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Free International Calling App for Android

In the constantly advancing world of technology and mobile phones, it is now possible to make either cheap rate international calls or even free international calls to our business associates, friends and family members. Yes, there are many amazing apps available which enable you to make free international calls through your Android phone. The following is a list of the top 5 free international calling apps for Android.


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Part 1: 1. Viber

Features and functions:

· Viber is the most popular free international calling app for Android which lets you make free calls to anyone in the world.

· It uses 3G or Wifi to make calls and also calls non-Viber users.

· This app can be downloaded for free and even calls and texts can be made for no cost at all.

Pros of Viber

· The call quality on this app is amazing and this is its best quality.

· This app lets you send unlimited free calls and texts to Viber users, irrespstive of their location.

· It is easy to use and has an inbuilt keypad for convenience.

Cons of Viber

· It doesn’t except some phone numbers while signing up and this is a drawback.

· It acts sluggishly at times and may even crash in between calls which too is a negative.

· This app charges for making calls to Non-viber numbers and this is a limitation.

User reviews:

1.And I've been using it all day. This app is wonderful and works very well.

2.You can also make high-quality VoIP calls using 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi via your existing mobile number

3. Viber offers a free, no-strings-attached service that lets you send texts and share both photos and videos with friends and family


Part 2: 2. OTO Free international call

Features and functions

· This is yet another free international calling app for Android which allows you to make free calls to anyone in the world.

· It has a clean and sleek interface which lets you use the service with ease.

· This app has a built in keypad and all calls you receive through it are on you registered number.

Pros of OTO free international call

· On this free international calling app for Android, you get to make an unlimited number of free calls.

· This app offers coverage of more countries than any other such app and this is its strength as well.

· It is hassle free and offers high quality calling and sounds.

Cons of OTO Free internatonal call

· In some cases, calls may drop in between and this is a negative about it.

· Another drawback of this app is that some updates can prove to make it buggy.

User comments/reviews:

1. Stopped workingUsed for many years and working fine. This has saved me so much money in HQ calls to England. Thank you

2.ConfusedCan you tell me how to use it? Because everytime I try,skype show up suddenly.

3.Useless Fake App. Misleading desc_x_riptionWhen I open the App there is some option selection which is not in English


Part 3: 3. KakaoTalk

Features and functions

· This free international calling app for Android is a wonderful way to connect and communicate with those who lvie outsid your country.

· This wonderful platform lets you make group calls even on international numbers and locations.

· It uses internet connection: wifi and 3G to make both national and international calls for zero cost.

Pros of KakaoTalk

· The call quality of this app is outstanding and this is surely one of its strengths.

· This app supports unlimited free texts to international locations as well.

· It works across multiple platforms and this too is a positive about it.

Cons of KakaoTalk

· calls or texts to non Kakao users cannot be made through this app and this can be a limitation.

· It tends to crash in between due to presence of bugs and this is a drawback as well.

· Another negative is that it may not be as effective or reliable as other similar apps.

User comments/reviews:

1.Works amazing! It runs fast and smooth on my Samsung Galaxy Core Prime. Sometimes my built-in messaging app won't send pictures, but it ALWAYS sends on KakaoTalk.

2. Works perfectly with both OS. My fiancée, 3000miles away, use this all the time. The sound is like we are in the same bed, we sleep with the line open and a bud in

3.Best messaging app out thereFriendly UI Not exaggerated like WeChat


Part 4: 4. Skype

Features and functions

· This free international calling app for Android is popular among millions of people in the world and is surely a blessing for those who need to make international calls regularly.

· Not only does it support the feature of free calls but also free texts and free video calls.

· It connects people and makes the world a smaller place.

Pros of Skype

· The best thing about it is that it doesn’t use the phone number but an ID to make calls.

· This app provides excellent call quality and audio output and this is a positive too.

· Another good thing about it is that it has an easy to use and one click interface.

Cons of Skype

· It may not be as feature rich as some of the other similar apps and this is a negative.

· It doesn’t include the call return feature and this is a drawback too.

· It doesn’t support calling 911 and call blocking feature.

User comments/reviews:

1. Skype is a good entry-level, low-cost VoIP service.

2. While its feature set is limited and you are restricted to using a soft phone or mobile phone, Skype is worth considering if your VoIP needs are minimal.

3. Skype may be best known for its free video chat, but the company is also a provider of inexpensiveVoIP services.


Part 5: 5. WeChat

Features and functions

· This free international calling app for Android is a wonderful free calling apps which also allows you to send texts.

· It supports 20 localized languages and this is an amazing feature about it as well.

· Some of the amazing features that it supports are group calls, group chats, sticker gallery, multimedia messages and others.

Pros of WeChat

· This free international calling app for Android allows you to make calls to anyone in the world without restriction on location.

· It is available as a desktop app as well and this adds to the list of its positive points.

· It includes amazing features like custom wallpapers, custom notifications and group walkie talkie features etc.

Cons of WeChat

· The call quality and stability may not be as good as that of Viber or Skype.

· It crashes a lot of times and requires an ID for registration.

User comments/reviews:

1.LOUSY VIDEO CALLPlease allow more people to join the video call. Please fix it

2.Pretty good, even in the USNo problems so far. Fast. I like it that you can leave voice messages.

3.Can't search people nearbycan’t search people nearby after update latest version.


Free international calling app for android

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