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Free Talk And Text App for Android

Talk and text apps are those kinds of applications which enable you to make calls and send texts at either reduced costs or for free of cost. There are many such applications available on the Android app store and you too can download them to enjoy talking and texting your loved ones across the world. While some of these apps are paid, others can be downloaded without paying any money. The following is a list of the top 5 free talk and text app for Android.

Part 1


Features and functions:

· Viber is surely one of the bestfree talk and text app for Androidwhich lets you send free texts and make free calls to anyone in the world.

· This app is free to download and uses both Wifi as well as 3G to function.

· It lets you also send images, posters, music and other files for free.

Pros of Viber

· One of the best things about this app is that it has an inbuilt keypad to dial numbers.

· The sound quality offered by it is fantastic.

· This app also lets you make calls to those who do not have Viber.

Cons of Viber

· It doesn’t except some phone numbers during the sign up process.

· This app can prove to be buggy at times and can crash in between.

· Making video calls can be a little tough and this too is a major drawback.

User reviews:

1.You can also make high-quality VoIP calls using 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi via your existing mobile number

2. Viber offers a free, no-strings-attached service that lets you send texts and share both photos and videos with friends and family

3.And I've been using it all day. This app is wonderful and works very well.


Part 2


Features and functions

· This is yet anotherfree talk and text app for Androidwhich allows you to make free calls and send free messages to anyone in the world.

· This is a cross platform app which lets you communicate with those who do not have android devices too.

· It supports unlimited incoming calls.

Pros of Talkatone

· On thisfree talk and text app for Android, you can earn credits for the calls you make.

· Making international calls through this app is rather cheap and this is one of its pros.

· You can send images, music etc as well through it for free.

Cons of Talkatone

· The call quality tends to drop in between calls.

· One of the major drawbacks is that there are only a limited number of calls you can make for free.

User comments/reviews:

1.This app lets you call and text on your kindle as if it were a phone as long as you have Wi-Fi or data.

2. This app is wonderful and works very well. No dropped calls, no accidental handfuls, voices are very clear on both ends

3. Shoot I think I'll just stick to this app and get rid of my phone, you know, since I'm always on my kindle any way. Lol :) coco I love it


Part 3

3. KakaoTalk

Features and functions

· Thisfree talk and text app for Androidis a fast and easy way to communicate over calls and text.

· This wonderful platform lets you make group calls; group chats and sends free messages as well.

· It uses internet connection: wifi and 3G to make both national and international calls for no cost at all.

Pros of KakaoTalk

· One positive point about this app is that it supports unlimited free calls and texts to international locations too.

· The call quality is incredible and so is the interface.

· It is easy to use and works across platforms as well.

Cons of KakaoTalk

· Users cannot call or text non Kakao users through this app and this is a drawback.

· The app may sometime crash in between due to presence of bugs.

· Another thing which acts as a drawback about this app is that it may not be as effective or reliable as other such apps.

User comments/reviews:

1. Works perfectly with both OS. My fiancée, 3000miles away, use this all the time. The sound is like we are in the same bed, we sleep with the line open and a bud in

2.Works amazing! It runs fast and smooth on my Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. Sometimes my built-in messaging app won't send pictures, but it ALWAYS sends on KakaoTalk.

3.Best messaging app out thereFriendly UI Not exaggerated like WeChat


Part 4

4. Skype

Features and functions

· Thisfree talk and text app for Androidis surely the most popular such app in the world and is known for its quality.

· This app not only lets you make free calls to anyone in the world but also supports video calling.

· It offers the best quality of audio and video and hardly ever drops in between.

Pros of Skype

· The best thing about it is that it is fast, easy to use and very intuitive.

· It allows you to add people not through their phone number but their Skype ID.

· This app is popular all across the world and this means you can video call anyone anytime.

Cons of Skype

· According to some users, this app is light on features and multimedia options and this is one of its major drawbacks.

· Another negative is that it lacks call return feature.

· This app lacks call blocking and 911 calling ability as well.

User comments/reviews:

1. Skype may be best known for its free video chat, but the company is also a provider of inexpensiveVoIP services.

2. While its feature set is limited and you are restricted to using a soft phone or mobile phone, Skype is worth considering if your VoIP needs are minimal.

3. Skype is a good entry-level, low-cost VoIP service.


Part 5

5. WeChat

Features and functions

· Thisfree talk and text app for Androidis a platform which lets you connect easily with your friends and family.

· This app supports group chats, group calls, sticker gallery, multimedia messages etc.

· It is an all in one communications platform which supports 20 localized languages as well.

Pros of WeChat

· The best thing about it is that it lets you make calls and send free messages to just about anyone in the world who too has this app.

· It also works on Desktop as a desktop app and this too is a positive point about it.

· This app has custom wallpapers, custom notifications and group walkie talkie features as well.

Cons of WeChat

· It doesn’t bring anything new to the table and this is its drawback.

· The call quality isn’t as amazing as that offered by others like Viber.

User comments/reviews:

1.Pretty good, even in the USNo problems so far. Fast. I like it that you can leave voice messages.

2.Can't search people nearbycan’t search people nearby after update latest version.

3.LOUSY VIDEO CALLPlease allow more people to join the video call. Please fix it


Free talk and text app for Android


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