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If you are a comic enthusiast who loves to have them available on the go, then you are in for a treat. There are several free apps that will help you pick great comics to read. Digital comics today have big players like DC comics and Marvel joining the bandwagon. Digital comics are a lot more convenient, too considering the ease of obtaining titles and of course, that they are easier to store and carry around. Here are the best free comic book app android for those who love their comics:


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Part 1: ComicRack:

Features and Functions

· You can sync all your comic library with this free comic book app android, allowing you to change devices and still continue reading from where you left off.

· Auto rotation, manga mode, auto scroll and other features make this app extremely user friendly.

· You can change the sharpness, brightness and even the colors to make the comics more readable.


· Navigation is extremely fast in comparison to most comic apps.

· You can customize the pages as you read.

· Comics can be compressed into CBZ files and then export it to various other devices.


· The free version is advertisement supported. The ad-free version is a whopping $7.89 which is a little overpriced.

· Wireless sync is not available with the free version.

User reviews:

·Not perfectbut still awesome and cool. Still gonna give it 5 stars.

·ComicrackGreat app used it for years, other than some problems with SD card recognition issues it’s the best. Sure they will fix it in no time.

· Works fine on my Nexus 7 (first gen) but unable to open anything on the Zenpad Z580CA. The app may not be compatible with the x86 chipset.

Part 2: Perfect Viewer

Features and Functions

· This free comic book app android is rated as the fastest comic book reader available on Android.

· It is easy to load and flip pages, giving you the feeling of handling a real book.

· Features include pitch and zoom, caching pages, bookmarks, balloon magnification etc.

· You have a quick bar option which allows you to go to the pages of our choice easily.


· You can mark your favourite pages in order to come back and read them again.

· The speed is the biggest plus point with this application.

· It has an attractive library for comics.

· It is compatible to side loading with an SD card.

· Easy to customize.


· It is not PDF compatible.

· The navigation can be a little confusing for a new user in comparison to other free comic book apps for android.

· There are several features and it is very unlikely that every user will find all these features useful.

User reviews:

·This is the best image browser/viewer on Android. Other image viewers are fidgety and limited. They cap out your zoom level arbitrarily, they make it so easy to swipe to another picture that it happens by accident all the time, and they don't allow for much customization. But Perfect Viewer is better than that. If there's anything you don't like about the user experience with PV, chances are you can change it in the extensive options.

·Tried all comics viewers recommended by LifeHacker and this is the best one, hands down. Nice library organization/management, extensive settings when you need them, but what really converted me was the smoothest scrolling in the landscape mode.

·So good!Please add multiple kinds of view in libraries.

Part 3: ComiXology

Features and Functions

· You get instant access to a variety of comics including digital comics, manga and graphic novels. This number goes up to 75000 comics.

· You can sign into the app using an Amazon ID

· You can scan the pages, flip them and even zoom into the pages that you are reading.

· Sync your comics to your other devices and read it whenever you like from the cloud storage facility.


· You can sort your comics and even make lists of the books you want to read or like.

· You have access to digital titles before any other application.

· This is one of the few free comic book app android that releases the titles on the same day as the print release.

· They have an impressive library with several features.

· You can even get access to classics and foreign language comics.


· It has the tendency to crash from time to time

· Some series of comics are not completed, leaving comics enthusiasts very upset.

· The app does not store your log in info and you have to sign in each time.

User reviews:

·Very pleased with this app in general, the catalog, the frequent sales, GuidedView... However I have an issue when downloading some of the HD comics to my tablet (Asus Memo Pad 7 ME176CX). When I download a HD version (on by default) some comics are so blurry they are impossible to read.

·Nearly perfect comic book reading (and purchasing) experience on your mobile device!

· Nearly every comic one could want, plus sales all the time! The reader is part of the app. Whether full page or panel by panel, navigation is very smooth.

Free comic book app Android

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