Top 50 Kannada Folk Songs Free Download

Kannada folk songs depict the culture and tradition of Karnataka or in general the southern India. These songs have touched each and every part of contemporary human life dealing with psychology, philosophy, and even anatomy. The themes mainly revolve around socio-economic condition, day to day happenings and love and family ties. Lovely tunes and meaningful lyrics make these folk songs eternal assets.

Part 1: Top 50 Kannada Folk Songs Free Download (1-10)

  1. Kannada Folk Songs | G. S. Shivarudraapa's Ever Green
  2. Kaanada kadalige - C Ashwath - G S Shivarudrappa
  3. Deepavu Ninnade - M D Pallavi
  4. Neenillade Nanagenide - M D Pallavi
  5. Yaava Mohana Gopalakrishna Adiga
  6. Amma Ninna Edeyaladalli
  7. Ishtu Kaala Ottigiddu - H.S.Venkateshmurthy
  8. Bhagyada Balegara - Kannada Traditional Folk Song
  9. Shivanu Bhikshakke Banda - Kannada Traditional Folk Song
  10. Enthavanirabeka - Kannada Traditional Folk Song

Part 2: Top 50 Kannada Folk Songs Free Download (11-20)

  1. janapada geethe aashada maasa B R Chaya
  2. "Santha Shishunala Sharifa"
  3. Muttinungura - Kannada Folk Songs
  4. Chellidaru Malligeya - Sri Madeshwarana Mahime
  5. Hasya Ranjini - Gangavathi B Pranesh
  6. Maathadu Maathadu Lingave
  7. Sarakk Ni Sarithalla - Kannada Traditional Folk Song
  8. Nimbiya Banaada - Maayadantha
  9. Ghamaa Ghama Ghammadasthava
  10. Rembi Kombiyamyala - Moodala Mane

Part 3: Top 50 Kannada Folk Songs Free Download (21-30)

  1. Folk Songs Kannada | C.Ashwath Kaanada Kadalege
  2. Folk Songs Kannada | Nee Hinge Nodabyada Nanna
  3. Folk Songs Kannada | Nenna Premmada Pareya
  4. Badavanadarenu Priye - Raju anantaswamy
  5. DUDDU KOTTARE - Taayi illada Tavaraa
  6. Preethiya Paarivala
  7. nadakontha hogabyada hattrabaare nanna tempodaaga
  8. Bel bellage
  9. Managuli mavana magale
  10. Nanneradu kannu

Part 4: Top 50 Kannada Folk Songs Free Download (31-40)

  1. Gandu magana
  2. Hatti Baro nicchunaki
  3. Sarakka Saritalla Beegara - Kannada Folk Song
  4. Yelle Kenchi Taare - Jaanapada Geete
  5. TP Kailasam Eternal Song
  7. Baagi Baagi _ Kannada Folk Song
  8. mugila maarige (Bhavageethe)
  9. Mugila maarige raagaratiya
  10. Folk Songs Kannada | Thayee Aparoopadha Ranga Geethegalu

Part 5: Top 50 Kannada Folk Songs Free Download (41-50)

  1. Folk Songs Kannada | Hogu Manase Yashawantha Halibandi
  2. Chellidaru Malligeya
  3. Butti Togonda Hogtini Holakka
  4. NANNA MAI JUM ANT - Taayi illada Tavaraa
  5. HOOMACHA KAREUTIDE-- Taayi illada Tavaraa
  6. PRATYAKSHA - Taayi illada Tavaraa
  7. PREMA RANIGE-- Taayi illada Tavaraa
  8. Innu yaka baralillavva Hubballi yaava
  9. HETTA TAAENA - Taayi illada Tavaraa
  10. Aalamatti Mulagade Suddi

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Top 50 Kannada Folk Songs Free Download

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