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Ipads and Iphones come up with a sporting game library which facilitates some inbuilt games of its own. However, the device also supports downloading of free game apps that are available over internet and quite widespread. These gaming apps are receiving overwhelming responses as it offers users to play games beyond the already in-built ones.

Among these free apps some of them are completely free and some of them are available for trail version. Top 10 free game apps for ios which all users irrespective of their preferences would like to have in their device are as follows:

Part 1: Alphabear:

Features and Functions:

· Thisfree game apps for iosis an original and rewarding word puzzle which is played like once an user is solving a spelling he can collect cute bears which would in turn boost up their score.

· The more letters a user uses for building up a spelling, the bigger the bear becomes which means higher number of points collected by the user.

· Letters to be selected for creating a spelling is organized on a grid.

Pros of Alphabear:

· Interface of the app is highly cute and its allure the young users to play words games.

· The challenge of this word puzzle game can be shared through social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, sms and many more.

Cons of Alphabear:

· Recent updates available for this app are highly irritating due to a clock error that signifies once the time is up.

· The application at times does not behave properly if it is not able to download its latest updates.

· Gaps between the two plays are quite long.

User Reviews:

· Really cute and entertaining

· I absolutely love this game! It is so fun to play and I enjoy the endless cute Alphabears


Part 2: Hex FRVR:

Features and Functions:

· Thisfree game apps for iosis easy to understand master puzzle game and it can challenge many advanced puzzle addicts.

· This puzzle board shows hexagon blocks on which users can create and destroy lines in three primary directions by dragging and dropping blocks on the screen.

Pros of Hex FRVR:

· The game ends very nicely once the users complete all the shapes. It does not end abruptly like many other puzzle games of its range.

· This is a quick and easy to play hexagonal tetris game.

Cons of Hex FRVR:

· No stop watch available that would signify that game is over. Hence, at times it turns to be monotonous due to abundance of time.

· No provision for sharing through social networking sites, email or sms.

User Reviews:

· So easy to get into, and very addicting! Love love love this game.

· Fun addictive game.


Part 3: Temple Run

Features and Functions:

· Thisfree game apps for iosis addictive for many where a hero has to escape a hoards of flesh eating monkeys through a maze of trapped temples.

· This app is supported on ios 1.1.1 and above version.

· The exhilarating game initiates by chasing the hero by monkey creatures out of temple.

Pros of Temple Run:

· This game has very intuitive controls which helps the user to navigate easily.

· Atmospheric graphics are very alluring for use by the player.

· Can share the game link through twitter, Facebook , Email or SMS.

Cons of Temple Run:

· Visual variety is not much and hence sometimes the look and feel looks monotonous.

· Issues related to swipe detection is found once it is played for long time.

· The game seems to be repetitive at time with not much variation in each of the level.

User Reviews:

·Temple Run has been a different game, with unique styling and amazing 3D with throughout the game.

· Game is awesome but this game has not change it is as same as it was at starting some things.


Part 4: CrossyRoad:

Features and Functions:

· Thisfree game apps for iosis an update of thrilling cross road game classic frogger. This arcade hopper game includes some people and animals.

· This ios version of this app includes 132 playable characters out of which 92 of them are unlockable characters and 19 of them can be exclusively unlocked through different unique methods.

· Coins are in-game currency which can be achieved while playing the game.

Pros of Crossy Road:

· This application provides user forum, chats to raise issues and concern related to the use of the software.

· The free updates of this software are easily available over internet and keeps on updating automatically.

Cons of Crossy Road:

· This application is not supported till ios6 devices.

· Ad-blocker is not enabled hence due to this it sometimes crashed while the game is going on.

User Reviews:

· Its an awesome game must download!-

·Crossy Road is how free gaming should be done.-


Part 5: Fallout shelter:

Features and Functions:

· Thisfree game apps for iosdisplays a vault that would require a set dwellers that would be having mix of variety of skills.

· This is compatible in ios 7 and above.

Pros of Fallout shelter:

· This can be easily played by any user as detailed tips of the game are provided at initial stage.

· Can be easily controlled as the controls used for playing this game are quite handy.

Cons of Fallout shelter:

· This gaming software is not supported on the device with below version of ios 7.

· This game cannot be shared to other people by social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, email and sms.

User Reviews:

·App starts and plays like a dream. If you like micromanagement games like The Sims and The Simpsons game, you're going to love Fallout Shelter.

· There is a problem . That is that when one pet carrier is given free why are five lunch boxes given free. Pet carriers should also be given for achievements


Part 6: Candy Crush:

Features and Functions:

· Candy crush is a combination game for puzzle and matching game. Thesefree game apps for ioshave three identical candies to play with and accumulate scores.

· The new updates are easy to download and the new version offers 335 levels of difficulties to deal with.

Pros of Candy Crush:

· This gaming software is a hit among game addicts now-a-days. Therefore, its new updates come with intuitive features that are quite interactive.

· This app can be shared by social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Email or SMS.

Cons of Candy Crush:

· This software is compatible on ios 5.1.1 or above versions and below that it is not supported.

· Advanced features and options can only be achieved by purchasing the app from the app store.

Users Reviews:

· Candy Crush Saga has become a massive hit not only because it's free and fun, but because it provides a great value with well-balanced gameplay mechanics.

· Quite frankly, we didn't expect to fall in love with this game. Excellent stuff.


Part 7: Simpsons Tapped out:

Features and Functions:

· Thisfree game apps for ioshelps to build one’s own springfield which is quite enticing for the player.

· This city building game can be played by the user easily with few controls.

· This is supported on the ios 7 and above version.

Pros of Simpsons Tapped out:

· Through this game the users gets an impressive look of the interface along with exclusive animated scenes.

· This game is supported in many languages like English, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian and many other. Unlike any other games of its range this feature is an innovative one for which in turn it also excites the player to play this game as it becomes easy to understand how to play.

· The user forum and chats designated for solving issues and concern in preferred language of the user.

Cons of Simpsons Tapped out:

· This app seems to be repetitive for many players as all the difficulty levels seem to be same and with fewer differences.

· The updates cannot be downloaded automatically and if the game is not updated timely it has the tendency to crash.

· It is not compatible to the ios version less than ios 7 which sometimes turn to be disappointing for many users who has version less than ios7.

User Reviews:

· I'm very picky and not much into games, this one being the exception. I love this game.

·Great game, easy interface


Part 8: Angry Bird:

Features and Functions:

· This isfree game apps for iosdeveloped by Rovio entertainment which is highly enticing for many and it is making it stood on number one for being favorite pass time.

· The main objective of the game is to eliminate the constructs and shelters of the pigs by different birds (Red bird, blue bird, black bird, yellow bird, big brother bird, boomerang bird, orange bird, pink bird and mighty eagle). Each bird shows different kind of activities which can be selected according to the need. Likewise, there is different kind of pigs as well which throws different kind of odds.

· Power ups helps in unlocking some of the advanced options of the software which saves the users from purchasing the app.

· This is supported on ios 5.1.1 and above version.

Pros of Angry Bird:

· The user forum and chats are easily accessible by the users across the world in their preferred language. This is a big reason for which this is making this app to stand in number one rank.

· This graphics is very smooth and easy to play. At times, some of the levels turn out to be highly challenging that increases player’s interest.

· This can be shared with family and friends via social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and even through Email and SMS.

· This helps the kids to learn real world concepts of physics through trial and error puzzle solving.

Cons of Angry Bird:

· At times it crashes unexpectedly and the error message is irrelevant for the stop.

· A game stopped abruptly in between cannot be resumed from the place where it has been left.

· Updates cannot be downloaded automatically and requires online internet connection along with settings changes to initiate the latest updates of the apps.

User Reviews:

·I like this game but it is not the best in the seris.

·This is a example of free to play.


Part 9: Plants vs Zombies 2:

Features and Functions:

· Thisfree game apps for iosis highly strategic game that helps the players to habituated with items and tools that would deploy the player across the garden to stop the zombies.

· This app is compatible with ios 6.0 and above version.

· With new updates in the app, new additions are also included for this app. Like new power ups feature which helps to score points in free version.

Pros of Plants vs Zombies 2:

· This game offers huge amount of challenges for the players which help them to think strategically.

· The interface is a real add-on to the player that motivates them to explore every level of the software.

Cons of Plants vs Zombies 2:

· This apps crashes on and often and cannot be resume from where the game has been stopped.

· All the levels are highly repetitive and at times become monotonous for the player.

· It is not supported on the ios below 6.0 which is a major drawback for this game lover.

User Reviews:

· Plants vs. Zombies 2 gives serious strategy players and casual mobile gamers a lot to love.

· This game is way and I mean way better then the first one.


Part 10: Pac-Man 256:

Features and Functions:

· Thesefree game apps for iosbuild when Hipster Whale developer of Crossy road teamed with Pac-man owners Namco-Bandai to create Pac-Man 256.

· Endless number of levels that offers new kind of challenges to the player.

· This app accumulates very less memory space of the device.

Pros of Pac-Man 256:

· Highly interactive and impressive interface that helps the player to remain stick with the game.

· Wait timers help to resume on the game from where the player has left playing.

Cons of Pac-Man 256:

· This mixes of Crossy road and Pac-man landed as a mess for many players. Hence, at-times controls of the game remain confusing for amateurs.

· The game app crashes often when multiple applications are run together.

User Reviews:

· I have purchased a theme in the app but the theme still remains locked even after the purchase. Don't buy anything in the app –

· If you love Pac-Man, Crossy Road, or just good games in general, play Pac-Man 256. –


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