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Free Solitaire App for Android

Solitaire is surely one of the most popular and interesting card games in the world. But besides playing it on your computer or laptop, you can also enjoy it on your phone or tablet in the form of an app. There are many good solitaire apps even on the Google Play Store. To avoid being spoilt for choice, you can refer to the following given list of the top 5 free solitaire app for Android.


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Part 1: Solitaire

Features and functions:

· Thisfree solitaire app for Androidis one of the best ones, thanks to its classic playing style.

· This app is classic solitaire and comes with daily challenges.

· This solitaire app offers several modes of playing and has a random deck selection.

Pros of Solitaire

· The best thing about thisfree solitaire app for Androidis that it is easy and addictive to play.

· It comes with a daily challenge, on winning which you can get a crown.

· This app comes in many modes and offers many challenges.

Cons of Solitaire

· Its biggest drawback is that it is ad supported and the ads can prove very irritating.

· This application also has video ads which again waste a lot of time

· It keeps crashing and may function erratically at times.

User reviews:

1. Hello, I ENJOY playing this game. This app. has various Challenges n may play to keep your scores to rank against others

2.Great game!I have this game on my phone, and 2 tablets. I play it while I'm at the barn while the horses eat their grain. It's habit forming.

3.daily challenge leader board scores crazyLeader board top score for Nov 7, 2015 achieved by completing game in 25 seconds with 107 moves.


Part 2: Spider solitaire

Features and functions

· This is a very popularfree solitaire app for Androidwhich lets you enjoy the game for free unlimited times.

· This app has a clean and straightforward interface for the best experience.

· It comes with a new challenge everyday and trophies every month.

Pros of Spider Solitaire

· One of the positives of this app is that it is easy to use and free of bugs.

· It has a basic interface which can be enjoyed people by all age groups.

· The daily challenges and different modes make the game more interesting.

Cons of Spider Solitaire

· One of the main negatives of this app is that updates often ruin its fun.

· This app keeps showing screen ads and they may prove to be a drawback as well.

User comments/reviews:

1. This is the favorite card game and version of Spider Solitaire. It gets played daily by both of us

2.It's goodMy gramal has it and she loves it in she lats me play it and I like it too. You will like it I know. as expectedno issues. full screen ads after each deal but expected for a free game.


Part 3: Freecell Solitaire

Features and functions

· Thisfree solitaire app for Androidis the app version of the popular Freecell solitaire game available on computer systems.

· It comes with a standard deck of 52 cards and makes use of strategy to complete the levels.

· It has auto complete feature to complete the game as well.

Pros of Freecell solitaire

· One of the best things about this app is that it has many useful features like drag and drop, autocomplete etc.

· This solitaire app has about 1 million games and hence probability of getting the same game is almost zero.

· This app has random game selection feature which too is a positive.

Cons of Freecell solitaire

· One thing which doesn’t work well about it is that it has many ads and pop ups.

· Another negative point about this solitaire app is that it keeps freezing at times due to bugs.

User comments/reviews:

1.Free cellHad to delete it then try again. It was freezing on me. Turning off. Putting cards back

2.FreeCell FanLOTS of fun! I've played lots of game apps, and this is the one I keep coming back to. Only thing is sometime the card stacks 'scrunch up' when you touch them.

3.Its just free cellNothing fancy. Just the game I love to play. Yes there are adds but there is only ever one that pops up between new deals.


Part 4: Solitaire wear

Features and functions

· This is anotherfree solitaire app for Androidwhich lets you play the classic solitaire game on your Android wearable devices.

· This app is a fun puzzle game which can be played on a wearable watch as well.

· It is classic solitatire with no unnecessary additions to it.

Pros of Solitaire wear

· The best thing about thisfree solitaire app for Androidis that it can be played on wearable devices as well.

· It has many features like random deals, auto complete to win, undo card movement and many others.

· This app has left handed layout operation and many different background settings.

Cons of Solitaire wear

· One of the negatives of this app is that its winning deal doesn’t work often.

· It consumes a lot of battery and this is a drawback about it as well.

· Another drawback is that it has a lot of advertisements.

User comments/reviews:

1.Great Game on WatchAwesome job developing this game for a small screen. The entire experience is perfect.

2. Great gameplay on my watch. I'd like to see achievement progress with the regular app.

3.Good time killerSeems to love the battery though. Went from 92% to 85% in the course of one game. Keep your charger handy.


Part 5: Solitaire+

Features and functions

· This is a very popularfree solitaire app for Androidwhich has sharp and clear visuals.

· It is a little different from the regular or classic solitaire and comes with an optimized exprince.

· It lets you create your own custom backgrounds.

Pros of Solitaire+

· One of its best qualities of this app is that it is highly customizable and flexible.

· It brings in a few interesting tools which are not there in classic solitaires and this gives it an edge.

· This app has no advertisements and this is a great thing about it.

Cons of Solitaire +

· One of its negatives is that its new version is slightly boring and not addictive.

· It keeps freezing up a lot of times and this is a drawback too.

· Another con of this app is that bugs make it difficult to work properly.

User comments/reviews:

1.Nice, nice, baby!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Just what I was looking for. This classic solitaire app has a clean, classy UI, and runs smoothly.

2. Greatest implementation of solitaire games I have ever played! This is a "Must Have" for you're Android device!

3.Good ol solitaireI like it that it isn't loaded down with a lot of annoying sounds and visuals.


Free solitaire app for Android

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