app for ios.
  • Installation of this app is sometimes complicated for users using it for the first time.

User Reviews:

  • Instant tab does not show even after update!
  • I have tried installing the app multiple times yet the same issue.


Part 7: TextMe:

Features and Functions:

  • This is an amazing and handyfree texting app for iosthat be easily downloaded for free. Messages can be sent to USA, Mexico, Canada and 40 other countries at ease and without any cost.
  • Photos and videos can be send along with the messages using this app.
  • This application is supported on ios 6.0 and on its above version.

Pros of Textme:

· Large pictures, videos and voice messages can be send with an ease by using this app. Essentially, this application does not restrict on the size of the multimedia files.

· A huge number of smiley and emojis are present which can be best used along with messages to express emotions without words.

· Group texting can be done with an ease and to any count of people.

Cons of Textme:

  • This app is not supported below ios 6.0 which is quite a disappointment for many apple device users.
  • Push notification is not enabled that is why incoming messages on arrival is not appeared on home screen as a notification to the users.

User Reviews:

  • Have been using it for a few days now on my iPod Touch 4G, and it works exceptionally well.
  • I've been using Text Me for 3+ years!-free-texting-messaging/id514485964?mt=8


Part 8: TigerText:

Features and Functions:

  • Thisfree texting app for iosis a secure, real-time messaging tool that allows text to be deleted from both receiver’s and sender’s phone after expiration, i.e after reading.
  • These messages cannot be copied, forwarded or saved by the recipients.
  • This is supported on ios 7.0 and on its above version.

Pros of Tiger Test:

  • Messages are stored in company server instead of the devices.
  • No charges are applicable for sending text messages even on roaming. This is an exclusive feature of this app unlike its similar kind.
  • Provides utmost privacy and one can also delete a sent SMS if it is not read by the recipients.

Cons of Tiger Test:

  • Group messaging feature is not effective like any other messaging app of its range.
  • One would always need web connection to use this app, under limited access to internet this app often crashes.
  • This application is not supported on ios below 7.0, which is a high factor of disappointment for Apple users using lower versions.

User Reviews:

  • Use this app everyday, to talk to co-workers in a secure way.
  • TigerText is my go-to chat app.


Part 9: Textplus:

Features and Functions:

  • Thisfree texting app for iosis a blessing for US and Canadian Citizens. Along with messaging it also helps in calling from textplus to textplus. Additionally, it can also make international calls along with local calls which are considered to be one of the unique features of the application unlike many other application of its range.
  • One needs to login through phone number and can send app to app text.
  • This app is supported on ios 5.1.1 and above versions.

Pros of TextPlus:

  • This messaging app is very cost effective and no hidden fees or contracts required for using this app.
  • Multimedia files can also be sent through messaging.
  • Through this app one can set their own phone number that they can share with family and friends exclusively.

Cons of Textplus:

  • This is an advertisement supported application. Hence, ads are often prompted when a user is texting.
  • A user can only use the exclusive phone number created by the application with another user who is using text plus. Also, messages can only be sent to those who are also a textplus user.

User Reviews:


Part 10: Textfree unlimited:

Features and Functions:

  • Thisfree texting app for iosshares an exclusive phone number with its users which can be shared with other Textfree unlimited users.
  • It requires internet connection but once connected a user can send unlimited messages.
  • Users can also receive the free voice calls or can buy minutes in order to make outgoing calls.

Pros of Textfree unlimited:

  • Unlike many app of its range this messaging tool offers push notifications which pop up once a new message arrives. Hence, once could keep receiving text even if the app is not opened
  • Multimedia files can be easily send through messages.

Cons of TextFree Unlimited:

  • Like many other free texting app this also prompts unlimited advertisements.
  • Installation of the apps is usually cumbersome for beginners.

User Reviews:

  • I just installed this App - so far so good
  • Free texts and incoming calls. Free textfree to texfree calls.


Free Texting App for ios

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