Top 5 DVD Studio Pro Alternatives

DVD Studio Pro is a powerful professional DVD authoring application that can be used to create DVDs for a wide range of applications. You can use DVD Studio Pro to build a simple DVD version of your sister’s wedding that you burn with a SuperDrive or a commercial DVD for a client that will be replicated 20,000 times. As you can imagine, DVD Studio Pro contains an impressive suite of tools to help you work with menu designs multiple audio tracks, subtitles, and other complex DVD features. Chances are that if you are a basic user, you will not need many of these complex tools.

Part One, How to Use DVD Studio Pro

  • Creating a new DVD Studio Pro project

At first you will have to click on the DVD Studio Pro icon in the dock. Or you can choose it from Finder. Finder -> Applications -> DVD Studio Pro

When the program opens, you may be prompted to choose application defaults. Step 1: Select Advanced configuration. Step 2: Select NTSC. Step 3: Select SD DVD or HD DVD. Step 4: Choose your defaulting language.

creating a new

  • Saving your Project

At first you have to save your project. Go to file then press the Save As. And then type the file name of the DVD Studio Pro Project.

  • Creating a Menu

You can create a menu by using template. This template will be found in Palette. Every template can be viewed by dragging the grey Menu.

Now you should import any videos and any images which you want to use. You will see an Assets pane. Just press the Import button for import.

The Text Fields are for changing the text or you can delete the field totally. DVDSP's templates offer additional buttons by default than you will possibly require.

creating a menu

You can put images and clips in the Drop Zone. But at first you have added it to your project as an Asset. Take it from the Assets pane to the Drop Zone.

  • More on Buttons

In the majority authored DVDs, you will find modify in color indicator after a button is pressed. For creating this, just click on the push button from the Menu bar. You can choose three states such as Activated, Selected and Normal. But remember that if you want to make out the color changes, you must set higher than 0 Opacity.

more on buttons

  • Creating a Timeline

By dragging the asset of the Assets pane to your time line you can add video or audio to your DVD. For several videos you can put the clips right subsequent to one another. By clicking in the dim grey area over the video to put in a fresh Chapter you can separate the clips.

creating a timeline

Part Two, Top 5 DVD Studio Pro Alternatives

  • Sony Creative Software DVD Architect Pro
  • Apple DVD Studio Pro (Mac, discontinued)
  • Sonic DVDit Pro (formerly DVD Producer)
  • Nero Video
  • Mediachance DVD-lab PRO

1. Sony DVD Architect Pro 6.0

For DVD and blu-ray disc media DVD Architect Pro software is the perfect. It has many special features with multiple video angles, multiple languages, and special features.

DVD Architect Pro is clean, powerful layout, drag and drop interface and incredible authoring tools. You can operate it simply to build up active menu based Blu-ray Disc. You can also create multi-menu projects with slideshows, movies, and music compilations by Sony DVD Architect Pro.

sony dvd architect pro

2. DVD Studio Pro 4

DVD Studio Pro 3 had many attractive slide-show options and new menu-design. But the improvements in DVD Studio Pro 4 are fewer superficial and additional foundational.

You can work three authoring modes with DVD Studio Pro 4. Basic, Extended, and Advanced provide variable levels of control over the process of author.

You’ll feel comfortable with version 4 than DVD Studio Pro 2 or 3. The way DVD Studio Pro provided text has been changed.

dvd studio pro 4

3. Sonic DVDit Pro

Sonic Solutions is the leader in digital media software DVD authoring solution. Users can create rich Blu-ray Disc titles. You can go together the breathtaking realism of high-definition video content and can burn them to blu ray recordable discs.

DVDit Pro HD at last includes the absent piece of the HD delivery puzzle. It has powerful and easy to use HD authoring solution for Blu-ray Disc. This HD stands for the smoothest probable access point to the world of lofty definition.

sonic dvdit pro

4. Nero Video

To make our CDs and DVDs look more professional. Nero can design labels that you can paste directly onto your discs, and disc covers that you can slip inside a plastic CD/DVD case. If you have music stored on old vinyl records or tape cassettes that you want to preserve, Nero can not only help you transfer them to a CD, but Nero can also help you edit the sound quality to eliminate any hisses or pops that might mar the original recording. With Nero’s sound editing capabilities, you can even make your record or tape recordings sound as if they had been stored on CD in the first place.

Nero also comes with its own audio and video players; SO VOU can listen to CDs and catch full-length DVD movies on your computer. Lf you’ve captured your own home movies on video cassette or on a digital video camera, Nero can help you edit your video before burning it to a DVD. Not only can Nero help yon store, edit, and burn audio and video files to CDs and DVDs, but it can guide you through this process so you’ll spend more time getting work done and less time trying to figure out how to do it.

nero video

5. Mediachance DVD-lab PRO

Very few applications on the market are as good as Mediachance DVD-lab PRO. It grows with your knowledge and requirements. Where other applications usually need to study a long time for creating a simple project but Mediachance DVD-lab PRO need not. It has flexible DVD structure. You can get different aspect movies and with different audio channels. You will not be forced to use predefined DVD structure by Mediachance DVD-lab PRO. The main strongest point of Mediachance DVD-lab PRO is the complete flexibility of producing the DVD configuration.

mediachance dvd lab pro

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