Top 50 Teachers Day Songs Free Download

Teachers are the most important people in the world after our parents. Teachers shape us from nothing to a good human being and a citizen. When parents are busywith taking care of us and earning for our well being, teachers at school take care of theway we think and the kind of person we become. Hence, teachers deserve the biggest thank you in the world and this list of top 50 trachers day songs free download will help you do so.

Part 1: Top 50 Teachers Day Songs Free Download (1-10)

  1. I Love My Teacher-Musical Playground
  2. In This Moment-Cocats Rawr
  3. You Have Made A Difference-Brian Asselin
  4. Thank You-Joanna Sam
  5. I Learned From You-Miley Cyrus and Billy
  6. My Teacher My Hero-Joseph Carreon
  7. We Never Tried To Show-Smiley Hearts
  8. The Teachers Song-Sarmad Garmroud
  9. A Beautiful Life-Tim McMorris
  10. Teacher Appreciation Song-Gretchen Hardin

Part 2: Top 50 Teachers Day Songs Free Download (11-20)

  1. You Dreamed For Me-Jami Smith
  2. Thank You Teacher-Emran Mandela
  3. Teachers Day 2009 theme-French Michelle
  4. You Light up our life-Traditional
  5. A Song of Teachers-Wiffbiong
  6. Wind Beneath My Wings-Bette Midler
  7. Teacher I Need You-Elton John
  8. In Your Hands-English Traditional
  9. Teacher Song-Pancake Manor
  10. This is a beautiful Song-Elton John

Part 3: Top 50 Teachers Day Songs Free Download (21-30)

  1. Teacher Teacher-Dragonette
  2. You Raise Me Up-Josh Gorban
  3. Reasons I Teach-Jack Hartmann
  4. What Did You Learn In School?-Pete Seeger
  5. Another Brick in the Wall- Pink Floyd
  6. School's out for Summer-Alice Cooper
  7. Hot For The Teacher-Van Halen
  8. Jeremy-Pearl Jam
  9. Teachers-Leonard Cohen
  10. School Days-Chuck Berry

Part 4: Top 50 Teachers Day Songs Free Download (31-40)

  1. High School Confidential-Jerry Lee Lewis
  2. Teacher's Pet-Doris Day
  3. Teacher Teacher-Rockpile
  4. Rock N Roll High School-Ramones
  5. Thanks To You-Tyler Collin
  6. Teachers Song-Daniel Adams
  7. The Lazy Song-Sr. Margoitta
  8. Just You And I -Eddie Rabbit/Crystal Gayle
  9. You Lead-Jamie Grace
  10. When You Believe- Whitney Houston

Part 5: Top 50 Teachers Day Songs Free Download (41-50)

  1. Glowing Inside-Nikki Gil
  2. Im A Teacher-Sam Peters Studios
  3. To Sir With Love-LuLu
  4. Teacher-Jethro Tull
  5. Heart of Teacher-Motivation In a Minute
  6. A Letter To A Teacher-Roy Firestone
  7. Teachers Day Theme Song-facetious
  8. Thankyou for everything you have done-Jo3lsim
  9. Thank You-Charice
  10. Smoking in the Boys Room-Motley Crue

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