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Spy Apps are mobile tracker applications, which records the incoming and outgoing phone calls, messages and surroundings. It tracks the GPS locations, browser activity and messages from applications like Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp and Line. The spy apps help to track and monitor your children’s, employees, spouses activities and it is also used to track the phone if it is misplaced or stolen. The apps which are listed below are all free and as you know there are always a limitation when you get something for free. These 10 Free spy apps for Android are those who just need a quick tool to become a temporary spy.


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Part 1: 1 –Cell Tracker


· The Cell Tracker is aFree spy apps for androidwhich keeps and tracks the record of where your smartphone has been, whether its for hours or days. This helps you in observing and tracking where and when a person is going.

· The location information is not sent outside of the apps. It is used within the app to show the tracks of your visits and there is no privacy issues.

· It sends location information once in every 30 minutes through GPRS/Wi-Fi and hence the impact on the battery is minimal.


· The cell tracker is a strong and accurate smartphone tracking app. It will allow you to monitor where you have been and what places you visited.

· This app is very handy and even works without GPS.

· It helps you to keep track of your employees and children.


· The cell tracker doesn’t work in the way you are thinking.

· GPRS or WiFi connection is must track the location.

Reviews of Cell Tracker:

· Thanks to Cell Tracker spy technologies for providing this free cell phone spy software for an average women like me.

· Handy dandy trackr Can I track other phones. Can I track this one if I lose it?


Part 2: 2 – Spy Message


· Spy message is aFree Spy App For Android,which helps to send top secret messages.

· The simple interface of the app makes it easy to send and receive secret messages.

· The app is designed with skill and creativity. The inevitable ads are not intrusive and the app never bugs you to donate.

· Message Time Bomb- Some messages which you don’t want to keep in your phone they will automatically explode after checking.


· The user feels like a spy when sending secret messages.

· It is simple and user friendly to use and stylish interface.

· It controls all messages in your inbox.

· The user can customize the friends list and share private message only with those special ones.


· The messages can’t be read by third party easily, but still there is a chance of someone intruding the security.

· It is very difficult to download the app and sometimes server problem.

Reviews of Spy Message:

· Server Problem- I have used this before it’s a nice app but I deleted it now I’m downloading it again and it keeps saying server error my WiFi is working perfectly fine please fix it and I give you 5 stars.

· OMG I love it I discovered my girlfriend cheated over me with 3 guys thanks a lot for this app Omg I discovered I'm stupid


Part 3: 3– Ear Spy- Super Hearing


· The name only suggests – this app makes your hearing a lot more receptive.

· Super hearing is one of thefree spy app for Android. It takes audio and sound from the microphone and then amplifies it to make it louder and clearer.

· This app offers a great equalizer which provides wonderful effects.


· The app works with Bluetooth headsets too. If you drop your smartphone in a room, you can secretly hear what is going on.

· The app looks really professional and cool and you can enjoy super hearing.


· Headphones may create ear problems.

· The user can’t listen the voice of others.

Reviews of Ear Spy – Super Hearing:

· I downloaded this app, thinking it would help me with my hearing problem. It works well for the listening part and amplifies TV, lectures, voices in meetings, etc. However, you can't carry on a conversation while using it. There is about a second or so "lag" so you have to talk in short choppy sentences or you are talking over yourself.

· Great. I use it to hear the tv in the bedroom without waking my wife with tv volume turned up. I can adjust it to my needs. It probably has more to offer me! I need to test it more.

·Exceeded my expectation- Not bad for a free app. Works beyond expectations and can hear at very long ranges.


Part 4: 4– Automatic Call Recorder


· The Automatic Call Recorder is one of the bestfree spy apps for androidswhich allows the user to be always ready to record conversations you hold on your smartphone.

· The app runs quietly in the background.

· It is a great feature for those who are into editing audio.


· It stores conversations by name or time and the user can save conversations to Drop box or Drive.

· You can use multiple formats which the user can store the conversations in.

· All recorded calls are stored in the Inbox. The user can change the destination recordings folder to an external SD card. And user can set the size of the inbox.


· This app may not be a big deal for normal users.

· The number of saved calls is limited by your device memory.

· Available only on android platform.

· No unlimited recording. (For unlimited recording payment has to be done)

· The internal player is not that good (The option to use external players also available)

Reviews of Automatic Call Recorder:

· I got this app installed and let me tell you it works great! I use this app on my personal phone. I hold one more device in which i use another recording app called Total Recallauto call recorder, which is quite similar to this app. It is also a cool application.

· I have tried almost all call recording app andAutomatic Call Recorder is the one and only app that gives clear audio recording. There are both free and paid version available. Our calls are temporarily saved automatically (both incoming and outgoing) in free version last 100 recordings are available and in paid 200.


Part 5: 5– Highster Mobile:


· Highster Mobile is the Free spy app for Androidand the best tool to track your children’s activities including texts, locations, browsing histories, connected hotspots, calls, etc.

· The app automatically tracks the location and movement of your children 24/7.

· All visited web pages of your children are transferred to the cloud and report to you.

· It records all call logs and text messages along with recipient which your children sent.


· In this app internet is not compulsory. If you lost your phone and want to see its location or you want to track your child phone then internet is not required.

· This app can track the location without GPS.

· As soon as you install the app, you need to lock it up or hide it from others.


· Some users use this app for unethical purpose.

· It is impossible to uninstall without the root.

· The application is useless if it works only with WiFi connection.

Reviews of Highster Mobile:

· It helps adults to check they kids.

· no this is not fake. follow all steps which written in help you are testing in wrong way.

· Check Highster Mobile review for more.


Part 6: 6– Mobile Hidden Camera:


· This app is the sneakiest apps in the list ofFree Spy Apps For Android. The app is so sneaky that it doesn’t even show the mobile hidden camera in the app drawer.

· The app shows “Simple Notepad” in your app drawer. No one can ever know that you have installed the spy app on your smart phone, until and unless they need to scribble a quick note.

· The fast picture mode takes a bunch of photos in no time and the other mode - video mode is activated as soon as you click the record button.

· The recording of the video stops when you do that manually.


· The app supports both front and back camera.

· A High quality video recording is available in the app.

· With the help of this app, the user can capture photos or even record videos without anyone noticing.

· The photo or videos are recorded without any shutter sound or previews or flash.


· To access the app you need permission.

· Not having many features with free version. To enjoy more features buy the pro version.

Reviews of Mobile Hidden Camera:

· Upgraded to Pro version. Does not work as advertised. Most pics come out all black. The ones that do not come out black have vertical lines. Stealth setting of turning off key lights works intermittently. It's a great idea and would love the app if it only worked properly.

· Excellent app and great developers. The app was relisted and i wasn't able to retrieve my license. The developers promptly responded to my problem and resolved it quickly in a highly professional manner. More power to you guys! One of the best and reliable app i've used./


Part 7: 7– SpyVision


· It is the best andfree spy app for android. The app is designed for users who have fear for their privacy.

· Remote viewing via internet is handy.

· The app sends text, emails and even makes calls.

· This app is a great tool to make your place and things more secure.

· The tracking system built into the Bios microscheme.


· With the help of SpyVision- the user can make use of old android smart phone.

· It is a simple and quite easy app.

· When baby wakes and starts crying, the app will automatically sound an alarm which will wake you up too.

· The intuitive design makes the program easy to use.


· No customization with the free app.

· WiFi and GPRS connection is must.

Reviews of SpyVision:

· It is a wonderful application where you can use your old android phone.

· Best surveillance application.


Part 8: 8– Secret Calls


· Secret calls app areFree Spy Apps For Androids. This app protects your contacts and keep your call activities safe.

· This app can easily hide your phone book contact icon to prevent anyone from seeing them.

· The app automatically deletes all outgoing and incoming call logs so that no one can trace them, even they have your phone.

· You can permanently hide your caller ID for a given contact ( revert if necessary).


· This app allows you in hiding your caller ID.

· No one can trace the calls

· It is a user friendly application with pleasant animations.


· Hiding your caller ID relies on your network operator and Indian providers don’t support secret calls.

· It won’t work if you have another call confirm app. You need to remove the existing one to use the awesome app- Secret call.

Reviews of Secret Calls:

·Overall goodJust hate the fact that it keep advertising stuff at the top of my phone n it when it advertise the name of the app show that lets someone know you have a secret inbox.

· It was owk It really helped me.


Part 9: 9– Spy Video Recorder


· Thisfree spy app for androidsrecords video in the background when your device is blocked or another app is running.

· Recording can be done with a back or front camera.

· The device doesn’t play any sound- only the user can notice the recording when it starts or stops.

· A notification appears at the top corner of the screen when you are recording.


· The user can use another application while recording.

· The app sets maximum recording time 1 or 3 minutes.

· The app offers the user to change the background while recording video.

· The best part about the app- It allows the user to make calls while recording video.


· The time is limited in the free version and it is unlimited in PRO version.

· If you hold your device you can experience the vibration sound.

Reviews of Spy Video Recorder:

·AwesomeJust need to some upgrade....sometimes camera get hang.

· Really does its part. Thanks guys. Hey guys, great app. But is there anyway I can recover lost footage? The video won't play and I know that it was playing when I left home.


Part 10: 10– Secret Agent Fake Call


· Fake call is a fantastic app which allows you to trick your friends and your family members in many ways.

· Thisfree spy app for androidallows you to choose a joke to be played on your phones with loud speaker at a given time. When you have lent your phone to a friend or relatives in a wedding or meeting.


· It is the bestFree Spy App For Android,which helps to create a fake call.

· This app calls you and prepares pre-recorded conversations, customized message and you can even schedule when the call can come in.

· With the help of this app you can interrupt any meeting.


· At the same time few people will misuse it.

· Some may use this app to play the game which is unethical.

Reviews of Secret Agent Fake Call:

·amazingits so awesome when your friends are so guliable ! fun to mess about with totally worth it if your a prankstar.

· (I set the time and waited to see if it works its been two minutes since the tie I set and it still hasn't gone off. Please fix)


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