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Free Magicjack App for Android

The magic jack is a wonderful device that gives you a secondary telephone line, allowing you to make unlimited international phone calls. The good news is that you no longer have to worry about carrying a separate device along thanks to several magicjack apps. These apps have made it easier to keep in touch with friends and family who are overseas. Below given is a list of top 3 free magicjack app for android:


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Part 1: MagicApp calling and messaging

Features and functions:

· This is one of the best free magicjack app for Android which turns your tablet and phone into a free calling and messaging device.

· Some of its premium upgrade features include US phone number, unlimited calling to US and Canada etc.

· The app offers voicemail and call forwarding features as well.


· One of the best quality of this free magicjack app for Android is that it offers called ID, unlimited free calling to US and Canada and many other.

· It enables you to send and receive free texts as well for free in an unlimited way.

· This app works like a regular phone number and this is a positive as well.


· One of its drawbacks is that it keeps crashing a lot.

· One of the negatives of thisfree magicjack app for androidis that the signal is mostly busy.

User Reviews:

· I have been using the magicjack app for about two months. I paid the annual fee. And I am satisfied with the app performance so far.

·I’ve used it and called the Philippines. No voice delay at all perfect and clear. Will continue using making calls here and there.

· I can make phone calls but the texting is not going through please fix then I’ll give it 5 stars thanks

Part 2: OTO Free International Call

Features and Functions:

· Ranked first in the 2014 App Award Korea in the international Phone Call Division.

· Used by more than 5 million people including celebrities like Gus Hidnik, World Cup Coach 2002.

· You can make free international calls and also send free international SMS.

· High quality calls to OTO users across the globe.

· You get an exclusive OTO number.

· The messenger allows text, video chats and media sharing.


· It is available in a total of 17 languages.

· You can make free international calls to 94 counties in the list provided.

· In a country that is not designated under free calling, thisfree magicjack app for androidallows you to still make free calls from one OTO number to the other.

· High quality, uninterrupted calling.


· You have to purchase credits in order to make calls in certain countries to non-OTO users.

· Chances of double payments when your transaction is not complete.

User Reviews:

· Great was worried it wasn't really free but it is and works great from Korea to USA! Thanks OTO!

·The best,V=very great quality, it's not laggy. I have an unlimited talk and text plan in Korea, calling mobile&landline numbers.

·The bestVery great quality, it's not laggy. I have an unlimited talk and text plan in Korea, calling mobile&landline numbers.

Part 3: UppTalk Wifi calling and texting

Features and Functions:

· This free magicjack app for Android is one which is a cross platform to send messages and make calls to any number in US, Canada, Mexico and 200 more countries.

· This app includes unlimited calls, group calls among Android device users.

· This Magicjack app offer free roaming, many stickers, unlimited texting and many other features.


· One of the best features of this app is that there are no barriers on it.

· It works in a lot of countries and this is a positive point about it as well.

· Another good thing about it is that you can use it to call or text even those numbers which do not have this app.


· One of its drawbacks is that its credit point is a big miss.

· Another negative of this app is that messages do not get delivered often.

User reviews:

·Its straightWorked fine now I'm having trouble logging back in have good Wifi signal and its saying that this app connection failure would like to fix this problem and I'll be good

·Free phoneon them times when money is tight I enjoy the free phone calls this app provides.

·Use to Work Last YearThis platform use to work last year before they were bought out. I never had an issue sending and receiving calls and texts. Now it's just a waste of space on your phone. Uninstall and delete and I pray that you didn't give these people your real e-mail address and phone number.

Free magicjack app for android

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