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The development of the global positioning systems has brought significant improvements in iPhone Spy apps. The apps which help in tracking and monitoring your each and every activity. You have seen headlines across the internet- spy apps caught cheating wife or exposed your boyfriend with the spy software. All these sounds great, but at the same time spy apps serves a much greater purpose. Spy apps are those kind of apps which help the detectives and spies to carry on their duties such as finding the accused, collecting clues and others. Some of these apps are available for free while others are paid apps. The following is the list of 10 Free Spy apps for iOS.

Part 1: Snapchat:


· A Snapchat is a famous app between the teenagers for sending self-destructive messages.

· The app is aFree spy App for iOS, which allows you to snap a photo or a video and you can even add a caption or note before you send it to your friend or group of contacts.

· The snapchat home screen is the camera itself. Where you can navigate your notification feed and your contact list by swiping your finger left or right respectively.


· You can add your friends through your phone contacts or by using your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

· The user can access the settings through notification section.

· Snapchat is a good app for sending quick photo messages to your friends which acts as a hybrid between a messaging app and a social network.


· The snap will disappears from the screen after a couple of seconds, so the user has to take a screen shot.

· The app has few options which makes your app to get hang of quickly.

· There is also danger with the app – when you share inappropriate images. So you should avoid sending anything personal images or photos.

Reviews of Sanpchat:

· Use Wisely-While using snapchat, a person can take a picture, put a timer on it, (to make it visible for a certain amount of time: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, or 10 seconds) and then you can add a note if you want and then can send it to anyone if you have their snapchat username.

·Snapchat is a quick way to send photos, as well as video chat in real time. The self-destruct feature means that your friends can't reshare that embarrassing photo you sent.


Part 2: Spy Gizmos:


· Spy Gizmos app is afree spy app for iOSand the app is high rated and very popular spy apps which provides the iPhone users with many spy tools and other incredible features.

· The app sends the coded messages to the fellow agents and other colleagues.

· The app is also equipped with weapon sounds and also a motion detector which can track any movement.


· The app provides an enjoyable and secure way to communicate or to be in touch with your friends.

· The person who collects the coded message can make use of this app to check what was written.

· The user can write in Morse code where the app will transmit the flash or sound of your screen into black or white.


· When you are trying copy and paste someone’s code, the app crashes a lot.

· The Spy Gizmos is a crappy app where you have to buy almost everyting Spy Kit to make it better.

Reviews of Spy Gizmos:

· The review under me is a total lie, giving it one star and calling it crappy! This app is definitely necessary when you need to take note of your agents and enemies. I'm glad to have an app like this, but it just needs something more.

· Excellent app- For the investigator.


Part 3: Night Vision Camera:


· Thisfree spy app for iOShelps you to choose different scopes to looks through the camera on the iPhone.

· The user can select the Night Vision mode as well as the Infrared mode.

· It’s very easy to take picture- just you have to tap the bottom left corner button.

· The app takes real pictures and videos at the lowest luminosity without any additional appliances on iPhone.


· The Night Vision Camera app works without any delays and lags.

· When you are taking photo or video recording- you can dynamically change camera sensitivity to achieve the best result.

· The app has own library to organise photos and videos and even you can share them on the Facebook, DropBox and Twitter.


· The Flash doesn’t work in the dark.

· The phone freezes or closes a lot.

Reviews of Night Vision Camera:

· I used it without flash light in the dark place and the quality of photos was really amazing!! Everything is cute but it would be better if it had a timer too.

· This app offer you the widest range of professional features through an iphone. I use it most of my free time; the image quality is pretty good when shooting both in day time and at night. Your videos will be honestly awesome and so helpful !!


Part 4: Camster Pro 2 :


· The user can instantly turn their iOS device into a real time live wireless network camera using thisfree spy app for iOS

· No network setup is required- just press a button to view and record your device’s live camera images from anywhere in the world.

· The device camera images can be viewed by 1 or more iOS devices or web browsers simultaneously.

· You can even record in camera and viewer mode for upto 48 continuous hours.


· Great app – which can be used for nanny cam, surveillance camera, baby cam, security and entrance camera, spy cam, vehicle anti-theft camera, property protection cam, network camera, web cam, etc.

· The app is very easy to use and no need for any network configuration setup or third party vendors to view your device’s camera images.

· The app is aFree spy app for iOS,where you can install on multiple devices for viewing and recording multiple network cameras at your home or business.


· Many features of the app are paid

· The app doesn’t takes Videos- only pictures.

Reviews of Camster Pro 2:

·Very Cool App-I can put my phone anywhere and watch video feed from it on my laptop or my old phone! Great App!!-network-camera/id451987159?mt=8

· “Awesome”-This is a very good app


Part 5: Phone Tracker:


· The Phone Tracker is a tool which allows you to track the location of another smartphone users. And even you can follow the movements of a friend, spouse, child or co-worker with your iPhone.

· The app is very simple to operate.

· The app has permission based system which allows or denies other iPhone users to follow you.


· You can view another iPhone user movements of previous 24 hours.

· Phone Tracker is aFree spy app for iOS, where you can track 2 iPhones and you can see the movements for 24 hours.

· The app allows you to follow upto 100 people and see their movements for 72 hours.


· Continuous use of GPS running may greatly decrease the battery life.

· Poor customer service in Phone Tracker.

Reviews of Phone Tracker:

· I use this to track my wife's whereabouts because she has memory issues. So, it was very important for me to find a reliable tracking system.
So far it's working pretty well. Occasionally it says "Address Unknown", but eventually it zeros in on her location and it seems to be accurate.

· I use this to track my wife's whereabouts because she has memory issues. So, it was very important for me to find a reliable tracking system.


Part 6: Find My Kids:


· The app is equipped with real time tracking and sharing functions.

· The app tracks the movements throughout the day and logs waypoints without the user intervention.

· The Find My Kids app has a special feature- parental control allows for sharing location all the times without disabling option.

· Thisfree spy app for iOSprovides speedy notifications alert to parentswhen their kids go over the speed limit.


· The app uses footprints tracks and share locations automatically around the clock.

· The app allows the user to create Geo-fences, like the kids school and alert messages are sent when these fences are crossed.

· The app has movement sensors- it notifies you when your kids are on the move.


· The app needs constant internet connection to check the kids location.

· You cannot change your devices- if you loose 4 digit lock code.

Reviews of Find My Kids:

· "Can you restore a device to the device list?"

· "I had my iphone stolen and the police tracked it down"- Great app.


Part 7: Cam On!Lite:


· The app is a navigation tool which lets you to explore the world by interacting with the best webcams on the net.

· The app provides information for every webcam like state, city, location and local time.

· Using thisfree spy app for iOSyou can take snapshots of the current view and you can create your own photo album.


· The database is filled with the most fascinating webcams.

· The app lets you to control robotic cameras through your computer using the simple and intuitive Pan, Tilt and Zoom interface.

· In high resolution cameras- the digital zoom is indicated in green.


· To get proper and perfect information on your device- constant broadband connection is required.

· The app works very well in a single camera, but in multiple camera- the app shows some breaks and lag in time.

Reviews of Cam On!Lite:

· If you want the most popular cities you have to pay for the PRO edition

· GREAT app but chrashes too much

· Very few cameras available. If you have 5 minutes to waste, download and see for yourself.


Part 8: mydlink Lite:


· The user can view live video from Cloud Camera, including a full screen view.

· The app saves snapshots of your camera’s video to your iPhone or iPod touch.

· The app supports H.264 video streaming for smooth, high quality video.


· The user can view the online status of your Cloud cameras and Cloud routers.

· You can remotely monitor and configure your cloud routers.

· The app is aFree spy app for iOS, where you can access and view your camera’s video feed through your NVR.


· The app works very slow and disconnects often.

· You can only connect with one account.

Reviews of mydlink Lite:

·Good App-It's free, and basic. Follow the install and usage instructions, have a decent internet connection, and you'll have no issues. Definitely do not update over wifi, and they tell you just follow all instructions. I have all low-end cameras, all VGA, and they work as expected, all steady working little cameras.

·Works WellSometimes the firmware does not update however picture quality is good and set up was straight forward if you don't pay attention to the error message at the end of the setup Wizard as it does not see the cam on the network for some reason.


Part 9: Top Secret Audio Recorder:


· Top Secret Audio Recorder is afree spy app for iOS, which enables the user to make unlimited number of recordings.

· You can even record after putting your phone into sleep mode.

· Top Secret Audio Recorder is a best audio recorder which makes James Bond Envious.

· The app stores your recordings in a private password protected secret vault.


· The app records only when sound is detected.

· The app toolbar can be easily closed and hidden.

· You can easily start or stop recording by tapping anywhere on the screen.


· Sometimes audio recording becomes very difficult.

· The app needs some updation.

· Only audio recording can be done.

Reviews of Top Secret Audio Recorder:

· Nice help to prepare my audio notes.

· “Works well, not much else to...”- Works well, not much else to add.


Part 10: Self Destructing Message:


· The app isfree spy app for iOS, where your messages get deleted in 5 or 10 or 15 or 30 or 60 seconds.

· You can capture and exchange the photos, audio and videos.

· The messages which you sent are kept out of sight.

· The SDM black book contains your confidantes and blinds with their identities like code name.


· The app is able to set self destruct timers to your messages.

· Self Destructing Message is a message app along with the line of Viber of Whatsapp.

· There will be no chat history and it is a secure way to ensure where no one else can read your messages.


· It always stuck on the message screen.

· You can’t see the chat history.

Reviews of Self Destructing Message:

·Pretty good idea!- I love the concept of a self destructive message, my friend and I both downloaded it and we could pretty much send each other our top secret recipes that we don't want anyone to know about. (BTW we are culinary artists)

· Thank God- The app saved my time.


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