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Star Wars is an epic Space based series of movies which is popular not just in America but all over the world. This movie series has been created by George Lucas. The first movie of this series was released in 1977 and depicts the stories and adventures of many interesting characters in a galaxy far far away. It continues to enchant it fans across the globe with the engaging storylines, the background score, the characters, the graphics as well as the music. Many of Star War’s music pieces and tracks are popular all across the world and one of them is the Cantina theme based music. To know more about Cantina music, you can go through the following given information.

Part 1: Introduction- Cantina Music

Star wars theme or Cantina Band is basically a disco single recorded by Meco which was taken from the Star Wars and Other Galactic Funk album. It hit the number one position in the Billboard top 100 in 1977 when it was released and is a biggest selling instrumental single in the history of recorded music. It has sold over 2 million units till date which is a record in itself. This particular music piece was written by JJ Abrams in collaboration with Hamilton creator Lin Manuel Miranda. The name of the song in this theme music is Mad About Me and it was performed by Modal Nodes and Figrin D’an.

Part 2: Where to find and Play

Now that you know what Cantina music is, the next thing that would be on your mind will be that where all can one find this music and play it. Well, there is no dearth of platforms and devices to find this music on and play it. While some of these platforms allow you to find and play it for free, others may charge a nominal amount. If you are interested in finding the best sources to find and play Cantina music, you can go through the following given list of options.

a) YouTube-undoubtedly, YouTube is the best place where you can easily find Cantina music for free of cost and also play it as per your ease. This platform or website also allows you to watch the video and supporting videos of the song or music you wish to listen to.

b) Music apps-there are plenty of music apps which you can download on your phone or tablets. while some of these apps are available for free of cost, others may be paid. You can easily find any kind of music from these apps including Cantina app.

c) Music downloading websites-there are a gamut of music downloading websites where you can find Cantina music and even other kinds of Star Wars music for free of cost and even for certain nominal amounts. These sites allow you to directly listen to these songs and also download them.

d) amazing platform where you can find The cantina music or track and play it easily is This platform also allows you to download and purchase Star Wars music of your choice.

e) platform which you can go to in order to find Star Wars music is This site allows you to find not just Cantina music but many other tracks of Star Wars movies series.

Part 3: How to Download

It is true that there are many good sources of finding Cantina theme music and it is rather easy to play them on your devices but the main problem which occurs is when you need to download the tracks or music. Yes, downloading Cantina music may not prove to be easy for most people especially if you are looking for free of cost downloading. There are many music downloading platforms and apps which allow you to download the track and that too for either free or a minimal amount. If you find these sites easily, you can easily transfer them from PC/Mac to iTunes/Android based devices and vice versa.

One platform which allows you to make this transfer easily and hence have Cantina music on the device of your choice is TunesGo. TunesGo is basically a digital music transfer platform which avoids the need to download other complex software for making downloading and sharing possible. The following are the main steps you can follow to download Cantina music on your device.

a. The first step that you need to follow is to open TunesGo software on your PC or Mac and this can be done by double clicking its icon on your system’s desktop. A screen will appear when you do so.

b. The next thing that you need to do is to click on ‘get music’ which will be written on the left hand side menu of TunesGo page. Now click ‘download from it’.

c. After this, you will need to go the website which has Cantina music available on it and from which you want to download it. For example, if you want to download the track or theme music from then in that case you will need to go to and then write Cantina in the search box. Once you do so, the page with the possible options will appear. Click on the suitable song and then you will be taken to the page from you can copy the URL. Now paste it on the TunesGo page.

d. After this, the download process will begin on its own. You will even be able to see the progress of the download as it moves ahead.

e. Once the download process is completed, the song will automatically get converted in MP3 format and the progress of this conversion will also appear on your screen.

f. After this process gets done, you will be able to see a notification as a red mark under Download option on the left side menu of the TunesGo page.

g. Now open the download option under iTunes Library you can see the song added in the list of tracks.

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Star wars Cantina music

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