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How to Share, Embed, and Link YouTube Videos

When you visit YouTube website, you can watch the video directly on the page, or click a button on the player to view the full screen. YouTube also provides you the options to link and share a video in another way, and even embedding a video onto a webpage becomes as easy as cutting and pasting, as it will give you the code in no time.

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Go to the watch page of the YouTube video that you want to share, embed and link. The first step is to press the “share” button below the video. Then you can find the Link URL below, however the code is not what we want to directly embed YouTube video into the page. We need to click the “Embed” button located below the Link URL.

embed youtube video-step1

Once you click the “Embed” button, you can find several embedding options below. You can choose one option for your custom embedded YouTube video. YouTube automatically updates the embed code based on your different selection. By clicking the mouse in the form filed of the embed code, all the text will highlight. Then you right mouse click in that field and select “Copy” from your browser’s drop down. Now you can paste the embed code of YouTube video on blog or web page that supports HTML code for embedding, like Blogger, MySpace etc.

Embed youtube video- step2

But what if you can’t embed YouTube video on some social networking site, as there have no access to paste the embed code, like Twitter. Don’t worry, you can share YouTube video also. There are Facebook and Twitter share button on the right hand of “Embed” button, and you can find more social networking sites’ share buttons by clicking to “show more” link. Here we take Facebook for example, as soon as you press the Facebook Share button, first you need to make sure you’ve logged into the site. Then press the “Share Link” on the bottom, and YouTube will create a new post for you to share automatically. Here we highly recommend you to use  DVD slideshow maker, which helps you make high-quality videos from photo or video clips with built-in styles, and instantly upload your personalized videos to YouTube with one-click!

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Feb 23,2016 14:04 pm / Posted by Thomas Jones to Music

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